Banff National Park Camping @ Two Jack Lake 2019 (Lakeside Campground) Vlog#3

hey what's up YouTube Mike from wander

couch coming at you again today getting

geared up for another adventure

this week we're heading out to to Jack

lake and Banff Alberta I'm gonna do two

maybe three nights we'll check out the

to Jack Lake lakeside campsite should be


you ready let's go get it


good morning horrible sleep - Jack Lake

camps lakeside campsite I wouldn't

recommend it for anybody looking for any

privacy whatsoever it is packed in this

place constant constant traffic I mean I

guess it's more people that want to get

lakeside and access other areas of babs

but certainly not my thing I'm gonna

horrible sleep no I gotta get get a fire

going and get too cocky


guess this is it that's the reason why

people put up with the lack of privacy -

Jack Lake otherwise I've heard it

referred to as Mirror Lake as well we're

gonna go gonna go and take a hike around

the lake and




so Vermillion Lakes trying to get out

and see a little bit and despite the

weather rains on and off trying to

bracketed shot right here using the root

the root system here as a leading line

in through the pond there around the the

vegetation up into the mountains you see

how it turns out

took a bracketed shot I don't know you

can see the composition or not


after grabbing that photo we were wiped

out from being rained on for

two-and-a-half days straight so heading

back to camp for a little bit of

campfire in the rain and eventually

packed up the next morning thanks for

watching if you liked the video please

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on the next one