14 Tips for Travel During the Thanksgiving Holidays

hey there today I'm sharing 14 tips for traveling this Thanksgiving break the

Thanksgiving holidays are coming up soon and these 14 tips are gonna get you

through the airport security onto the airplane and to your final destination

smoothly or smoother I hope the first tip for traveling this Thanksgiving is

to book your flight early in the morning like try to book the first flight of the

morning even though it's super early the reason is is if there's any kind of

weather delays that backup your flight and delay your flight and then maybe

cancel your flight that means that there are there's no more room on the

airplanes that day so kay they cannot just roll you over to the next flight if

your flight cancels because of weather so they would have to therefore roll you

over to the next available flight which might not be until tomorrow so book your

flight first in the morning before the weather gets there that's what I mean

before the weather even occurs because there are still thunderstorms happening

in snowstorms so try to get the first flight the number two tip for traveling

every Thanksgiving is to not book connecting flights for the same reasons

because weather or something a mechanical delay can cause a

cancellation and now there's just more opportunity for something to go wrong so

just take a direct flight from here to your final destination and be done with

it the third tip for travel during Thanksgiving holidays is to ask TSA a

question and the way you can do that is on but the easiest way to do

that is on Facebook you go to the Facebook page called ask TSA not the TSA

page the ask TSA page and then you can send them a message and they will answer

you in like 24 hours unless it's over a weekend give them like 48 hours just in

case they have been awesome in answering all of my very persnickety

questions I asked them several questions one being can you take ice packs even

when they're getting to the gel like gel like jeal-ish stage and they

said you can take ice packs but they need to be completely frozen when they

go through security okay in the airport but wait if they are melted and stuff

like that room temperature you just need to put those inside your one quart sized

liquids back and it has to follow the 3-1-1 rule but it has it just has to go

in that liquids bag it can be the regular ice pack size it just needs to

go in that bag hmm I think I should ask them because some ice packs are bigger

I bet the liquid in there is more than 3.4 ounces hmm

I did make a video of 29 things you cannot take on the airplane so be sure

to check that out anytime during this video you can click on the iCard and see

the videos that I've linked for you for further detail and fun-ness. I also asked

TSA about mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce over Thanksgiving break is it okay

to bring those through security and make yourself like a leftover turkey and

mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce sandwich to eat on the airplane or at

your gate and they said sure they are allowed but cranberry sauce

most of it is liquidy and so that and mashed potatoes need to go through in a

liquids bag and their containers need to fit inside that liquids bag the number

four tip that is gonna make everybody happy is that distilled water can go

through airport security in any kind of amount they do not check it anymore it

does not need to be 3.4 ounces only it can be a whole gallon i've recommend not

not unsealing it maybe that would cause for delay or something but it is allowed

now everyone will get a good sleep after eating turkey the number 5 tip for

traveling during Thanksgiving holidays is to wear elastic clothing on the

airplane ride back because pecan pie right since it is the Thanksgiving

season I want to tell you all individually thank you so

very much for supporting this channel for supporting me in the bad sound the

bad lighting all those days that you have taken your precious time to watch

my videos and support me in the things that you say and by watching my videos I

really appreciate each and every one of you the number six tip for traveling

during Thanksgiving holidays is to wear cardigans or some kind of layering on

the airplane because it seems like during the holidays the airplanes are

really hot so you're usually traveling to colder temperatures or to colder

climates and you're layering all those fall layers of clothes and thicker sweaters

they are sometimes really hot so be prepared to take them off and just have

a little t-shirt or something under there that's thinner and if you haven't

watched my video about 5 winter travel tips I have a video that you can watch

anytime with the icards about traveling to colder climates that that might be

helpful that video might be helpful to you the number 8 travel tip for

Thanksgiving holidays is to get to the airport at least two and a half hours

before your flight departs maybe three hours before the line in security is

going to be at least an hour if you don't have pre-check trust me it is

going to be it's gonna stress you out it's gonna be hot you're gonna have to

wait cranky people especially coming home you may have to also stand in your

checked bag at ticketing to check your bag for at least 30 minutes so add that

extra time get there in plenty of time and that leads me to the 9th travel tip

and that is that there are children and people who are not seasoned travelers

visiting their families over Thanksgiving break

so they don't know how to move through the security line as fast as you and

efficiently as you and they probably haven't watched these how to travel and

how to pack videos that I have created for y'all and so have

patience with them they are going to make the lines take a little longer

maybe the number 10 tip for traveling during this Thanksgiving holiday season

is to if you can give yourself an extra day because if there is a major

snowstorm in a totally different area of the country from you not even where you

are at your airport waiting on your airplane if there is a snowstorm or some

kind of weather problem it can delay your flight or cancel it and then like I

said earlier they will have to roll you over to the next flight and at

Thanksgiving so many people fly on those dates and they show up to the plane that

they can't roll you over to those flights they have to roll you over to

the next day's flight the 11th tip is to bring more snacks because your flight

might be majorly delayed and baby formula and maybe more diapers and the

twelfth tip for traveling during this holiday season is helpful to me because

we have a teenager like inflated footballs basketballs and soccer balls

are all allowed in your checked suitcases and your carry-on suitcases

but the thirteenth tip is if you're coming back from Europe into the u.s.

remember you cannot bring their awesome awesome cheese a lot of people forget

about that they know about produce but you cannot bring cheese back into

America from another country and the 14th tip is if you are going to Europe I

have found a crossbody bag by travelon I will link it below on Amazon prime

it is so expandable like I always have to carry it my glasses sunglasses

phone all that in there and it's by a secure company I love the zipper ties it

can be a crossbody you can shorten it with the little thingy right here and

make it just a regular purse or the coolest thing about it is you can slip

your belt through the back part and now it has become a fanny pack but we're not

gonna call it a fanny pack we're gonna call it a belt bag that's the new

trending word these days anyway it has a pocket

outside the huge space on the inside and a little bitty pocket on the inside

anyway no matter where the airplanes take you these holidays I hope you have

a wonderful time with family friends and a million other strangers thanks for

popping over to my new channel travel tips by Laurie leave me a comment and

introduce yourself