i solo travelled to banff, canada and it was amazing


good I'm just about packed packed and

ready for Canadia I'm so excited I'm

getting picked up in about 10 minutes

throat so strange because I leave

heithir like 1 p.m. but I'll end in

Canada at 2 p.m. on the same day a bit

the Fox 9 hours this whole time

different thing on my watch dogs license

or traveling no so


I requested a wind I say


I have my big mouth



I'm so tired

like forums we run average like far

but like ralphing above

good morning from McConnell I'm here I'm

fresh I had a good sleep it's about 6:00

a.m. and I'm waiting for the Sun to rise

but I have a lake view so that's gonna

be like the best view so as you guys saw

last night I got in so late I got to my

hotel at like 10:00 p.m. I hadn't slept

so I was exhausted so I literally just

like went faceplant on the bed in a

fast-food today I am going for a hike me

hiking is like what I want to do it so

bad so I'm all dressed in my thermals I

look kind of like a snow bunny actually

I hope this will keep you warm enough

I'm just gonna weigh like my Lululemon

tights and then I have some thermals on

and this North Face I'm so excited to

see how beautiful it is cuz I've only

seen it dogs since arriving yesterday so

I can't wait I'm gonna run downstairs

now and get some breakfast and then we

are gonna start I can't wait


it's so quiet if you do so here's the

hotel that I'm staying in it's huge and

there is Lake Louise it's about 7:30 so

quiet I just run up back to the room to

grab my gloves cliff bought them and now

that it's light look at the view from my

battery oh wow oh my god I'm really

getting sick I know how blue is the

water like looking at it from up here

looks so different than down there

because I could only see like great sky

but oh my god it is actually stunning oh

my god hello from a hiking trip we are

now just taking a break at how gorgeous

but it's a quite uphill it's quite

uphill and I'm here with my two agree




the short story is is maybe a hundred

and thirty million years ago North

America started to tilt to its

present-day location whilst the Pacific

tectonic plate was thrust upon us and it

took this 200 kilometres shallow ocean

seafloor and squish them about 70

kilometres wide the best analogy I could

give you is if you have two softcover

books on your coffee table at home not

to push the spines of the books together

push the pages and think of those pages

is representing the parallel lines that

you see here what's gonna happen when

they hit each other ah ha ha

so I think it's interesting to note when

that mountain building process was

finished of the plate tectonics yeah

there was no mountains here it was a


tibetan Eska plateau in successive 8 Ice

Ages rainfall and rock fall events of

carved out the softer rock leaving the

heart of rock behind yeah that's the the

best view you can see it coming yeah I'm

so excited

oh my god we booked all the way from




we are about five hours into a hike

feeling really refreshed after all okay

gorgeous I think we have about an hour

left we're gonna be quite easygoing this

time I think it's quite flat did

anything is is that those a bit of ice

boy out specific I wish you like family

sliding around everywhere but this is

just mean it's so fantastic like I can't

even explain to you and Jeff who's like

our hiking guide is amazing I'm having

the best day like honestly guys if you

ever want to sell a travel just do it


the best thing ever I used to get really

anxious on my first solo travel I was

like how am I gonna like get through it

I don't know once you get that first one

done you just kind of never want to

travel with someone else again


everyone we were very happy girls

so I've just finished I was like I

thought when I was working so the hike

just finished it was honestly like

amazing you know I'm not a cardio girl

I'm not a hiker I haven't hiked since I

was in high school so the concept of

hiking to me is like I'm so glad I did

that so that went from 8 a.m. till 4

p.m. and it was quite strenuous and I

was actually quite a bit of ice it means

this is we're gonna sliding around but I

had such a good time and I felt like for

my mind as well you get so like calm

walking in nature and yeah a guy Jeff

was so amazing and told us Tony facts

and was so lovely and I feel like on

endorphin high right now like I feel

amazing and I I'm gonna run downstairs

and get some lunch dinner it's like 4:00

p.m. so what would you even come

obviously I had the cake and stuff and

hot chocolate but I need like a big

hearty meal after that I think he said

we walked something like a hundred

thousand stoves so yeah I'm gonna chill

for a little bit and then I'm right now

so I scrub some food and then I want to

check out like the light Louis Village

but the thing is my feet I like

destroyed my front toe is the bruised

and the bottom my feet I like listed so

I might have a very slow evening

honestly having the best time on my

first day I love it here

they really love it here so see you guys

when I'm doing something a little bit

more interesting than talking in my

hotel room

good morning everyone I was about to do

like I've gone to the ride or something

but you currently see on the camera it's

like absolutely right in absolutely

right inside my plans for today I change

it a little bit


I'm out here looking like a walking

condom ah it's very very wet but I'm in

bad gonna explore gonna have a beach

towel everyone's time we have a beam



anything right now

oh my god Oh


oops I didn't think I'd actually finish

the poor thing



I swear to you I could never get over

this view first time that I've seen

little bit of blue poking through baby

room with the view or what good morning

it's my last day I don't want to leave I

really don't want to leave it's been a

really good trip I've got about two

hours until my bus comes to the airport

so I'm thinking I'm just gonna go for a

little stroll

just outside it is super overcast today

though so I didn't really see super blue

sky day but it's okay it means that I

have to come back it's a good thing but

yet today you can see it's just a bit of

a layer of cloud but I think I'm just

going to take a little stroll either

around that way or that way

just get some movement in these legs

before I sit down for like a whole day

on a plane yeah so let's get outside

let's get moving and I'll see you there

looking hot



you know you just can't take how

beautiful something is and you just cry

I just happened to me sitting here

listening to like really beautiful music

and I'm like this is just bein the most

incredible trip feel very content and I

look for you