Is Egypt Safe To Travel to? | First Thoughts Flying from Germany to Cairo

so one thing when one thing we were a

little bit nervous about when we were

coming into Egypt


I can't believe it

we're here we are in Egypt we've been up

for a couple of hours and there's just

been like this excitement this entire

time I don't know the last time I felt

this like excited for a place so this

has been a long time coming about five

years ago when we graduated University

we wanted to go on like an epic world

trip we thought it was like a world trip

was three week trip three three week

trip we went to Singapore the Maldives

and Dubai but Dubai wasn't actually the

first choice we were actually wanted to

go to Egypt it was like something that's

been on a bucket list all through high

school or through university but when we

went to book our tickets we realized

that during that time it was like a

no-go zone for Australians Australia was

recommending people to go there and were

like okay let's go to Dubai instead so

we did that had an amazing holiday but

really felt like like we missed out like

we've always wanted go to Egypt and here

we are five years later we finally made

it I can't like I did I literally can't

believe it that's just what I'm gonna be

saying the whole time let me try to

friends and family will coming to Egypt

we kind of had the same reaction as when

we told everyone we're going to Israel

yeah last year we went to Israel and

everyone from my family and friends work

they were like you're crazy

why are you going to Israel it is one of

the most dangerous countries in the

world in hindsight looking back on that

it's absolutely insane like Israel is an

amazing country very safe country we

even cross the border into Jordan which

was another safe country not safe the

entire time had like an amazing trip and

now are you later

mm-hmm he's right now my cousin is in

Tel Aviv

sorry Kaylee I'm putting up the

Instagram she's in there with her

husband and family also my parents the

ones who kind of doubted going to Israel

I'm sorry mom

they've booked a trip and they're going

to Israel in a couple of months time so

we always want to visit places because

it's so unfortunate when you go to such

an incredible site and has been ruined

by the media like when we were in Petra

in Jordan that is one of the wonders of

the world and there was 200 people there

our guide in Petra was saying that years

ago maybe five six years ago it was five

thousand people visiting a day we were

happy though we kind of felt like we're

in the place to ourselves

is there a gypped I feel like

this kind of has that similar

connotations to it and we're really

excited to be here and experience it for

ourselves and really find out what it's


through our eyes and how we feel when

we're here definitely this is just like

yeah first thoughts video we are here

for 13 days there is so much planned but

yeah we're currently in our hotel we've

had like three hours sleep because we

got a little story to tell you're gonna

have to rewind back to Frankfurt


welcome to the French perder for

everybody had a moment to myself there

was a stressful just a little bit

flustered cuz I look so we actually

ended up doing public transport because

it's like nine euros each to get to the

to the airport it was fine except for

there's a lot of construction going on

in Frankfurt at the moment so we had to

do a couple more trains now it's got to

get through security at CCS okay

all right it's my flight one we're going

to Atkins to outline


the possible signs when stopped before

living there but will adventure


welcome to Athens everybody I feel like

kind of blacked out of you

but time we chatted I just had the worst

headache we've made it to Greece but we

aren't yet belong we're just catching

our connecting flight on the way to each

other it seems we see the pyramids like

two hours it's happening here we go

jumping on a flight to Egypt uh-huh

thanks obviously you guys will be ladies

and gentlemen welcome to Cairo please

give yours it goes faster okay this is

no sign has betrayed spoke just arrived

to Egypt everybody it is

so one thing weird one thing we were a

little bit nervous about when we were

coming into Egypt and that's because a

lot of people have told us stories about

the airport and going through

immigration and the airport being like

this crazy busy place and it's hard to

really understand what's going on and

what's really cool is we're actually

here with a company called on-the-go

tours and they do to us through Egypt

and one of the things is that they

actually organize someone to help you

get through the airport so when we

jumped off the plane there was someone

straightaway standing there with an on

the go-to assignment so it looked like

he was an airport employee that's kind

of where we got the gist of but he was

hired by on the go tours so being

Australian we can actually organize an

EVO so you just go online super simple

but we just decided to do it in person

it's 25 US dollars each now we jumped

into this align to be honest the actual

site where you get the visa I didn't

