Cabo San Lucas 2020 - A Dreamy Place To See When Traveling To Cabo, Mexico even during covid

so what's open now in kabul san lucas

during the pandemic

well today i'm taking you to a super

pretty place you would enjoy in los


and it's open now during the pandemic

and it'll be great later too if you

visit after has a dreamy view

a fun swing and it's a little bit on the

fancy side

so let's go i'm checking out the mako


in the solas resort beautiful grounds

you can visit this beautiful restaurant

without staying at the salaz resort

and it's about a 10 minute ride from

downtown kabul san lucas and i took an

uber there


all right so we ordered some ceviche and

i ordered a mezcal

cocktail and this is our

view today kind of watching these

waves a little bit mesmerizing

very very beautiful scenery but it does

come at a price

this drink is about 310 pesos so the


are a bit on the pricey side here but

basically this

is what you are paying for this view

and i'll let you know how the drinks are

and how they taste

in a minute

all right cheers let's try out this


very good so mezcal basically has a very

smoky taste to it

so for this mezcal cocktail i taste the

smokiness kind of in an aftertaste

it doesn't hit you right away but

there's some pineapple in here

there is looks like some sort of tahini

on the rim pretty good so looking at the

menu this is definitely

a high priced sort of place you don't

really find anything under about 300


which is about 10 dollars

10 i'm sorry about 15

and you know that fluctuates based on

the strength of the pesos

what we got was the ceviche which is 340

pesos again about

15 or so so again what you're paying for

here is basically the ambience the view

and it is really nice and relaxing so

so how was the food well the ceviche was

good but i wouldn't say

it was great now the nachos on the other


were a bit better and it had a lot of

flavor to it