CHEAPEST FLIGHT to EUROPE | Perth to Berlin Scoot Inaugural Flight

hey guys we currently in Singapore we

flew in last night and today we are

jumping on the inaugural scoot flight

from Singapore all the way to Berlin now

the reason we have picked this flight is

because this is the cheapest way we

looked online it's the cheapest way to

get from Australia to mainland Europe

it's the very first flight and we just

got back from Universal Studios so now

we're gonna go jump in a cab and head to

catch this flight

awesome thank you so much Ronnie guys

welcome to Terminal two here in Changi


thanks again the back spot showing the

time and I'm sure our flights not even

up there well that's the coolest clock

ever we're a little bit early to check

into our flight we also have a little

bit peckish I have these little vending

machines I wonder what you're going to

be like

take my money and then it just prepares

the food for me we'll see what that's

why 3 2 1 hey oh that is so hot

Oh dinner is served

that quick in like 30 seconds alrighty

twenty minutes later and now it's cool

enough to take you by hey was cheap

airport food sis ago that's an

interesting soft crap

eggie salty is it is it good

three bucks I'm out of a vending machine

that's wait what okay I could try it now

he says actually good temper your

expectations sorry

yeah those guys best thing at a while

your face is I feel like you're agreeing

with me but no say no words

alright so because check-in was so quick

we have all the time in the world after


and luckily another Singapore Airport I

think there's a quite a few things that

you can do here so we're gonna go and

see how long we can keep ourselves

entertained for


now that is the coolest kinetic art

sculpture I've ever seen I could watch

this thing all day oh free movie

Oh butterfly garden hey buddy

so they put all these sign up for them

but it's nighttime butterfly sleep

ready you're not working hard enough

first I want my phone charged for the

flight we found the game we've literally

found this entire entertainment complex

and Stevens hand call of duty it's so

cool it's in terminal 2 you above the

fish ponds the koi fish pond this is

like the best air whatever rated toilets


so because we save so much money on our

flight and we had a bit more time to

kill we decided to buy access to a

lounge which we've never really done

before it was the sax lounge in our

terminal and it was about 38 dollars

each yeah we're pretty excited to be

going into a lounge yeah welcome to our

lounge guys this is the SATs lounge this

is our seating area there's our dinner

food is there hot chocolate is there

this massage chairs

after all the warping at Universal

Studios yeah the butt cradle butt cream

all the sweet drinks let's do the buck

vibrating my brain what do you see that

oh this looks good all right this is the

closest to which in Japan it is a ginger

ale which is a different type of drink

ain't nothing like a ginger beer Steve

gives it great okay

stuck in my throat so the food seem to

be a lot of like curries and Rice's I'm

guessing cousin Anne Singapore

and this is the veggie option so it was

like a coconut milk sauce with veggies

and rice pipe limit guys my first kind

of penny lounge experience it was 38

dollars each which is super cheap got

all that food all that drink as well

also because we've cooked it directly

through scutes website we actually get

to board the plane first they give you

like a priority first access which is

gonna be nice and we jump on the plane

and they call business class we can just

jump on with them I feel like a hot mess

whose idea was it to go to a theme park

for a red-eye flight that's 12 hours

long I think it was your idea all right

guys so we're heading it to our gate now

we're boarding like I think in 20

minutes so sorry yeah but I'm kind of

excited because this time last year we

were boarding a flight a scoot flight

inaugural flight from Singapore to

Athens ready for the wedding yes and

they went like all out for it people

were dressed up it's like Greek gods and

they had all these like games and stuff

on the plane so I'm interested if

they're gonna do that this year

yeah Berlin like in a way people's

flight won Best Dressed you won your

money back for your flight

why don't we dress up I wonder if

they're doing that this year do you have

your whose garden

what's it

totally way German outfit

you know it's kind of cool was that we

are gonna be the first people on this

plane on the very first flight

so senior scoot is a low-cost courier we

didn't have like the biggest

expectations for how much legroom and

stuff that we had we were so surprised

like we actually had way more legroom

than any other low-cost carrier we've

flown before we decided to provoke our

food so you can just buy it online you

tend to save some money they gave us two

meals throughout the plane which was

quite nice it wasn't their entertainment

you could pay for some movie and TV show

access but we were say just we was just

bring our own anyway

also throughout the flight yes it was

like the Athens inaugural flight they

did dress up in traditional German

outfit and they went around like serving

