How to travel to Galapagos in 2021

good morning guys from guayaquil here in


2021 starts very special

first of all my good friend felix made

it to ecuador

you probably already know him from some

videos from the philippines and south

america that we did earlier in 2020

and today is a very very special day

because we are flying to the galapagos


that was always on top of my bucket list

to visit the galapagos islands and yes

we are gonna be scuba diving there so

i'm super excited and thanks to the

global pandemic that is currently

ongoing there's no tourists on galapagos

so we're basically gonna have the whole


just for ourselves and also

another really good friend from tulum


is actually joining the trip super

stoked to see him again and now

we're just gonna grab our stuff and head

straight to the airport because we have

to do a lot of things

to actually be able to visit the

galapagos islands in 2021

there's a lot of regulations that you

have to follow and the first thing is

you have to do a corona pcr test

we did this test a couple of days ago

and yeah the test is only allowed to be

96 hours old

up on arrival on the galapagos islands

and yeah we paid

90 us dollars to do the test here in


but now we have to head to the airport

and finish packing up our stuff

and yeah i'm super excited to see the

galapagos islands

we slept right across the airport the

airport is right there

and our hotel was right here so it was

quite a noisy night the good thing about

it we don't need a taxi we can walk to

the airport

yeah and we have three more hours until

our flight leaves

but because we have to finish so much of


at the airport they recommend you to be


three hours before departure so keep

that in mind

if you want to visit the galapagos

islands in 2021


2021 starts really good i just found

a five dollar note on the sidewalk super


that pays my breakfast


we just got our tct this is our special

visa for galapagos and we paid

20 us dollars for this now we have to

check in

and then we're set to fly to galapagos

we just made it through the check-in and

now we're in the souvenir shop

we have to check if we can find some

food we are very hungry

we didn't eat today but looks like

everything is closed

but yeah my friend from mexico should be

somewhere here

i've met with my good friend kyle

what's up stoked

oh man i haven't been able to sleep in


you might remember this guy from our

video where we were

free diving with this little um

cayman in the caves in tulum that was

sick as well

what this will be sicker we just got

ourselves some nice empanadas

and yeah 20 more minutes and then we are

ready to board

galapagos here we come i'm excited

made it into the plane guys and now we

have a one hour and fifty minute flight

to the galapagos islands and we will be

flying to the island

san cristobal and then we are gonna stay

there for three nights and then we head

to a different island yeah sick

so let's fly




we just touched down in galapagos and

the whole island looks so surreal from


it's all volcanic and yeah it looks so

crazy guys

and we also just flew above our dive

site from tomorrow

kicker rock one of galapagos

and now we're leaving the plane i'm so




there were no taxis at the airport so we


on walking to our airbnb

uh it's 1.2 kilometers

ew and it's super hot here guys whoa

it's insane luckily flix bought some

sunscreen in

guayaquil yesterday

we just made it into our airbnb checking

in right now and it's

so hot guys i'm sweating so much oh and

look at this guys we have a really

beautiful pool over here

sick we just checked into our room and


check out what you get for 20 bucks a

night per person

yeah pretty spacious room and i'm gonna


you our bathroom as well

that's our bathroom

pretty clean and nice and check out this

painting here on the wall

with these bad boys we are hopefully

gonna dive already tomorrow i can't wait

we're heading to our dive school very

soon to pay our trip

and yeah check out our view that's our

little balcony we're having and kyle is

just down here hello kyle

hey buddy look at all these beautiful

flowers yeah

the biodiversity here is insane and this

whole island

consists out of lava rock because all of

these islands

were created through volcanoes right

kyle you did a lot of research yeah so

all these islands basically

are different ages and they're all

different stages of volcanoes

so some of them are super old and their

own weight is making them crumble into

the sea

uh some of them are brand new and super


and then the ones that are in the middle

life that have kind of stopped being

active and they can sort of

harbor a vegetation in nature so now uh

that's what we're gonna go check out

those are the ones that we can see maybe

a volcano too if we can

do some exploring and dive in tomorrow

but yeah now we're heading to our dive


just on our way to our dive school and

check out

all of these rocks right here it's all


cheers boys we just made it to our dive


trying on the gear for tomorrow and

afterwards we're heading straight to the


to do some snorkeling right straight to

the beach

straight to the beach with straight kylo

yeah how long would you recommend us to

stay on this island

no i think this is good because

oh maybe this is maybe i need a mouse as


sure yeah yeah we just finished

