48 Hours in Asheville, NC! What to Do + See!

the flight 3 the economists here we go

okay so just cut to Asheville we just

got to our hotel first thing in the

cambria downtown sure it's sweet and

then we have little gift bags we're here

with the Asheville Airport and they're




I still miss very good Appalachia

they're super great but that's okay

we're gonna have a super great fun day

today huh yeah hopefully it doesn't rain

we looked at the weather before coming

here and it was like thunderstorm all

week long vacation

my name is still rain but you may go out

for the day we're going to breakfast

right now and then straight after that

they're taking us on a climbing tour so

we're all dressed to go ziplining

through the mountain so that would be

really fun ready spaghetti is this I

mean I guess this is downtown yeah

well downtown

place excited true would've brought our

GoPro to film the ziplining so we'll

have to see how good shots we can get

with just my phone but so far no rains

it looks like it's gonna be a fun time

what do i get if i win






hey honey what are you gonna do on this

one last time you did a 360 and then you

back flipped into the forest canopy what

would you do this time


thank you hey guys for what Oh


we finished the planing that was really



now we're out for drinks actually

stopped we stopped at a local brewery

here they have a ton but we don't drink

so we're just hanging out while everyone

is grabbing a drink and then that we're

going to go

like new top so movie



so the next activity we're doing is a

haunted comedy tour on this bus like

what I have no idea what to expect from

this but it looks super fun

sponsored by Lacroix

hey pees all around how we doing guys


one more time with a good old shine at

North Carolina crystal man how are we

all doing today the next morning we

weren't allowed to film anything on that

bus tour that last night so I'm gonna

film anything but basically how would

you describe it it was like a tour

around Asheville it was like a ghost

story tour but comedy ghost story tour

so they told like true ghost stories

from Asheville's history like places

where people died and now they say their

ghosts are haunting it but then it was

like funny but they would have like

actors jump on and off the bus like

acting like these

dead people yeah I was entertaining it

was definitely like a unique experience

and I guess you can only like find it in

Asheville so that was fun and then we

went and got ice cream and then we came

back to the hotel do you have the keys

and so now this morning we are headed to

we're gonna grab some breakfast and

we're going on a paddleboat reward tour

which will be fun it looks a little

rainy so it will be like too cold but

we're gonna go on a paddleboard tour

around the arts district here

here's Lindsay Brooke

Thomas hanging out on the French Riviera

the French Broad nice honey just

paddleboarded four mile stretch

Oh miles there's really fun

nice and calm water nice relaxing Mike

Bud's probably different from Ryan's but



Curnow we're just walking down like one

of the main roads like in the main

square there's like this big art

festival going on right now

it's a really hot day so we lucked out

and didn't get any rain but we just got


little art shop set up here



good trip Asheville is an awesome place

yeah this was a really fun trip and now

we get to go home and see our babies I

missed them