HOW TO GET CHEAP FLIGHTS / Europe to Los Angeles for a little over 100 $

so you want to travel right and you need

to book flight today I want to talk of

you how you can always get the best deal

because if you want to travel especially

like far away a lot of times people are

paying way too much and they could have

saved so much and I see it all the time

that people don't really know what it

comes down to to get the best price so

in this video I am going to tell you how

very recently I bought a flight from

Europe to the United States for like a

little over a hundred zero I'm going to

tell you a strategy behind it because I

do that all the time not every time I

get such a deal but it's always cheaper

than usual so let's go one thing I want

to get right up out of the way because

this advice is not suitable for everyone

if you are someone who you know needs to

go on like a business trip you need to

be on a specific date in a specific

location you know there's not much that

you can do you just have to pay whatever

they tell you but if you are flexible if

your goal is to travel the world to see

a lot of places then you kind of have an

idea of where and when you want to go

I'm going to tell you right now how you

can save at least half the price

sometimes even more so let me just give

you a few examples of the less you think

is that about just a few weeks ago so

this summer in August I'm going to

Ukraine and from there I'm going to Los

Angeles California to the United States

and I usually the tickets from Europe

are starting somewhere at like you know

close to 300 euros so you know more than

that a dollar and sometimes there are

even like four five six hundred one-way

always one-way and I managed to pay 129

zero to go from Europe to California Los

Angeles and to be specifically from

Stockholm Sweden

Jim LAX plus angels so let me tell you

my strategy behind the flight booking I

would say the thing that most people are

doing wrong is they are too specific on

where they want to go and when they want

to go if their goal is to travel so what

you need to do is you can have like

you know where you want to go and you

start from there the platform that I

like to use and in my opinion is the

best platform to use the phone like over

the years this always worked the best

for getting the best price is Skyscanner

and the special thing about Skyscanner

is that you don't just type in from

where you want to go Eric for a a to

airport beam and the date you can

actually type in like a whole country

like let's say you're leaving from

Germany like in my case and you want to

go to the United States or you want to

go to Sydney you want to go to Australia

or somewhere like Southeast Asia these

are like the destinations that I was

looking for and then you don't know also

you don't have to put in a specific date

because usually people are saying like

yeah let's say for example I want to go

on the 10th of July and then they put in

like tenth of July plus minus three days

and this is what you're going to get

you're going to get surprised in this

price range but if you really want to

find the cheapest price and they can

differ by like 50 percent and more you

need to look for like June July August

and maybe even September and this is

what you can do on Skyscanner on

Skyscanner you can compare like every

month of the year to find like the time

the best time to travel to this specific

destination and with that you can plan

like if you want to plan out your trip

like half year ahead then you can say

well first I'm going to go to somewhere

in Europe and from there I'm going to go

to the United States like a month later

you need to be flexible on from where

you're leaving and also to where you are

going and whether you're leaving and

also when you're coming back and I know

this may sound kind of weird because

what do you mean from where am I going

I'm going from where I live like if you

live in Germany or like either let me

say well I was even from Germans but if

you have like this mindset then you're

not going to get cheap flights because

what I was doing you might leave from

Germany but also in August I'm going to

be in the Ukraine so let's check the

flight directly from Ukraine in the

United States and there is the

hmm it's even more expensive than

Germany but Alma Poland let's check out

Poland because Poland is just like a 5

to 10 hour car drive or bus drive or car

sharing whatever and you can get pretty

easily there so that's what I did in

from Poland to the United States they

have been a prize for like 190 euro I

think and this was by far the cheapest


but the thing there is they had like a


I think a 20 hour layover in Stockholm

Sweden and then from there you were

going to LAX of a direct flight so I

thought to myself well it is really a

good deal like 200 euro but I don't want

to have like this huge layover so what I

did it

I checked the fly separately then I just

put in like Poland in Skyscanner to

Stockholm how much is that going to cost

me and there have been different cities

so I chose the cheapest city and in my

case this was Bar show and from wash or

to Stockholm I can go for like 20

year-old from Stockholm to LAX the end

slide I checked his on the airline

itself this would like to do as well on

Skyscanner I first find the airlines

that offer cheap flights and then I go

directly to the airline and I see if

they offer the same price on their own

website and in this case it was that

it's not always like that sometimes if

you check the flight separately and not

combine that the search engine of skies

going to combine it it may be more

