Cessna 172 Island Flying! - Miami & Key West - SNF19: Part 4

spent so many nights living out at sea

that my heart is gone bacon everybody

who was close to me

all stayed on dry land so now I'm

driving back gonna in the state blast I

just gotta feel slumping not gonna wear

to the morning because I'm just gonna

change my mind

I don't wanna change my

right here


I would walk away from this

I would walk away from the spot


my best friend an apologetic taxi says

to karlova Marisa and I flew eight zero

nine nine one from Texas to Florida for

the annual Sun n fun fly-in and aviation

Expo or through with the expo and the

fly in and now we're gonna go have a

little fun and relaxation with our

friends Chris and Cameron Chris is known

as angle of attack on YouTube and

Instagram he's an incredible

photographer on Instagram and makes

great flying videos in the Alaskan

backcountry on YouTube keep my pressure

off this nose will patience patience

patience those trees are coming up and

then let that airplane zoom up through

that boundary layer above the trees go

check out his stuff and give them a

subscribe and a follow I'm very glad we

were finally able to collaborate on a

project after being friends for so long

we start the day here at ATP jet center

in Daytona Florida where we have a fun

day of flying planned ahead of us well

depart Daytona as a flight of two and

request a low approach over the shuttle

landing facility at Cape Canaveral this

is the runway where the Space Shuttle

used to land then we'll continue in

formation all the way down the Atlantic

coast of Florida towards homestead where

we'll take a break and fuel up then

we'll proceed in formation down the

island chain to Key West it's gonna be a

good day shameless plug for my East

store we got the white hat right here I

got the black hat look at the the beige

colored hat what do you like a fan club

or something

instructor instructor teacher student

yes and blind guy blind tech what do you

prefer here's a defensive line tech also

a pilot do you fly for career by working

on your CFI awesome

Cameron hasn't even started pre-flight

yet we're done we're packed cameras are

rigged we're done with pre-flight Chris

is just like you're just ready for

I have a panel similar to Josh's I did

this last year took it up to Oshkosh it

was done right before that in 2018 and

essentially where I saw it for the first

day yeah so we've kind of got a mimic

panel a little bit but anyway we're

gonna pre-flight get down with this day

down to Key West gonna be pretty awesome

time good people what your model is a

certainly this is a 1983 P model okay

pretty awesome and you've got the d TJ d

2j 160 horsepower and it's got a power

flow exhaust system on it it's pretty


you're gonna outrun me we'll see what

happens that's right we briefed up the

formation procedures and positioning to

be sure all of our corners were covered

and there was no ambiguity of what was

gonna happen then we fired up the

airplanes and got our clearance as a

flight of two


oh my god but there's stuffy that is

it's one of the only time instead of

Skyhawk looks big


looking good man you got my good side

like that



I don't really care about our altitude I

don't really care about our airspeed

he's watching he's watching that all

right all I'm making sure is that of

coordinated and that he's where he needs

to be as far as being at my windshield

okay I'm keeping a pretty much right

above the camera okay I'm gonna go left

headache one four zero zero one four

zero on your wing I believe I see the


I feel we're on the outside of the turn

o matic power rolling out of the turn

off the decreasing power see how we kind

of caught up with it first second third

we did yeah gotta anticipate it and you

got overdue to make the power change

before it's necessary that way we have

time to bleed off the speed for just a

brief second one not


oh so cool

what's your indicated eighty oh my god

this is incredible it's just just unreal

and she looks good it's so cool man

incredible I'm really glad we slowed

down enjoy the moment really cool really

really cool oh that was so cool

oh my gosh that's beautiful yeah Wow

after doing a low approach over the

historic runway at Cape Canaveral we

made a beeline for the Atlantic Ocean

and we intercepted the East Florida

coastline to follow it southbound and

tight formation and this flight reminded

me how amazing formation flying can

really be



so just briefly if you can't come

forward a little bit and then cut them

down quite a bit

I basically won you're the airplane

against the water beautiful right there

right there



all right I got what I needed this is

beautiful yeah let's switch it up now

I'll come around your backside all right

let me know when you're creepin up with

my left I'll watch for you and we'll

change roles I've got flexural unit of

power and I'm Larry you're way



right rudder power dive deeper at the


