My secret Brook Trout spots - Fishing Urban Ontario (S2: E4)





this was the first episode that I wanted

to make my first episode I wanted the

species that I was gonna catch for you I

wanted for it to be a brook trout but

that didn't work out I didn't catch one

after going there three or four creeks

all on opening day so at that point I

kind of just got the Scourge and I gave

up for a few months and 17 months later

I decided you know what I can't hold

this off anymore I got to go back and I

got a pit crew


hey guys nothing again absolutely

nothing again awful that way I'm

starting to feel pretty hopeless about

catching a trout here you know go after

them more than any other fish and I know

I get hopeless and want to get hopeless

I do really goofy stuff really please

alright guys so Matt the secret spot

here so I'm really hoping of course as

usual that I get one I'm starting to

think that I'm cursed you know I'm

starting to think like there's every

every fisherman I think has a fish that

they cannot catch I think mine is a

trout right now because I've tried for

them probably more than any other fish

and I've never got one so um this spot

was a seen on fish brain oh I'll let you

find out where it is I don't like to

give away spots for brook trout because

their populations have been declining in

so southern Ontario so here's what i'm

using i'm going to use a little panther

martin spinner when I fish for species

that are sensitive I like to get rid of

the barbs and the hooks and that's

exactly what I'm gonna do right now guys

I'm gonna get my little clamp D Barbara

here I'm gonna debug this hook

cuz I don't want for the fish to get

hurt and apparently I've heard that

barbless is harmless because the more

you debar up the hook the more fish you

catch how do I keep barb a hook while

holding my phone ah-ah-ah guys got

hooked oh just kidding just kidding

oh I just broke the hook

well that's no good either well I guess

that actually that's probably better


because then uh les hooks right huh that

looks promising



well I got one guys I got one

oh he's a fighter woohoo yes oh yeah

got another one take a photo of you bad



that will have to

okay sorry buddy

but I want to make you famous online

I feel just so privileged to catch that

brook trout oh my goodness guys I

finally know how to catch brook trout

this is awesome this is wonderful I've

wanted to catch this fish ever since I

started fishing and you know what now we

know how to catch them but not only

catch them but respect them and keep the

waterways healthy so I'm just a static I

think I'll call my catches I think this

is the one that I'm the most proud of

but I really do think so so thanks for

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you're gonna see what you're gonna want

to see you want to see you do you don't

know it but you want to see what fish

I'm targeting next month so hit that

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again thanks for watching I just had

said I've had such an awesome time

hunting down these turkeys