Fly Fishing Urban Creek! (Round Rock TX)

Travis the fly-fishing Texan here so

today I'm on Brushy Creek I am waiting

for buddy McKenna and pastor Stephen sue

those guys get here we are gonna get on

the water well I might go down just a

little bit try before them but anyways

we're gonna have a great time today guys

hey stay tuned it's gonna be awesome


alright guys so today I'm going to be

using my little for weight rod here it's

a for weight 8 foot it's the echo bass

rod and I'm throwing a floating line on

it and I'm going to be using this little

Rio get her to start out with today

these do awesome here for catching the

little Rio Grande cichlids went fishing

the other day and pretty much this

targeted cichlids it was awesome

alright guys let's try it out


you guys just saw you can see fish

everywhere in here it is so nuts it's

like they they take it I can feel them

bite they'll they'll take it just real

quick and like spit it out

it's so nuts I mean you guys saw me

casting right there I was getting hits

all over the place but it's like they

just grabbed it and spit it out I have

no idea I don't know it just I don't

know if they're smarter here or if

they're just so pressured they just know

right away when it's wrong or right I

have no idea but anyways I'll try here a

few more minutes and if I can't get


budding them should be here we're gonna

move on down man guys I just had a huge

cichlid on and literally it might might

tip it broke like not above the knot the

knot didn't break but actually the part

that was around the hook broke anyways I

put on another Rio Grande sick but this

one up Rio Grande is it another Rio

Gator this one has I don't know if it'll

focus in probably won't but this one's

seen better days but I'll try it anyway

all right so we got buddy and McKenna

got the pasture up there he's talking to

someone else

oh sorry but even Kenna down here

pastor's talking up there we're gonna

get out here guys

little one I got another one little

longer I gotta be turn now anyway

because it's too bad that's a baby

Guadalupe that may be actually a baby

largemouth I can't tell that I can't

tell this to go out a loop or a large

valve but that's a baby


look at that monster show the people









that's a little smaller

oh nice buddy nailed himself a nice






all right little bass he just absolutely

choked this thing I mean look at him

compared to my hand

alright let's go and get this guy off

you know let him go the release





and pastor Steve is just killing them

down there and there it goes



there we go see all right nice no nice

little sunfish pastor steve is tearing

it up alright so using this little fly

here which we call like the carpet

bombers pick up this little bass nice

little guy right up in there

alright days winding down with the

fishings still hot alright guys so we're

heading out it was a great time as usual

thanks so much buddy McKenna pastor

Steve for being in the video always

appreciate company coming along I hope

you guys enjoyed them being in the video

I was seeing some of the fish that

they're catching thank you guys so much

again I know always a little time so

long we had a long walk back we went

pretty far up streams so anyway thanks

so much guys again for watching hey if

you want to check out pastor Steve you

can check out New Life Church Liberty

Hill Texas he's on YouTube as well New

Life Church and you know go check him

out see what he's all about over there

and again thank you guys so much for

watching hey god bless and go



the kinna right it's right this shot

that's your biggest cichlid right I'm

all just like