up sted Skyhawk flight of to clear the

runway at home step high-five

your first formation flight good job yes

you did not prepare me for how awesome

that is

we just did some pretty pretty amazing

formation flag to last them three hours

yeah we just stayed with it was that

three hours it was about 30 minutes

right so so we're uh we're pretty happy

with it but we're on the ground here

we're gonna to get topped off with fuel

just to be safe and soft some batteries

in the camera so we can grab some really

good footage out over the keys the

island chain leading down to Key West

which is up next it's hard to believe

again better I know it's getting better

shares Cheers


all right all right engine looks good

car speeds why there's $45 50 55 there's

60 and we're off fire four point oh my

gosh just feel so cool on your way



we really could've asked for a better

day to do this this is unreal

okay check out this really blue water

that's pretty awesome dude sometimes you

can see turtles and stingrays actually a

sea turtle right now



alright y'all on the switch yeah that's

good alright we're gonna go and switch

yeah we're gonna go underneath

and we're going to get to his left side





all right we're cleared for right

downwind four zero Niner all right right

now look for d0 sign or do they want us

to maneuver for that now

they said direct Neela all right we're

gonna drop back the whole form up on you

all right you'd have like control I got

you guys like a toast colonel and up for

runway Niner jen86 helicopter whiskey

approved all right free landing real

landing brake spill test good pressure

landing light on it's off autopilot off

its off feet built Orion since I'm

strapped in I'm strip them makes your

best power all right car viewed on

heartbeats on periscope idle

Cheers I get a cheers even without a



so first time aviation 101 has

collaborated with an angle of attack

that's right

and I must say this is probably one of

the coolest days of flying I've ever had

right Cameron formation in and of itself

is already super cool but it's very

mentally draining if you're I mean

you're staring at the other airplane the

entire time you're very focused making

teeny tiny little corrections on power

rudder everything's a day seems short

yeah I guess it seems like it seems like

we didn't do much today we conquered

almost all the Florida we're gonna go

from Daytona the southernmost point

today 10 out of 10 would do it all over


absolutely awesome

you'll just have to excuse the poor

audio my camera just died the battery I

guess I have a bad battery what did you

think of today I'm still processing it's

something that was on my bucket list and

I didn't even know it was right I know

it's like I've never been to Key West so

this it was definitely a new experience

for me flying over the whole East Coast

of Florida and everything only four

hours of flying about four hours of

flying you know what it felt like 40

minutes it felt like 40 minutes exactly

with all the formations it's just it was

absolutely phenomenal so whatever today

is day eight day nine I think it's day

nine of our trip from Texas best day so

far of this trip it was one of the best

days of flying yeah well you what a

scenery to do it oh my god the turquoise

aqua colored blue water the whole way

they're gonna get a water if they don't

get eaten by a shark and and then we got

reservations it's some really nice

dinner place Cameron made the

reservations so we don't know what it is

I don't know but hey at this point I'm

with some of the best friends that I

have in my life and I don't care and I'm

gonna put the camera down I'm gonna

clock the clock out for the day and

we're gonna have some fun

life's good last ragu the farmers

through the trees fo God boy that was

jason smith so many nights living out at

sea then my heart is gone bacon we went

down to the marina and took a boat to

sunset key which is a residential island

just off the shore we went to latitudes

which is a great restaurant on the

northern edge of the island the next day

we all met for breakfast at the hotel

and we set out to explore a bit of the

island before heading back to the

mainland later in the day I'm actually

gonna save the next day for a part 5

because the departure out of Key West

deserves its own explanation basically

there were bands of thunderstorms moving

through which played with our

decision-making and I want to talk about

what went into that decision making and

what I would do differently if I could

do it all over again be sure to

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merchandise and gear there until next

time I want you to stay happy stay

healthy stay current and of course stay

proficient we'll see in part 5 thanks

for watching the whole damn town has

been waiting for the day when you would

come back here there was dancing and

talking and steaks on the grill and I

think that I will be

all right