our food in like little carts that had

been decorated with the German colours

and pretzels and so they kind of like

stuck to the little theme they also

played games you could win scoot

vouchers I love how we get to go on

inaugural flight sometimes because it's

so much different than you standard

flight it's like an experience it's not

to see normal flight so it's really cool

when they dress up and they do games and

all that stuff when we landed the pilot

announced that be spraying down the

aeroplane with these gigantic hoses from

fire engines and we found that that's

like a tradition so to mark the arrival

of a brand new flight that's like I

think they do I don't know if it's just

in Germany or efforts around the world

they hoist us down


and then once we got off the plane they

were giving out Berlin bears

I want to teddy bear which is known for

Berlin this is like a tourist thing to

pick up so it's kind of cool that we

arrived and they gave us our first

souvenir those news reporters there it

felt like an event yeah yeah three

before date so we picked out one of

these welcome cards there 33 50 euro and

you can go on any of the transportation

forays you're pretty good so now we need

to go find out bus so I'm ready cool

hotel I really hurt if you do early

check-in it's only 8 a.m. that's the

biggest joke of the day

yeah that's our bus x9 but you also got

this like we just got them and we just

got this massive book so I'll see what

else the cards get you better like this

so what who we can get around the city

for four days 33 euro that's good hey

that's pretty good

I mean it's gonna cost us 30 you worry

just to get attacked like an uber two


so 20 minutes on the bus a ten-minute

walk and we brought that RV tail boom

infilling spies aha

I sleep right pretty good like losing my

voice I'm too excited


we just woke up you had a quick

hour-and-a-half nap but I think we we're

not gonna waste this day because it is

only that's wrong

seven o'clock back home since like

almost 1:00 p.m. yeah they let us check

in early hey before we go off and

explore I thought I'd quickly give you

guys a room to our cuz I know you guys

like what we actually show you our

staying so I don't actually know where

in Berlin we are yet I haven't checked

on the map but here is our little view

and that's intercontinental and then

we've got a road and trees but it's

quite a nice little view and here is our

rooms that's what we just had at the

best nap ever feeling so much more

refreshed good little workspace a TV

we've only been able to find channels

that speak German so far so uh we need

to see if we can find any

english-speaking channels we have a

little coffee and tea station which we I

think we've already had like almost all

the coffees I also saw how you were

asking if it was a decoy Instagram I'm

pretty sure they all caffeinated we

couldn't work it out so I don't know if

we're drinking decaf or caffeinated but

I'm hopefully it was caffeinated and

then in here is our bathroom we have

robes very excited about that

remember we used to always like review

our hotel and if they had robes back in

the day we did have robes we can confirm

the Pullman has rose and yeah let's go

and see a bit of Berlin hey I'm so

excited we back in Europe all right I'm

gonna figure this out to get

currently st. in West Berlin so going to

those by spilling and we were going on

Safari and we filled a busy spot with

Monkey Bar and he comes to the top and

it has a fitting name for this bar you

can just chill here grab a drink and

then if you just look out there that's

the monkeys just they're quite a unique

little lookin bomb so we really wanted

to try and stay awake and get over the

jetlag and we basically walked around

Berlin like walking zombies so delirious

so we just decided to hit up all the

tourist hotspots so we went to like the

Reichstag building we went to the

Brandenburg Gate and then we went to a

checkpoint charlie which we'd actually

never been to before so last summer we

were in Berlin the one source but we

didn't come visit was checkpoint charlie

he's a lot more touristy than from the

other spots you can get photos just some

like the things that we're looking for

coffee will crash in a little bit rather

than going to Starbucks over German

chain after Albert Einstein its Einstein

coffee only they do a nice strong German

by this time we were just gone we

grabbed a coffee and literally just

people watched we watched a bunch of

tourists getting photos with these two

like fake American guards that are

checkpoint charlie and that's literally

how we spent the rest of our day like

we're sitting here drinking coffee

watching tourist spending way too much

money getting photos with these guards

mean that was our first day in Berlin we

conquered the jetlag but if you are new

around here the Europe series begins

right here in Germany we have so many

fun things we have a couple of series

here in Berlin and then we are hitting

the road so make sure you hit subscribe

and if you enjoyed this kind of flight

review which we've never really done too

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watching guys