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that's outburst in today's video I'm

going to be talking about the specific

steps you need to do first before you

can do this but today I'm talking about

the new laws and the registration

process required and are mandatory and

are going to take effect from April 2nd

2020 basically if your drone is 250

grams and above and if you don't

register in getting caught by the

authorities while flying

you can definitely be facing a heavy

fine of up to $20,000 and even jail time

of up to one year

so it's honestly not worth it and to the

15 SGD dollars you'd be paying for the

registration fee I mean 20 G's could buy

your DJI inspire to freemium with cash

to spare on a couple of other drones and

accessories as well speaking of which if

your drone is a DJI mini which is

cleverly weighing in at 249 grams you're

in a clear and you don't need to

register it but still that doesn't mean

you should be an idiot and flight near

airports and sensitive security areas

and by doing so you'd still of course be

facing the fines and jail time so let's

get out of here quickly to somewhere

safe so I don't want to jail I'm joking

of course as I'm recording this it's way

before April 2nd 2020 and my throne is

registered any hope let's go back to my

company place to show you how to

register your drone

so before you fly it's important firstly

that you get the drone registration

sticker from the Singapore Post website

now you can order it online or buy it

from the designated locations as stated

once you have the sticker you then go to

the CAA s website to upload pictures of

your drone with the registration sticker

attached to it now you'll need to paste

the sticker clearly and on parts not

removable for example like the batteries

crops or controller it must be on the

drone itself besides the pictures what's

needed are your details in your drone

and flight controllers serial numbers by

the way the website is pretty useful and

even shows drone users how you can get

the serial numbers themselves basically

they either found underneath the drone

battery compartment most also the flight

serial number is usually in the

information or cut out options in your

own drone app and no worries if you're

not living in Singapore and just

visiting here you can register online

with your passport but you need to also

create the UA ie but you still need to

get the registration sticker first for

this you either have to go down to any

of the singapore post offices listed in

the website or use the singapore

friend's address to be then mailed to

and they can collect it from mmm club

unfortunately at this time the

authorities won't mailed stickers to

overseas addresses for Singaporeans and

PRS you can get up to a total of five

registration stickers or labels but for

foreigners you sadly only get one now it

does say you can write in for special

permission to get an additional

registration sticker or two but

realistically you only need one unless


the billion drones then I really want to

be your friend just an added note I also

mentioned in my previous video that the

Marina Bay Sands area was a grey zone of

drone flying as I wasn't sure at the

time but I did speak to a raft over the

phone from caas and it turns out you can

find it

however the whole MBS and Gardens by the

bay area's actually are privately owned

but they're open to the public

so you just have to fly over the waters

or if you really need to seek permission

you have to do so from the owners

meaning MBS of course if you're flying

over MBS the security guards they have

the authority to stop you and I would

also add as mentioned by caas is that if

you see an airplane flying by or

helicopters in the area it's advisable

to stop flying until they box again this

is not to prevent you from having fun

with your drones are taking great

holiday videos it's to make it safer for

everyone and also it lets the

authorities have an easier time to track

down drone pilots who do stupid things

to make the rest of those responsible

ones look bad so if you thought this

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