expensive but in this case you could

really split these two flights toys so

that's what I did from Stockholm Sweden

we're living on we're leaving on the 7th

of September and like on the 4th we're

leaving from Varsho and Poland so that

means we have on purpose three days in

Stockholm because anyway we are going to

be there so why not as well as you see

the city if we have to opportunity and

also we get to see wash bar show because

if you would have just flown from

Germany probably wouldn't have went to

Virchow so we have two cities that I can

visit and we are also saving money on

flight actively because the flights if I

would have booked it all together it

would be like one

90 euro and now it is like 160 so we are

saving money and we were using delay

over it to actually see some places that

we wouldn't have get esteem and you

probably know that as well like if your

have ever booked flights to someplace

that is a little bit more for like

further away then you have noticed that

you have lay overs and sometimes they

can be very long and you think to

yourself oh yeah I could just like go

out and check out the city but no you

don't have enough time and you just end

up legs you know dying in Airport almost

you know depending on how long your

layover is and this is the approach that

I take pretty much every time every time

I see that to go through this donation

for a direct flight I have to pay really

a lot but like for a combined flight it

is cheaper then I go on the specific

Airlines on their own website and I see

if I can book the flight separately and

very often you get either the same price

or even a cheaper ply price if you

combine if you do like the combination

of the flights yourself and not to not

let the search engine do it for you

because the airline that you we are

flying with from Poland to Sweden is a

different one that that was offered by

the system and it's a cheaper one so

this is what you need to do put in the

different countries and check in on all

of the months even if you have even if

you're like fixed to a month where you

may be on vacation or whatever choose

the order which place would be cheaper

to go first and in second and then left

and also like I said let's say if you

want to go to Australia I see a lot of

people that are saying would you go from

Europe to Australia is really so

expensive and don't get me wrong it is

it is like starting from like 500 600

euro one way but if you check in on

every month and if you look to where

their flights are going like usually you

have a layover somewhere in Asia soft in

Asia is an amazing place to go never

been there but I'm going to be soon and

what you can actually do is you can take

like two to three hundred zero like if

you're smart and check out all the dates

and all the departure places then you

can actually say like two to three

and adhere to first get you silent or

Philippines or Bali Indonesia and from

there first you have there a good time

for a week or two because things there

is very cheap and then you're going to

Australia for a flight that costs like

one to two hundred share euro like

really from Thailand you can go to every

city below two hundred zero and at the

end you're probably going to save money

this number one I mean you see I'm

always talking about the same stuff

you're probably going to save money

you're going to save layover time and

you're going to actually actively use it

by seeing the countering and getting to

places that you wouldn't have gotten in

other scenarios and another few things

that you have to keep in mind is number

one whenever you buy a flight check on

the luggage because there are even some

airlines out there they don't allow you

to bring in carry on without special fee

next one would be don't buy tickets on

the weekend because sometimes you get

the same deal but usually the prices are

higher because the websites notice there

are a lot more people looking for

flights so they bumped them up that

rather look on a Monday Tuesday Thursday

usually you get a better deal and the

last thing is delete your cookies if you

don't know what cookies are basically

your search whatever you are searching

for it it's faked and the website is

just like they can adjust the prices so

if you're always looking for like let's

say London's your killer to Los Angeles

they might bump up the price the lower

is again just to make you buy the ticket

and maybe even make you paint more

there's a lot of evidence for that and

the Internet it doesn't happen always

but sometimes it does so don't let them

fool you and get the best price but this

is just like some extra advice because

like the very big thing is be flexible

about where you're departing from check

out the countries that are nearby or

their states if you're like from the

United States or whatever can also be

flexible about the dates and if you want

to go to not one destination but two or

three two different countries three

different countries

see which one would be cheaper to go

first and also use your layover because

this is an opportunity to see so much of

the world and not spend the time like

sitting in the airport you get the

opportunity to save money and get to

places you wouldn't have gotten with

basically not paying anything at all

well tell me where you want to travel in

the next few months maybe years what is

on your bucket list and as always in the

description box I'm going to put in some

useful links for you when you can save

some money when you're on your trip and

I am leaving just very soon so if you

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