We're Flying to COSTA RICA! ✈️

good morning adventures

well actually it's it's not quite the

morning yeah it's like 11:00 p.m. but

we're about to do we're at Oakland

International Airport we're about to do

an overnight flight to Costa Rica's our

final destination but we have to do

three hour flight to Guadalajara Mexico

then another three hour flight over to

or a three-hour layover then three hours

over to Costa Rica so yeah it was super

cheap that's why we did it but I've

actually never done an overnight flight

have you no yeah so this is our first

overnight flight so we don't have high

hopes for but we're gonna try our best

to get some sleep on the plane I think

that's the key also I have my drone I

got a new backpack for my drone so I'm

not lugging around the box but hopefully

I don't get any problems trying to fit

all this stuff on the plane because

we're not checking anything

so bad news

we had to book our tickets separately so

we have two different seats which kind

of sucks so fingers crossed that when

they opened the gate were a little early

fingers crossed that they will let us

switch seats so that we don't have to

spend three hours sitting at opposite

ends of the plane okay they showed up so

Allison's gonna go see if we can

hopefully good news guys we were able to

get some seats together all right we are

officially boarding the plane and

heading to Guadalajara should you have

any questions please let us know thank

you for your attention

enjoy the flight

welcome to one of the hottest

international airport for sciatica

lemonade although it has been a pleasure

to meet you

we've landed guys that was a terrible

flight she didn't sleep a bit my man is

asleep like 10 minutes here 10 minutes

there but so many people making noises

and lights turning on and it was just

pretty much impossible but we're here

now we have to chill this Airport for a

few hours so we've made it through

customs we had to do the thing we have

to go out and do security again which is

always a friggin hassle but well well no

one stopped me for my drone or anything

which is always good


we're finally according to section play

you guys it's like 8 a.m. and we have

not gotten a tweet let's sleep so

fingers are crossed we're able to get a

little bit of sleep on this bike

we have arrived in Costa Rica now that

flight was better than the first one we

managed to get yeah we got a little bit

of sleep which was nice I feel a little

bit better but I still kind of feel like

now we got to get through customs

and then find a bus that's supposed to

be like a long trip down a very windy

road and we didn't well she brought some

green I mean this time it's caught we're

learning you guys their customs took

drinking wherever nothing customs took

forever pretty much the longest customs

line I've ever been in that's pretty

much a nightmare but now we're all rainy

in front of Nancy and we're trying to

figure out how we have to go into the

city to get to the bus the long bus ride

that takes us over to the city that

we're staying the city we're staying in

is called coke wheat it's on like the

eastern coast of Costa Rica

so we're thinking whether we should take

a taxi or take a bus and just trying to

sort it all out we definitely should

have gotten an umbrella

so it turns out that they actually have

uber in San Jose Costa Rica so it was

half the price of a taxi so we decided

to do that but it wasn't very easy to

get we called it we're sitting there and

says hey we're headed to the bus

terminal ok

thank you we're trying to get cold feet

turns out we're at the wrong bus

terminal we have to go to one that's

like five minutes away and it's raining

and gross out and not a great place to

walk around so another Hoover oil seals

reporting the bus we are on our way

we provide it I'm going to you

yeah if I did

I really bumped me around so I wake up

every once a while

but I wish I could have shown you guys

some of the scenery but it was so foggy

and rainy couldn't see that much now we

just have a little ways left to get

back on the bus

alright guys we finally made it to our

Airbnb it's like 8 p.m. on Wednesday and

we left

ok I don't know what time it is we left

San Francisco at 12:30 a.m. this morning

and now it is 90 p.m. and we are finally

here so we are absolutely exhausted but

I'll give you guys like a more official

tour tomorrow but this is our Airbnb

we're staying in for the next few weeks

it's really tiring it's on like a nature

preserve the beaches right there and

there's like barely monkeys in the trees

and all kinds of cool stuff so we're

excited to see the ending is we're gonna

get some really nice instagrams and some

really interesting vlogs I think it's

gonna be gonna be really cool but and I

didn't really film a lot of our journey

here because we went through a lot of

sketchy areas and I carry like a big

camera so it made me realize that I need

to get a smaller camera like a g7 X or

an RX 100 or something to use it's like

my backup camera because it's the one

I'm using now is the a7 tuned it's

friggin huge tail show you so you don't

really want to carry this around in a

sketchy neighborhood so sorry about that

but I think we're gonna call it a night

we are just absolutely exhausted I don't

even know yeah I haven't been this

target on long but we'll see you

tomorrow guys good night adventurers

let's see on the road