Albania Hike: Valbona to Theth from Shkoder

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Albania in overlooked destination within

the Balkans the Val Bona two paths hike

is one of the country's main attractions

it's a one-day journey between two

isolated villages that has recently been

opened up to tourism


this part of Albania is known as the

Albanian Alps and we're so excited to

show it Albania is located in

southeastern Europe along the Adriatic


we based ourselves in Skoda for one week

to get a sense of Albania just beyond

using it as a place to jump off to to

get to Bobo theft


to get to this part of Albania it's

actually a quick bus ride from the

coastal towns of Montenegro we are

crossing into Albania right now

Montenegro and small spotted what looks

like a there's a couple of goats there

trying to cross the border so we've left

Montenegro we are now in Albania we are

in the town of Skoda scored our is only

maybe about 60 65 miles from good luck


hiking from Bivona - that was quite an

effort it combines shuttles ferries

buses boy eventually got to Val Bona and

we were on Lake comment to begin our

adventure rot away around the water

and we are

very Boresha


we were picked up around 6:40 and we

arrived at this berry at 8:30 there's

almost a two-hour ride on a minibus and

there's a lot of potholes a lot of

potholes so actually the last mile of

our subway newly paved and very smooth

but only the last

so yeah doing this hike from scolder

which is very popular he spent a night

there we spent a longer time in scooter


it's gonna let you take a bus think of

fairy a fairy the fairy is two and a

half hours and then we stopped in a town

called severe side and then it's another

hour on another bus up the mountain

Balboa where we will be seen for the

night and

thank you but before we hike we needed a

night's rest our hotel and quite of you

we're in Bologna where we're staying

only for a night so we're staying in

hotel Marg eka here in Bologna but you

can't of course come to these places

during the low season though Bona or

death without booking and try to see and

wing it but places that aren't far apart

and transportation is hard unless you

drive but not many people are driving

out of here from what we can tell

there's not really a central part to

valve ona it's more just like separate

guest houses kind of ruin about so when

I did my research I found that this

hotel Hotel marjenka

is very close to the trailhead some of

the other ones you would have to walk at

least a few kilometers before you even

get to the trail so we wanted to get

going a little earlier so we didn't we

didn't want to have a hike before the

hike yeah exactly and we'll see if

that's correct





we showed you the other trailhead from

our where we were staying for but from

here it says nine and a half kilometers

this is the official trailhead


along the trail grass-fed okay here's

one of the cafes along the trail Simoni

to get a little coffee food water

we're probably maybe like halfway I

think so I'm not sure no maybe not quite

halfway we've been going for two hours

and 15 minutes so maybe not quite who

knew Albania had these types of

mountains really oh look at that view

this is a very well marked trail if you

don't see signs like this you'll see the

little flags so that so remember when

you're hiking always to bring enough

water thankfully it seems like quite a

bit of cafes along the way to fuel up

and get water


it's only like a five minute detour to

get up to there so we're gonna see

wallah and Yama


so we went to that summit that you just

saw and there's another way to get up

there but this trial is a little as you

can see actually this is the best part

of it so part of it's a little muddy

got a big bag so we're gonna call it

quits here but yeah we're pretty nearly

up here but I think we have a pretty

good idea of how it looks up here

so like small was saying we kind of are

off trailing here because you can

already get back in time

the foliage was amazing this time of the



most of it during this time of the year

was a lot of leaves so it was a little

slippery we actually did this hike in

mid-october which was at the tail end of

the season this is why we got to see

such spectacular colors okay so we see

that behind me I have to say we have to

say the decline is the descend is quite

difficult it hurts your feet a lot so if

you have good solid hiking shoes

as we admired the beauty we got to theft

the town if I can call it that was very

quiet we checked in a hotel for the

night we are in Beth after doing the

hike from Bell Bona yesterday we are

here for the day just trying to relax a

little bit after the hike I will say

it's mid-october it could be different

in the summer but it's a little

difficult to actually find places to eat

one of the great things about being in

Albania now if you do come out to death

or Val Bona but especially teth is it's

still developing not in terms of the

city but just in terms of tourism so you

really get to see it as is unspoiled but

right now we're doing a waterfall hike

it's not too far

the hike to greenness waterfall was


that right from death to scooter

Wow if you have a weak stomach beware we

based ourselves since coder for a week

to really get a sense of the town here's

what we did

definitely one of the better fortresses

you'll see in this part of Europe where

the central mosque here and stood are

interestingly enough we were able to go

into the mosque together usually you

have to be separate by sex

we saw an old traditional Ottoman house

and walked around Scudder the sight of

witness and memory museum this is from

the Communist period of SCARA haunting

in a must see we're still not saying

that right I think it are but it looks

like Schroeder I think he would buy them


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