Best way to Experience the Sahara Desert | Camping in Merzouga, Morocco


I was not expecting to see snow in

Morocco welcome to the Sahara Desert

everyone what a change of scenery from

the last video I mean wow as you guys

have known even watching the whole

Morocco series we have just had zero

luck with the weather

the minute we come out of the Sahara

Desert though blue skies and sunshine

sorry nice but yeah we left Fez this

morning it took about seven hours to get

out here but we have finally arrived and

we're so excited this has been like at

the top of our bucket list for so long

mm-hmm guys we're gonna be camping in

the Sahara and it's going into the

middle of nowhere so to get there we

can't take the bus no that was the

quickest start ever whoa

but my guys off



all righty guys who quickly jumped off

the camels because the Sun is about to

set and we're gonna run up this June

thank you but this one is hungry


seriously guys what I know of sunset for

our first night in the Sahara that was

an epic sunset

we just arrived at our camps for the

night but it's organizing everyone

staying it's like these big tents for

just beds in them and then down here I

guess is where we're gonna be eating

there's an area for a bonfire this is so

nice these are the tents just here we'll

give you guys like lined up with all the

lights this is so nice we've just had

dinner served I think we're having all

different styles of to jeans that are

underneath you oh that's so nice








good morning everybody last night it was

so cool the guys that took us out here

on the camels they brought out their

drums and they said it started a fire

and then I like playing like African

music and stuff getting up and dancing

and then the night was just gone but now

we've woken up here in the Sahara Desert

and I think the Sun is about to come

over the sand dunes


oh yeah now that it is daylight we can

actually show you what our camp looks

like so they're these like massive black

tents that can fit four to six people

and they're kind of just lining up and

then at the end is where we ate last

night who are surrounded by Jews and

camels and now we're heading to our new

camp yes we've just arrived at our

second camp spot just pulled up the

camels as you do if you guys were

wondering what a Moroccan breakfast is

generally it's a lot of pastries but

look at that view show you guys we were

staying for the night so they sleep too

which is nice and we have like a proper

bed they've actually given us towels

which is really nice so this isn't so

much bare essentials like the other one

but it's still camping still really cool

so for the next is the read three and a

half hours wax you drop it in some oil

drives and when you go Jun bugging this

is gonna be so good to the dreamless so

big yeah uh huh

long time is taking me better figured

out now to some degree this life it

happens fast I'll enjoy the time in this

power plant yes I will

I'm so cool hey that was crazy

so actually doing a few stops on this

little Jeep Safari mission today and the

first one is we've come to a local

village and these people actually they

can now when people so back in the day

Muraki used to be a massive trading

centre and a lot of now people would

come through in their caravans and when

they'll come in through those started

playing their music think they'll just

so many caravans coming through that

they actually influenced Morocco with a

local music there's a lot of drums it's

very African inspired this type of music

just listening for them now people

getting up and dancing and it's actually

a really good first stop I love just

music and culture so you know to listen

to them and see how they play it's it's

really interesting just count our next

stop and something really interesting is

that there's several million people here

in Morocco that live a nomadic life and

that means they professors move from

location to location set up camp and

just follow the weather five million

people here in Morocco that are nomadic

and they move around three times a year

at the moment these guys have just come

to the Sahara and they've been here for

five weeks and they're gonna be spending

all of winter here because it's not as

cold as the other areas but it's just

amazing so they've all these tents

they'll have a little kitchen tent

bedroom ten I think that this is where

they might be storing their animals but

what a what an amazing way to live it's

what it's made with like cloth and wood

we've goats just mount some of the kids

little toys that they've made little


oh yeah this dog off that pelant



all righty

b13 our trip back to marrakech begins


yep that is 6:30 p.m. that was a long

day we'll see you guys in the morning

all righty guys good morning it's the

next day I hope you didn't mind that we

crashed out after that insane bus

journey but we're back in Marrakech and

there was one thing we needed to do

before we left we had to stay inside of

a riad now if you don't know what one is

I totally understand I didn't know until

we got here to Morocco but a riad is the

locals here in Morocco they like their

privacy so some of these buildings just

don't have windows like our room doesn't

have a window so like the centerpiece of

the Riyadh is just gutted and at the

bottom you can have a garden or in the

case of our hotel we have a pool this is

a very unique way of living and I'm so

glad we got to fit this in before the

end of our trip here I feel like we're

gonna be judged well we have had eight

genes in a row maybe and so on our final

night here in Morocco we've decided to

go for some Italian pasta we were just

really craving it but we've had it so

much amazing Moroccan food but we've had

it a lot of teaching and a lot of

couscous like tagine for lunch and

dinner every day for the last 13 days

you can you can't judge us for having a

bit of pasta but we got something which

is Stephan second dinner for some reason

we didn't say it is that we're heading

home to work we're heading back to

Australia tomorrow Wow it's gonna take

us a long time to get there but we're

going her tomorrow

that is crazy four months of traveling

and what an insane ride its feet as well

from flying to Singapore to our Germany

roadtrip I mean wow I know some of you

were joking you're like how did you plan

this trip because I think we went from

like Germany down to Egypt up to Iceland

we'll just hopping all around but I

think we like mixing it up by just

having a lot of variety if you tuned it

in Germany if you tuned in in Turkey or

here in Morocco thank you so much you

guys have just blown us away with

support this last four months it's just

been insane but tomorrow is a special

day for Jessica it's a long day but it's

a special day it's my brother Drew

moved to Melbourne two years ago to

their study which means I hadn't seen

him for two whole years and sorry we

have decided to fly all the way from

Morocco to Melbourne to surprise him

alright this is where you walk bundle so

now it's eight things we can work out if

they're walking or if they're on the