What It's Like Now Traveling to Cabo San Lucas Mexico...During Pandemic and covid19

hola from cabo san lucas today we're

going to talk about traveling

during the pandemic i traveled to cabo

san lucas mexico

from california in july 2020

and so far things have been great uh

combo san lucas

kind of just opened up a couple weeks

ago so a lot of the restaurants are open

which are open air by the way so that's

why they're allowed

to open up the waiters wear masks they

do temperature checks at the doors

so we'll talk about some of those things

what has changed

in travel and visiting here in cabo san


after or during the pandemic you might

find that other places you're going to

travel to

are going to be very similar and i'm

going to give you some tips on visiting

so the first thing we're going to talk

about is what kind of place to stay in

now if you want to kind of keep your

social distance from people while

traveling i'm going to say the best

option would be to rent a vacation home

and vacation homes can be from airbnbs


that sort of thing so i actually did a

little bit of

two different vacation rentals the first

was a really

nice home that was completely private

we had two pools and no one else was

there so anytime i wanted to go to the


i didn't have to worry about avoiding

any other people or other people being


so was one very quiet so you can go out

any time of day

if you wanted to enjoy avoid people you

really really could

or you can book a resort or a hotel but

it might look a little bit more

like this

since common areas are shared with other


that's something to keep in mind so you

decide how much social distancing you

want to have

while you're on vacation now as far as

the beaches

the beaches are open until 6 pm and

after 6 pm they will

kick you off the beach and so far there

hasn't really been a problem with that

and all the beaches have been super safe

i've gone to chileno beach quite a few

times which i love

and there's mostly families it feels

pretty safe they've

even built a little boardwalk going from

the parking lot

to the beach and there's some snorkeling

there as well

but there's although there's lots of

people there it's still plenty of space


maintain more than six feet to stay away

from people

in the water or on the sand

now as far as going out at night i have

not seen any of the clubs open

but bars within restaurants are open

all the restaurants that are open are

mostly in cabo san lucas

and there are a couple in san jose

del cabo as well here in kabul since

it's so warm and people are here to

enjoy the outdoors everything

is open air so you might see palapa


you won't see a lot of walls or air

conditioning it's going to be natural


it's very hot very humid and lots of

times you can eat outside where there's

uv light

so i felt pretty safe in the restaurants

all the waiters wear masks and all

guests that come through usually need to

wear a mask

walking through to your seat but once

you get to your seat you take your mass

off and you can enjoy the day

there's a lot of also beach side

restaurants that you can visit

and of course that is completely open


and keep distance away from people

you'll be fine you can enjoy the beach

enjoy drinks enjoy food

um so there's a lot of ways to enjoy


although things are a little different

you're always reminded

that everything is changed because

you're wearing masks you know if you get

an uber ride or

taxi ride you have to wear masks when

you go to the home or the restaurants

first thing you're greedy with is all

the employees are wearing masks

and applaud to them because it's very

difficult to wear a mask

all day for the most part what i've

experienced is they want people here

they need people

here and they're happy to be back to


because they need to just like in the

states it's very difficult

to support yourself and your family when

you haven't been working for

so long okay next thing is let's talk


activities a lot of the water sports

as of the beginning of july are still

closed and i'm leaving on july

12 when this is filmed and so you can't

do the boat ride to land in which is the


iconic thing to do in cabo san lucas um

the only thing you could do is if you

have enough people with you and you want

to do like a charred boat

i think you might be able to do that or

do like some snorkel tours

through different parts um of cabo or

the cabo's

so keep that in mind when you're

traveling here

so the last thing you may be wondering

is what is it like to fly right now so

i'm going to tell you what my experience


i flew from sfo which is san francisco

and mass are required throughout the

airport and you have to wear a mask

throughout the entire plane ride

the only time you can remove it is let's

say if you're drinking something

there are no drinks or food served on

the plane rides right now but you can

buy something in the airport the airport

restaurants there are a few open but not

as much as usual

when arriving into mexico in the airport

you are going to hand

over a questionnaire that you would have

been given on the plane and it's going

to ask about your health

meaning things like have you had a high


have you had any symptoms of sickness

and have you been exposed to anyone that

might have been sick

as well so you hand that over to

immigration on the way into mexico

and they also do a temperature check on

the way out the door

so if there's anything that you would

like to ask me that i may have left out

in this video about traveling to mexico

feel free to leave those comments below

coming up there's also going to be lots

of videos that i made while i was in


showing things to do places to eat and

fun things that i recommend to do either

now or later when you decide to travel


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so thank you so much for watching today

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