Arriving in MYANMAR - Mandalay | Thailand to Myanmar - First Thoughts



on water I feel like we're not saying

you properly good morning guys and

welcome into a crazy Sunday morning here

in Bangkok apparently these guys is a

little red symbols in Thailand these are

metered taxis and they're the ones you


to go to Sunday market I'm going market

okay and then make it talk name like the

supermarket name a good child like that

the big Sunday market no no not that it

makes sense okay with hardly on our way

to these very popular sunday markets but

it doesn't seem like anyone in Thailand

I see Laura's of them but that's what

the internet that very populous we're

hitting them out with back to Laura and

thank you back

they both get the puffed up

to conduct this type of stock market

which we did come to last time we're in

Thailand I think it's one of the only

places we will read the viscera now

Sonya mostly because this midday we

haven't had breakfast and work longer

all right we found some local markets

there are some local cuisine list even

find anything vegetarian and good hello

like it um thank you

all right we've left the Alpha layer

because it is such a hot day here I

think I'm like Breton and I'm not a

sweater who come into the inner market

security because it's shaded and also

disciplines and yes there is it hundreds

and hundreds of markets but I hardly

lost in Safari we are all marketed out

and we've walked around for a couple

hours who've decided to come for some

food and we found like a little vegan

place it is called my veggie home

hopefully we can find some good food in

here some good like local vegan food

back into the Thai food be proud of us

we can be fancy knees chopped in how

delicious isaburo

it's so good this is like the best part

food I've ever had

I do black sesame ice cream

what but we're actually going to go and

grab a vegan brownie

look at see one with this little goodie

bag he's way too happy about that


but a pile of my fantastic

okay we're going to send the rest of the

afternoon down at lore and turn-based

pools they have such an awesome pool

their Airbnb look up a big sunset by the

way and how cool is their pool area what

about all right guys tomorrow we head to

Myanmar which means we can actually

bring the drone over there so we come to

Laura and fan base house that we can

actually leave it with them so we can

pick it up which is super nice isn't

let's wish I could take my baby with me

that's right look after our baby for us

we're back again see you guys graduate


see you guys in a week bye alrighty guys

today's the big day that we finally fly

out some Myanmar now we've read online

that is actually illegal to bring drugs

into Mima so we're not risking it to

bless it here in Bangkok we're going to

miss out on seven days of drones in

Myanmar but it means we get drawing for

the entire trip of Southeast Asia is now

time to head to the airport

see Bangkok alright we just try to order

through burners like 20 minutes away

which then is 45 minutes on hospice

means we're going to miss our flight

that's headed into an ATM and we're

going to go and catch taxi finger stuff

they don't rip us off this time but if

we don't do this option we're going to

become fly

I cannot believe we actually made it we

did not think we're going to make her we

literally have like 10 minutes into the

check-in gates closed

ah hi guys Oh time for a coffee

Hansel Capone I can't believe we

actually made this 500 people


welcome to mandalay myanmar everyone it

was a beautiful flight and it was just

so dead there were so many beautiful

mountains and temples i am so excited

across country


come down to the local market to get

some local fresh ingredients for dinner

tonight and market and which region just

down the road to get everything runs

against the fish to veggies rice flour

yes and it's all like little bit of

water on a dip ascending and tomato and

all content all okay so if you're

basically waiting out here

we've officially found the cheapest meal

in the world we're just walking partners

having to look around and they're these

like local pancakes made out of right

this is just yes there's a local firming

pancake 100 yes for a vegetarian right

if you put that into Google this meal

here croc like one then I am not kidding

you and let's have a try look at that so

they just put it on some newspapers made

out of rice and beans and veggies and

some spices that's really good if any

South Africans are watching the sink of

Millie pop pancakes that is so good

we're going to be teaching in a

monastery so I think I need to buy some

long time probably go blue elephants on

them I was going to buy some at longer

than I thought

Mabel come actually to me Martha buy

them so this is literally the local

market just yeah it almost looks like an

abandoned place just in this building

okay all right these are vegetables I've

never seen them there was a vegetable

one yeah it was really nice and ignorant

when you come as a meanwhile we try to

get some of the local currency and you

just can't you can bring some like

Christine US dollar notes in there's

been in circulation

after 2009 otherwise we just recommend

you come in here and just go to the ATM

I think we play like a four or five

dollar fee but it's fine because then we

could get some of the local currency so

this is the monastery that we're going

to be teaching up for the next week


actually saying a Samana free this is

pretty much the school and then hours of

just because what the volunteer rooms

look like all we need is an aircon so

you got a bed here a bed here and then

that's pretty much your bathroom there

and I love what they provide drinking

water and of course coffee coffee then

we'll watch the vlog I felt like I could

have bought the drone and yeah you know

you never know it's really risk it and

I've only read things or when I saw the


actually just a small expert scanner I

felt like the Maverick you could easily

squeeze in here maybe the bigger drones

like a phantom or the inspire you

couldn't have gotten here but it's okay

it's better than if I lost the driving

bus just for a little water but I feel

like you could snuff it in at the

Mandalay Airport I just found out that

our block they were staying in there's a

little little stair to the top to the

rooftop and I have a beautiful view of

the like area that the monastery school

just over there and some of the some of

the monks are playing soccer Oh Simone

which I've just been watching for the

last five minutes so interesting to see

I missed the I missed the sunset because

we were busy doing some work but I am

going to come watch the sunset on the

next couple of days that we are here I


put on my elephant head we're currently

walking down to dinner we're going to go

meet all the rest of volunteers I think

there's 15 other volunteers here but I'm

so hungry I feel like always eating a

croissant we also forgot to pack a towel

so we're using my second elephant pad at

the Powell at the moment what by the way

it's been like two hours and they're all

still playing soccer all right guys

we're going to end the video here we

have so much exciting things planned

during our stay here Amanda lays to make

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up and we'll see you guys tomorrow night