FKJ live at Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia for Cercle

So, I’m a bit moved because what we just experienced was incredible

but I wanted to ask how it felt to be playing in the middle of this natural landscape

and not in front of people as you’re used to?

Well, there was a lot less pressure, less expectations.

I didn’t see the the reaction of the people in front of me that I usually interpret in a good or a bad way

sometimes I do interpret their reaction the right way but sometimes it is very wrong

in the end it’s all in my head but here there’s no audience so I’m by myself

I’m a bit like in my room except that have something incredible in front of me

so it was easier to venture into in unknown territories…

You lost yourself in your music tonight?

I was lost!

It was really incredible.

There are a lot of people that have been asking questions online but I will start with one

which I believe was asked by Hemero

How were you inspired by Bolivia and this specific location ?

Well exactly, the inspiration came from the location.

Here I didn’t want the location to be just a background to my music

but that my music be the soundtrack of the location

That’s why I didn’t play many of my songs,

I played a few that I thought worked well with this location but for the rest

I was just looking around me and being inspired by this place, just by the nature.

It’s true that I hear many tunes that I didn’t know so there were a lot of unreleased.

It wasn’t even unreleased.

They were never released.

Yeah, they were not unreleased, probably will never be released.

Well, we were privileged to hear them.

Often the themes that we find in your tracks are the skyline and the notion of going home

Why those two themes? What inspires you in those themes?

The skyline is a metaphor of trying to reach your goals in life make your dreams come true.

And go back home is really about travelling.

The track I don’t want to go back home that I played;

I played it because it made sense here.

I really didn’t want to go back home, I just wanted to keep travelling here.

Go back home references the fact that I’m constantly travelling and that I feel good travelling.

Ok, I think we’re going to end the interview now with the mystery box

which is a little gift that we are going to offer you.

It’s a tradition but with all the emotions I forgot to take it with me so someone is running to bring it.

As Aurelien arrives I wanted to thank you for this incredible live.

Thank you for organizing all of this.

I also wanted to thank all the technical team, I think there were around 19 people involved

who are really incredible people that worked really hard to prepare this show.

So a huge thank you to them because there wouldn’t have been a show without them, thank you.

And here is the gift, that we offer you with a strong wind.

It was made by a local shop, Lam, and it's 100% Alpaga

I’m going to put it right away because I’m freezing.

Thank you very much guys, I had a wonderful time.

I will listen to it tomorrow because I don’t know how the result sounded.

It was beautiful

Thank you, you really honoured this location

Thank you to our partners whose names will appear on the screen and in the credits.

Thank you for being so many following us as always and see you in two weeks.