really see any major sign saying Bank

yeah it looked like a bank but of course

our Airport buddy we thought him you

just said you jump into this line and

then we were waiting there for 5-10

minutes I feel like we didn't move at


he just came up do you have the 50 US

dollars for both of us just took it off

us walk straight like the front of the

line and then said can I have your

passports got out in a second and the

same thing happened with immigration the

lines were so long barely moving and

what he did was he collected our

passports and then went come with me

went through the fast-track way when no

one was got a straight through

immigration grabbed our bags went

straight through bag check which was

great and then kind of just took us to

our bus yeah and then the bus took us

here and I was this like so quick so

easy I wouldn't say it to look

necessarily quickly landed and then what

it would be 100% agree quicker than what

it would be but we landed at 1 1 a.m. we

didn't get it to our hotel hence why we

might look a little bit tired we didn't

get to our hotel until what four am no

more a guy's well into our room into our

room it was a process and without our

airport buddy I feel like that would

have taken so much longer so I

definitely think if you come into Egypt

and you're going on a group tool that's

awesome because I'm sure that they'll

have airport people picking you up

but maybe you should organize what do

they call them I'll put the word up here

there's a feel like there's a term and

you can go online and look for these

people but of course we here on a small

group tour

the company we we are using to go

throughout Egypt they organized it for

you in the price it was awesome

you're not guys please don't charge else

we've had like four hours sleep and we

decided to sleep instead of go to

breakfast hello how you doing I can

order a couple of things from you can I

please have is it some simple sick sorry

ready for this what did you get oh my

gosh she's actually perfect okay this

time to be for Egypt I want to try one

of these

so I found out these actually Libyan not

necessarily give us all the sources by

the way hot sauce mustard mayo and more

hot sauce is so good just tastes like a

samosa this tastes like me some o

yourself lots of hot sauce

alrighty guys ready to see your first

glimpse of Cairo this is always that

moment when you have a really messy

hotel room the only snippet we've had as

well so far it's so different than

anything we've seen before

Wow we've come out here so many times I

can't believe we're in Egypt it's so

different it's very middle-eastern what

work around looking around Wow

on the other side of the hotel there's

the Nile River on the Nile right now and

one more thing before we actually leave

the hotel and go and explore is I

thought I'll show you our hotel room

because this is the first night on our

tour with on-the-go tours we're doing

the King ramasees two hours I think is

he interested but this is the hotel

that's included in the tour it's nice

it's referred to I like this is an

amazing hotel we're at the Holiday Inn

in Cairo but excuse a mess because we

are a little bit lazy today because

we're pretty tired but this is our room

so I've just been doing just a little

bit charging here this is a super

comfortable bed I've got a TV you can't

see the bathroom in there and then yeah

so we have this massive bathroom shower

just in there and yeah you can close

that if you want we

and the pool area this is Nile River

like that's how close we are to it just

a road separating us oh look what's over

there give me RTL well we can actually

see them


I see this babe oh my gosh this thinks

is small but in the pyramids of massive

either Sphinx is small I was looking for

something is currently the cold for

prayer we guys we've come to the

pyramids like a couple of small the

Sphinx you know it's like my biggest

shot all we need to get good seats

Wow okay so we've come down here the

sun's just set and we come to the light

and sound show so what they do it I

guess is they light up the pyramids at

night and I do like kind of like a show

before it's Disney Egyptian style here's

your first look at the pyramids


each side of the base measuring syndrome

10 feet the angle being 52 degrees but

time there's a pyramid the light service

gurus as Leste is the more national

geographic back miss command in I am

surgeries like 8:30


okay guys

Egypt is just beginning so if you are

new around here make sure you can

subscribe because the adventures starts

tomorrow we're heading to the pyramids

we have an overnight sleeper train and

there's so much other stuff coming so I

hope you enjoy this new Egypt series see

you guys next time alright guys we've

just arrived at a train station and we

awaited that train so we're actually

gonna be spending the next two nights

living on board one of these feluccas so

we're currently looking they're probably

the most famous tournament in the

this is the tomb of Tutankhamen I think

we lasted like 30 minutes was it and

then it just gets like a little bit too

much because so many people want you to

come in their stores