Alberta Trout Fishing

everybody Chris Shaffer coming to you

from Alberta Canada we're here with

pasti outdoors and we're teaming up

today with the government of Alberta to

talk to you about trout fishing

not just any trout fishing but fish that

are raised in the province and stock

anywhere from the prairies to the

foothills all the way up into the

Canadian Rockies and we're talking about

how easy it is for a guy to go out there

and have some opportunity to catch

plenty of planted trout now we're here

with Ryan Lister Ryan is a fish

technician with the Alberta government

that's in charge of stocking some of

these lakes we brought him here because

guess what he drives stocking truck he

raises the fish he knows where the fish

are and what they eat tell us a little

bit about your stocking program so like

Chris was saying we're we're stocking

water bodies you know from north to

south east to west and our main purpose

is to provide fishing opportunities

where they otherwise wouldn't exist

provide some species that you wouldn't

otherwise be able to catch and it helps

alleviate some of the pressure on our on

our wild fisheries allows a guy to take

a fish home if he wants to put one on

the pan and we do a number of different

species in the province every year now

one of the things you got to consider is

Alberta does do a great job at taking

care of their wild fisheries some of the

wild trout some of the native trout

opportunities that are available but

they also excel at putting a lot of

trout in places where they're easy to

catch for people and we're going to

focus today on how easy it is to come

out here catch some of these trials what

kind of trout do you guys raisin and how

many trout a year do you stock problems

one so in total we're looking at a

couple of million trout between the two

production fill facilities one in

Calgary and one in the city of Cold Lake

primarily we're doing rainbow trout the

reason we do that is they're fairly easy

to raise in a hatchery setting and they

provide a great sport fishing

opportunity but to create some

alternative opportunities we also do

brown trout and brook trout every year

and we're looking at about 30,000 Brown


fifty thousand brook trout a year and

then on a four-year cycle we're doing

grayling on the two-year cycle we're

also doing cutthroat Road which we

actually spawn in the wild and then stop

them into a select number of water

bodies the longer you listen the longer

you realize there's a ton of

opportunities available Provence ride

whether you're a hardcore guy that's

been fishing your whole life or somebody

that can come out here for the first

time we're going to show you how to rig

up how to fish for these trout and

another thing to consider is hey guys

we're in the central part of Canada

there's a lot of bugs out here a ton of

bugs and what do bugs mean they mean

that your fish actually grow once you

put them in here right that's right so

any time we're gonna be stalking a water

body we got to make sure that there's

certain parameters that are that are

there we got to have good water quality

others got to be food for the fish and

the lakes either got to overwinter or

we're going to be put in an aeration

system America right now these fish go

in fairly small sometimes and sometimes

they go in brood size all the way this

big but one thing that we've learned is

a lot of these lakes have carryover

which means fish you put in three four

or five years ago were available for

guys to catch really large trout correct

yeah yeah absolutely so some of the

lakes we have been fishing you know

you're gonna see three four year old

fish and maybe the odd one that's a

little bit older than that and the great

thing is you can come out and you're

going to get a variety of sizes of fish

you're not just going to be catching the

same size fish that said we also do

stalk some water bodies that are closer

to some of the major centers where we're

putting a catchable size fish in right

away with the intent that families are

going to go out fish them they're gonna

get fished out and we're just going to

keep replenishing that as well so now

there's so many opportunities available

province-wide one of the things that we

need to talk about today is before you

go out there and fish that lake pick up

your set of Alberta fishing regulations

take a look it'll tell you exactly what

you can and can't keep we're going to be

focusing on bait today remember it

doesn't matter if it's just a bait lake

if you're a fly fisherman come on out

here throw your fly if you're a spin

caster throw your spinner you like

casting spoons have fun today we're

going to be fishing with balls of fire

salmon eggs

we're going to show you why these

Alberta trout absolutely love to gorge

on eggs so nice fish nice fish nice fish

dude oh yeah

nice rainbow it's a great start to the

day there

what are we two minutes in a couple

casts just like that you're gonna love


all right on healthy fish see the colors

on that guy

I think he just ran his head into the

side of the boat just landed this

probably nice little 14-inch

rainbow had it on a split bobber setup

probably only running about two feet two

feet of depth kind of flip and flipping

into Shore like bass fishing it's kind

of a unique fish fishery in this lake

yeah soon as it hit just give it a

wiggle and yeah you hit it theater

really hard I was using the red salmon

eggs oh did you have the glitter ones

nope the regular red regular red about

time somebody uses something other

Leonard the yellow he hammered it and

put up a good fight scrappy little fish

three little no but again real close to

shore how these guys have been we'll

take to the bank just well actually he's

got a little bit a little bit of tug

till now it's not a bad fish okay he

just realized he was hooked oh yeah

there we go there we go nice another

nice rainbow look at that there's a lot

of depth to this Lake but these guys are

hanging out in the shallows so we've

been we've been fishing rate within the

weeds here with these little foot

bombers and goes going for a run under

the boat

gorgeous beautiful rainbow oh there he

goes again balls of fire and on thanks

