does it look like I'm on fire no hi

everybody for those of you who don't

know me I'm Shannon and I'm a Florida

girl who moved to the mountains I've

been living in Montana for almost two

years now I'm currently living in Big

Sky Montana which is a ski resort town

about an hour from Bozeman and three

hours from Billings Montana I'm going to

share with you guys my eight favorite

things to do in Big Sky Montana number

one is Shaq hunting so we learned about

Shaq hunting probably two weeks within

living in Big Sky in the summertime

locals build tiny little fort that you

can find in the wintertime when you're

skiing another Shack whenever you're on

a chairlift just peek into the woods

look for those bunny trails I wasn't

even looking for this point I was just

skiing sued trees and found it which is

so cool and they'll most likely lead to

a Shack I don't tell you where it is but

let's just say it's on the moonlight

side of the mountain people use the

shack for different things we personally

just thought of it as like a scavenger

hunt and try to find as many as we could

but others use them for reasons that I'm

sure you might be able to figure out

whose overall during our time in Big Sky

we found about 15 Shack there are

apparently 50 shacks out there they can

range from small little hobbit hole to

big double decker tree houses that you

can actually climb up just be careful

that you don't flip down when you're in

your ski boots climbing up that

treehouse there's some fun footage of us

leaving ribby shocks during our time

skiing at Big Sky Sun another one this

time the VW Beetle it looks like a movie

prop gone wrong listen

we're in a sack wonderful we don't know

where we are this one has the best view


Joey's in it your dough is out of us

look here's of you in front of that

Shack which is just absolutely amazing

whoever built this one did a good job

good thing I recommend doing in Big Sky

is visiting a secret cave this cave can

be found at Red Cliff campground which

is a short distance from Big Sky

probably about a 10 minute drive during

the winter the campground is closed

but you can just park your car at the

parking lot follow the footprints to the

cave it does require a little bit of

scrambling up the rocks but once you're

up there is a pretty cool place to check

out campground is so close for the

winter slash spring hopefully no bears

eat it hopefully you find like earth

people cave dwellers

cave dwellers Montana cave dollars only

if they're cool though you can also spot

the cave if you're driving along the

main roads big skies just look up along

the mountainside spot those Red Cliffs

we're looking out for the Imanol


Thursday I recommend doing is the krail

Ramsey trail we just discovered this

probably two days ago and we've lived

here for six months in the olden days

the krail family owned what's now known

as the meadow is big sky they had a huge

working ranch with cattle and long story

short Big Sky resort accumulated this

ranch now there's a tiny Museum which

you can visit in the meadow epic sky

it's tucked between two apartment

complexes so it does feel a little funky

when you're you know trying to have an

historical afternoon during the summer

months you can tour their home I believe

it's on Saturdays and Sundays that the

doors to their home is open my next 70

on the weekend during the wintertime you

can still walk around but you just don't

have access inside of there the fourth

thing I recommend is eating at the river

house if you're obsessed with okra like

I am fried okra that isn't you need to

go eat at the river house it's a little

bit down the road from the guy however

totally worth it all the locals go there

you can get a fried chicken dinner for

seven dollars which includes the side

they have awesome margaritas wide beer

selection and best of all the

restaurants it's right on the Gallatin

River so easy river house

the battery on the weekends they also

tend to have live music so after a long

day of skiing or hiking it's a nice

place to unwind a thing I recommend is

Lone Peak burn you get your beer

samplers on what's called a ski sampler

so you're literally taking beer samples

off of the whole ski which is pretty


their food is alright it's a sweet

potato fries and definitely cross your

fingers that they have deep fried

mushrooms as their special that night

no darn good next thing I recommend is

whistle fall whistle Falls is a very

short trail right off to the town center

of Big Sky Montana it's easily

accessible for those of all ages we

always like to bring our bear spray just

in case during the spring and summer

months who wants to go swimming but

there's a lot of foot traffic so you

don't need to be too worried one of the

locals love walking their dogs on this

trail you can even ride your bike super

cool about with the Falls is that the

waterfalls become frozen one of the most

magical things about winter and Big Sky

in my opinion 7 thing I recommend doing

in Big Sky is going to an event after

Resort Big Sky resort puts on some

pretty cool events as the locals

definitely take advantage of them we

went to a super cool event turned on by

Sam Adams beer company and well just

just watch




thing I'm gonna recommend is going to

Yellowstone National Park you guys big

sky is 20 minutes away from Yellowstone

National Park take advantage of those

trails nearby and go for a hike read

some cross-country skis their snowshoes

and go file a different part of

Yellowstone there aren't really any

thermal features around or at least none

that I have seen but you do get to

experience a unique part of Yellowstone

that not a lot of tourists flock to and

I'll link below a video of things to do

in West Yellowstone if you're looking

for other ideas of things to do so

that's all I've got for today if you

guys have any suggestions on other

things for us to see and do while living

in Montana please leave them in the

comments below

we're always reading them and know that

you have some insider tips thanks so

much for watching and we hope to see you

in Montana soon