our stuff here at the diving school and

now we're heading to the beach

to see some sea lions and some marine

iguanas and all sorts of exciting


i can't wait and actually

really funny thing there is a huge

christmas tree right in front of us here

at the coast looks so surreal

but unfortunately our dive guide told us

that the visibility

is not that great at the moment but we

have a very big chance

of seeing some hammerhead sharks

tomorrow so that's exciting

simon look at right here buddy first of

all nice

little baby the first sea lions guys

oh i'm with a baby this is the best day

already guys

look there oh my god they are all over

the beach

yeah that's that's how they sound like


these are the very famous marine iguanas

from galatagos guys

in about five minutes we saw so much


it's just incredible here in galapagos

and now

we're trying to get up close with the

sea lions because

they're over here at the beach you can

enter the water

and we just want to snorkel a little bit

and yeah i'm gonna switch to my gopro

right now and maybe

i will get some shots of uh some sea


look guys it's charles darwin he's a

little friendly

and that's a huge tortoise that's

galapagos that's what the islands are

named after

we just tried to enter the beach behind

us but unfortunately

the entrance is blocked by these guys

so cute i'm excited to jump into the

water now

and uh chill out with the sea lions

galapagos was already worth it guys

hey buddy so

we're just chat we changed into our


trunks oh there's so much sea lions you

have to be careful that you don't step

on them

and yeah we're going in for a little


i'm so i'm so stoked for this kylo

it's a little chilly but it's worth it

wow it is chilly

it's crazy


just so you can see how close these guys

are actually coming

they're right here in front of us


oh are they mating i don't know


oh he's a big one

hey get in my boat

get off my boat





so guys we just went for an amazing swim

with some epic sea lions

it's easy to say that this has been the

best day

of this year it's the 2nd of january


but yeah it's crazy man this place keeps


delivering you need to come to galapagos


swimming with the sea lions it was just

so surreal

one was always trying to play with me

this place is just so surreal

check how close the sea lions are

actually coming up

and yeah that's because they have no

natural predators here in galapagos

so they're completely friendly all of

the animals look at this marine iguana

right behind me

hey buddy

it's insane and these marine iguanas are

very very special

because they're actually living off sea

grass so they're diving

and yeah maybe we have a chance to see

some of them

while we're scuba diving as well

sometimes if you watch these marine


they snort out some some salt

kyle our bbc narrative is going to


so these iguanas have evolved because

they need to live off the sea

the seaweed here so there's two

different kinds of seaweed that they eat

and their nose has evolved so they can

get closer to the rock

their claws have gotten stronger so they

can hang on to the rocks underwater

and they've also shrunk in in size and

they can't actually take in the salt

so what they do is they shoot snot

salt snot rockets out of their nose it's

kind of gross but it's amazing

and that's how they get out of the way

that's how they get rid of the extra


crazy evolution guys that is happening


in the galapagos islands yeah

and there's so much sea lions everywhere

here's one

there's one there's one there's

one there's another one it's just

paradise oh i actually didn't imagine it

to be

that nice all my expectations are

already exceeded

by far actually right yeah look at this


this one looks like a dog we just left

the sea lions at the beach and now we

came here to this

little local restaurant and now we are

gonna have the

what was it called again menu del dia

it's the menu

of the day it comes with soup juice and


something with rice and beans usually


for five bucks five bucks that's a

bargain good deal here in galapagos i


the food is going to be way more

expensive here we are actually pretty

lucky because the galapagos islands are

very affordable at the moment the

flights only cost

us in total with return 400.

and for the whole accommodation we spent

nearly 200 u.s so

600 dollars for accommodation and


and yeah sick just the tours

are quite expensive if you want to do a

day tour

you have to calculate around 100 to 200

us dollars

but let's see what we are gonna have for

lunch or dinner we just got served a


and also some nice mango juice

good one guys

and here the last dish some rice and

some fried chicken

with i don't know maybe mashed potato

that's mashed potatoes

it is yeah it was

for five dollars that was a really

delicious lunch

and uh now we're heading back to our

airbnb and check out this little puppy


a long day comes to its end we finally

made it back into our airbnb

and there's a very very beautiful sunset

just going on right here

but unfortunately the view is a little

bit blocked

and yeah guys i would say before it's

getting dark here

i will end the video thank you so so

much guys for watching this video

tune in to the next one and don't forget

not to like this video and do not

subscribe to my youtube channel thank

you for watching see you in the next one