Fly Fishing in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada カナダのバンフ国立公園でフライフィッシング

I'm gonna visit to Banff National Park

the famous national park in Canada

and also lovely fishing place

because Bow River runs across the park

I passed the gate

$19 for 1 day parking

There is a big town in Banff National Park.

I'm surprised that there is such a big town in the national park.

Let's collect some information at the visitor center now.

and about fishing spot

Now I'm at visitor center so because

we need to purchase special license for national park

and I payed $10 / day

not too expensive

And then, we can fish all over the national park

I got a license for 1 day

but you should stay two days or three days

with fishing and sightseeing

I highly recommend to you stay two days or three days

and many restaurants and souvenir stores

I try to fish at Lake Minnewanka

so clear water, it's gin clear

It's a inlet to the lake

I kept walking in the park all day

but I couldn't find a good spot

I finally found a good spot at 7 PM

but I still can't catch them