Fly Your Drone With AirMap : New Flight Feature

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today I'm gonna show you how you can fly

your DJI drone with the air map app this

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anything today I've got a really quick

short little video here to let you know

about something a few weeks ago I

uploaded a video about the air map app

it's an app that I use to make sure I'm

flying in the airspace that I'm supposed

to be it'll let you know if you're

somewhere where you're not supposed to

be flying if you haven't seen that video

be sure and watch that you can click on

the card and the top of this video but

just recently there was the update to

that app that actually allows you to fly

your DJI drone straight from that app

and it will tell you right there whether

or not you're in an airspace where

you're not supposed to be so I think

this is pretty cool let's get the phone

and get the intro ler and let's see what

it looks like okay I have my controller

here and as you can see I use a little

mount with this I have my phone mounted

into the mount you can use this with a

phone or tablet

I always keep my phone in the case and

it didn't fit into the controller with

the case so I decided to go with this

mount it seems like every time I use it

someone asks me about it so yeah you'll

see a link to it in the description

below this video my gear lists this real

mount is very cool I really like this

okay let's open up the air map app and

let's see what it looks like when we

open it

okay you can see it shows my map shows

my location but if we look down here it

is flying under FAA part 107 I am a

certified pilot so I can fly under part

107 rules or I can fly for fun so let me

tap fly for fun you'll notice when I tap

fly for fun there is an advisory here

and if I go to the advisories it is

letting me know that I am within five

miles of an airport and that I would

need to contact the airport since I have

a remote pilot certificate I can fly

under part 107 rules that way I don't

have to contact the airport right now so

I'm gonna go back here and I'm going to

change this to part 107 certified and as

you see there are no advisories now so

I'm good to fly here you'll also see a

new icon over here on the right looks

like some wings or whatever let's tap

that and let's see what happens then now

we're in the part of the air map app

that allows us to fly we have the GPS on

on the drone you can see it says safe to

fly so we're actually going to take this

off and then we'll get some camera going

on this drone

we are rolling and we are ready to fly

as you can see here it pretty much tells

me all the information that was in the

DJI app this actually does the flight

logs within this app itself so yeah

we're going to take the drone on up and

give it a short flight while we have it

in the air take a look

if you tap the screen you can make the

video larger this is a business call for

Iceland do a lot of rice drying grain

drying here at this facility


now let's see if we can get a clinch for

that sunset



and let's make sure that return to home

features work on this song one two tap

the screen and tell it to return to home

and it's working


since I'm close to some power lines here

I'm gonna cancel the autoland feature

and I'll land it myself you can hear

it's beeping at me to have a little

battery this battery wasn't full when I

took off I guess I'll land it now so

once you've landed and you're back to

the air map app you can click on your

profile click on the little picture

there for your profile you can click on

flights and go to past and that way you

can see the past flights that you have

tap on the most recent here I've only

flown twice with this app you can

actually see the duration your max

altitude so yeah it keeps the flight log

of your flights in this app kind of like

it does in the DJI app so let me know

down the comments below is this

something that you might use do you have

a DJI drone that you can even use this

with I'd like to hear what you think

down in the comments guys it was a

beautiful day and I couldn't resist the

urge to come outside and shoot a video I

don't shoot too many videos outside but

hope you enjoyed it thanks for liking

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next time god bless