bud and on nice bow so yeah that guy's

that guy's got a couple years in this

lake for sure this off

beautiful healthy-looking fish get a

little scrap there once he knew we had a

hook in his mouth so we're just uh we're

just casting along fairly close to shore

here there's a lot of weeds running

along here and I'd say we're probably no

deeper than five feet and these fish

seem to be moving in and out of the

weeds picking off either bugs or little

minnows that are swimming around here so

they're probably dipping in and out of

cover and we're just fishing the edge of

that and we've been having a lot of luck

fishing a lot shallower than what we

thought we would have would have been

catching fish initially showed up little

guy but great in that same spot edible

that's three hits in a row before this

guy finally got on the hook we got here

well we got a little brookie we got a

little brookie yes nice so that's

definitely this year's stocked but

that's great we've been catching nothing

but rainbows we knew these guys are in

here and and finally it's beautiful

looking little official

right on

hey guys Bojangles here coming from a

gorgeous Foothill back Lake here that is

completely loaded with trout now I'm

going to quickly break down my setup

here it's been a really hot summer in

the lake run here in August have seen a

lot a lot of weed growth now this is the

lake you generally don't want to bottom

bounce in the middle of the summer that

works great after a so and late in the

fall once the winds died down so the

technique I'm using today is a very

simple bobbler technique all I have here

is a nice little slip float bobber

stopper just above it we have a few

little split shots pegged on our line

running four to six pound model

generally - a barrel swivel twenty

inches of fluorocarbon leader to our

little size 12 to sighs 14 hook give or

take on how many things you want to bait

on your hook

now it is really meaty over here and

this presentation has been working the

best if it keeps our bait suspended in

the communities and it allows us to fish

little pockets where these fish cruise

along the shorelines right here really

really effectively and this setup here

has been the ticket for us pretty much

this whole trip

oh yeah there's a nice one

the other thing we want to talk about

with trout fishing is just simplicity

and what I mean by simplicity is you

don't need to have a $500 rod and reel

you can get away with something very

inexpensive very cheap and something

this can help you catch a lot of fish

here we are spinning reel plane spinning

rod for pound test we're going to show

you how easy it is to use you can even

use a slip bobber technique or if you're

a new angler and you're not very

sophisticated all you need to do is take

your little hook right here you put a

regular bar on the top and you can move

the bobber which will achieve the same

kind of success that you do with a slip

bobber your slip bobber is a little bit

more technical you may not know how to

tie it but if you don't know how to tie

it you come to something pretty simple

like this a couple other things you want

to consider when you're going out there

you want to use a salmon egg cook for

salmon eggs this is size six we're using

a size six today partially because we're

not keeping a lot of fish if you use a

smaller hook a lot of times they'll

swallow those this larger hook a lot of

times you hit some of the mouse

everybody has seen water them with split


tiny split shot right below your bobber

and you can fish that egg if you're not

using a sliding sinker rig just put a

bottle there I mean a split shot with

the split shot does just gives you a

little bit of weight helps you cast and

then again doesn't matter what pound

testing you choose a Berkley four pound

trialing it doesn't matter as long as

you have four pound test you'll be okay

you're not going to catch any whales in

here four pound test will be able to

handle them all and we all grew up on

the small little Barbour you bring your

kids out here put a bobber you're ready

to go

don't you feel hugging goodbye careful

with those weeds dude yeah he's got him

he's coming oh it's a big one take your

time take your time go ahead I'll let

you go through market one and take your

time Jeremy once you step down yep I see

them out of these weeds quick careful


there you go turn your body towards us

come on fish come on fish come on fish

oh nice this beauty we got here whoop it

up driftin green label over here in the

shallow weedy areas beautiful fish

through the colors on that thing

shoulders and everything very nice


this is one of our beautiful hatchery

rainbows this guy's probably been in the

lake for three years now at this point

he's pushing I'm gonna guess here we

didn't measure them but both 16 inches

or so but just beautiful colors and

they're hanging out in the shallows

again just cruising around looking for

food but you can see he's Gill in there

we're just going to get a little bit of

time before he kicks off well they're

gorgeous absolutely gorgeous fish we

catch a lot of fish today have a lot of

successful salmon eggs and one thing you

got to remember never come to the lake

with just one egg we fish this Lake last

couple of days sometimes in the morning

sometimes in the evening the first time

we came out here only the Yellowjackets

worked it was very interesting they

wouldn't hit the red egg that was on a

cloudy day all of a sudden today the Sun

came out and guess what the green label

and the gold label took the show so

another thing to consider is you have

your orange and yellow eggs your orange

two luxury Yellowjackets easier natural

colored eggs a lot of times your browns

your brookey's we're really key and on

the natural colored eggs then a lot of

times when you switch over your rainbows

are really excited about red I always

bring two with me I bring one gold label

gold label has gold flakes it's a little

attractor in the water and if sometimes

you don't need to attractive and the

fish are very skittish your green label

will work great got a big large egg very

uniform egg always going to stay on the

hook catch you a lot of fish and

remember soft with satisfying eggs