10 Aircraft you can FLY WITHOUT A LICENSE

let's say you want to get into aviation

but you don't have the time or the money

to spend on training or getting your

pilot's license well there are still a

lot of options out there for you and

they're called ultralights so today

we're gonna be taking a look at 10 of

the coolest designs that you can fly

right now no training or license

required now under the FAA these

aircraft fall under part 103 which

basically means that they can't weigh

more than 254 pounds or 155 kilograms

fly faster than 55 knots and only the

pilot can be the sole occupant of the

aircraft and I will say that it's a

pretty terrible idea to try and fly one

of these without any training and don't

take my word for it just search YouTube

for flying an ultralight with no

training and see what you find

but anyway let's take a look at ten of

the coolest designs that you can fly

right now without a license legally

number one on the list is an airplane

designed specifically to meet the part

103 regulations the aerolite 103 was

designed in 1997 and has many features

that certified airplanes have these

include a yoke for pitch and roll rudder

pedals tricycle landing gear and even

flaps as many options for engines

ranging from the 20 horsepower earth f33

up to the 64 horsepower MZ 202 a brand

new era light will run you about $17,000

for the kit and $20,000 for a fully

assembled airplane the Aero light 103

has been a proven design that is a great

introduction to ultralight fixed-wing


perhaps the most successful and popular

ultralight is the Quicksilver

the Quicksilver has been around since

the late 1970s and was originally

designed as a weight-shift hang glider

as the ultralight craze started in the

80s the Quicksilver gained some design

improvements such as a landing gear and

control surfaces today the Quicksilver

MX 103 is their answer to the part 103

FAA regulations it features a 50

horsepower earth f23 engine completely

open cockpit side control stick and a

long track record in the ultralight

world today you can purchase a brand new

fully built Quicksilver MX for around

$19,000 or you can find a used one for

as low as $3500

if you're looking for a sporty

ultralight that is known for its superb

handling and performance the Kolb

Firefly is the one for you the Firefly

stems from a design by Homer Cole back

in the 1970s called the Kolb flyer as

time went on the Kolbe underwent some

design changes and today we have the

Kolb Firefly

it features folding strut braced wings a

tail dragger landing gear and a 40 to 50

horsepower engine the kit is still

available today and will run you about

twenty thousand dollars for a brand new

aircraft including the engine

although the Kolbe is priced above

previously mentioned ultralights its

performance and handling is far superior

personally if I were to go with an

ultralight I think I would go with the




let's break away from fixed-wing

aircraft and look into some rotary wings

the Benson v8 gyro copter is a gyro

plane which was designed by Igor Benson

back in the 1950s it features a 72

horsepower McCulloch engine which was

originally used in military target

drones the McCulloch engine propels the

aircraft forward and the relative air

spins the rotor blade this allows a gyro

copter to fly incredibly slow and

descend vertically these characteristics

make the gyro plane safe in the event of

an engine failure today the Benson

company has closed but the plans to

build a Benson gyro copter are still

available and used ones remain in the

market there are also many similar

designs for gyroplanes that fall under

the part 103 regulations these include

the butterfly and the gyro beam a Benson

gyro copter is perhaps the most compact

and unique aircraft that you can fly

without a license



now you may want to fly something that

is the epitome of cool and you want to

do it from any backyard the mosquito air

personal helicopter is the aircraft for

you it features a completely open

cockpit 60 horsepower MZ 202 engine and

can take off and land vertically making

it a true helicopter even though the

design looks simple the kit is going to

cost about $30,000 legally you don't

need any training to fly the mosquito

but if you're gonna purchase one

directly from the company they won't

sell you the rotor blades unless you

prove that you have ten hours of

training to me that's okay because with

spinning blades that close to your head

you'll want to know what you're doing

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moving back to fixed-wing aircraft for

number six we have the Hummel Ultra

Cruiser the Hummel ultra Cruiser is the

only all-metal fixed-wing ultralight

available today and was designed by Mori

Hummel back in 1999 it features a

four-stroke 1/2 VW engine ranging from

twenty eight to forty five horsepower

this engine isn't very common in

ultralights today and its low RPM give

it a classic and beautiful sound the

tail dragger landing gear and low wing

design make the ultra cruiser a fun

airplane to fly and great airplane to

look at the kit - engine is around

fourteen thousand dollars and the plans

can be purchased for two hundred and

sixty dollars

number seven on the list is an

ultra-light known for its incredible

airframe strength the phantom x1 or the

Phantom classic is a high wing tractor

configuration ultralight that can

withstand up to nine positive G's and

six negative G's this makes it a popular

ultralight for aerobatics and there are

a number of videos out there showcasing

what the Phantom can do it uses a 40 to

50 horsepower engine and the kit -

engine is $11,500 if you want to fly

something where you can be confident

that the wings won't break when doing

outside loops the Phantom is the

airplane for you





if you want to fly a twin-engine

airplane without a license number eight

is the plane for you

although the ultra flight lays air had a

short production run between 1979 and

1984 used aircraft can still be found

today the first version featured to 5.5

horsepower chainsaw engines which were

enough to power the laser with its 36

foot wingspan and twelve to one glide

ratio later models used to nine point

five horsepower Rotex 185 engines and

were equipped with a floor mounted

control stick tail wheels on the

inverted V tail and toe brakes for each

of the main landing gear wheels the

wings are covered in a clear mylar or

tedlar PVF film giving it that unique

lays air clear wing the laser is a true

classic designed from the 1980s age of



if you want to fly and transport your

aircraft easily number nine is a choice

for you

powered paragliding is a relatively

modern way of flying without a license

the pilot wears a para motor which

features engines between 14 and 30

horsepower and they achieve flight under

a paraglider which can be packed away

into a backpack the paramotor design

originally came from hang gliding and

was later adapted for paragliders as

their popularity rose in the late 1980s

pilots can either launch and land on

foot or elect to use a small trike and

have more of the aircraft feel the

largest downsides of the powered

paraglider are the low flight speeds and

high sensitivity to turbulent air

conditions the paraglider wings and

paramotor setups differ greatly

depending on the type of flying the

pilot does this sport is growing quickly

and a brand new beginner setup can be

purchased between seven to ten thousand



number 10 is an aircraft for the true

classic adventurer the cloud hopper

balloon is a single-seat hot-air balloon

in which the pilot is strapped into a

harness instead of standing in a basket

according to the FAA balloons fall under

unpowered flight which makes a cloud

hopper required to be under 155 pounds

instead of the 254 pounds to be

regulated under part 103 the pilots

harness can swivel 360 degrees allowing

them to face any direction for launch

and landing and the cloud hopper can fly

for about an hour and a half to fly the

cloud hopper you'll need a ground crew

to pick you up as you are completely

dependent on wind direction this makes a

cloud hopper the least controllable

aircraft in a list but if you enjoy long

moments of silence and the serenity of

floating along where mother nature

decides the cloud hopper is for you

today there are two manufacturers of the

cloud hopper style balloon and they will

run about 20,000 dollars for a new

hopper nice vo yeah

number 11 is a bonus there could have

easily been hundreds of ultralights in

this list if I included them all number

11 is the option of creating your own

one-of-a-kind ultralight all you have to

do is make sure that it is under 254

pounds flies under 55 knots and stalls

at 24 knots


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