24 HRS in Asheville North Carolina | 5 Things You Should Do And See

I'm been philipson you're watching The

Adventures of will yo what's up guys is

will Edmund here with the adventures of

will and today I'm having to be in

Asheville North Carolina one of my

favorite cities in the south and I got

my brother Jason Swann here from rising

routes in Denver Colorado to do this

hiking this adventure through Asheville

North Carolina and this video is also

sponsored by trail bunny trail buddy is

sponsoring this video and we're gonna be

using the trail buddy hiking sticks to

hike up this mountain yeah a lot of the

places Jason is a more experienced hiker

than I am so he's only giving out a lot

of tips he asked any questions down to

cometh Jason lasting or reply back to

him and we're either going to Bichir

hope y'all ready for this dang baby

let's do it let's do this time let's go


yo trail buddy these sticks are amazing

they're amazing because when I am hiking

up a mountain I have two extra legs to

get me there more importantly when I'm

hiking down the mountains because I got

weak knees y'all real real real weak

knees he does have weak knees I know

this he don't have them Magnus Tahlia

knees yo then our first stop is right

here right you know Jimmy rough bet New

Orleans Texas right I first stop

this right chip chimney rock is a 535

million year old big big big old rocks

it's basically what it is but then it

also has a nice shoe hi guys so we're

coming up on a nice view here that I

want to show you so chimney rock is a

beautiful area located right outside of

Asheville North Carolina and I'm almost

out of breath but I'm not out of breath

like I was in Denver from you've been

driving him I was really struggling but

yeah this is gorgeous if you come out

here in a fall time November d7 is the

cool really good time to come the last

time I was up here last year it snow

storm and I got stuck

no yes just uh no Carolina in North

Carolina North Carroll at it snowing

right now in Denver so I'm glad to be


I'm glad you're here Sam and look how

high these walls of mountain are and

then water runs down here to waterfall

Jason make a baby fall asleep my

favorite thing about being out here in

the outdoors this to tranquility there's

a piece that I get out of here Jason do

you feel stressed whenever you have

nature I gotta say yes sometimes I mean

it depends you know I hike in the

morning a lot early early in the morning

so before Twilight or even sometimes

before nautical squat light so it's

pretty dark and so if you know anything

about Cougars or bears or a deer or any

type of animal they like to do a lot of

their hunting early in the morning

before the Sun rises so you have a

better chance of seeing them so I get

nervous then other than other than that

I love it it's soothing is people my

stress reliever no time I know what you

talked about my I know where you talked

about friends hi so as we come around

this curve of the trail there's a

waterfall that cascades from the top to

the bottom

it's not a big waterfall but it's pretty

high up let's check it out


yes ma'am I am we are like YouTube

videos about a novel nature oh yes yes

hey Janet nice to meet you so Jen if you

watch this video you'll be famous my new

try this is my new hiking friend I hope

our paths cross again thank you so much

oh damn you told me to watch my step I

almost failed

I almost broke my right foot nobody got

time for this Jason they should go

carrying me out here if I break people

come to chimney rock or the trails but

they really come here for the Overlook

at the very top call chimney rock so

there's two ways to get here you can

take the stairs now or you can get on

the elevator 26 stories now you got to

walk through the mountain in order to

get to this elevator and after you come

up the elevator you're running right

into the gift shop they did not know

they had a gift shop up here how are you

doing I'm doing great

Jason's hung okay it feels good up here

and get any better weather than they

look that few y'all Wow look at that


and this is the top that's your mini

rock so we've made it to the top of

Chimney Rock I can climb a tree it's our

first venture that's the way I think

this town is for some more time to

explore and get some fun

let's go man so after leaving chimney

rock you can head right down to Lake

Lure Lake lures about seven minute drive

from jiminy Rock here you can be on the

beach also go to spa in the end here

there's a lot of little restaurants is a

very historic area located right here in


whatever I'm in this area always stop at

this wine vineyard burnt shirt while I'm

being located right here in

Hendersonville North Carolina they have

some mole apple cider which is delicious

I love it it's not gonna make you too

tipsy loans you don't have like three or

four glasses like I use everything it's

a weapon

well yeah let's go into birth shirt


so I love the holiday vibe they have

here and burnt sure it always smells so

good in here

would you think but that side of Red

Rock I feel so Christmassy Christmassy

actually I like it I like it it's an

acquired taste I think oh that's good oh

yeah I got it


right and you tell Joe company and

brewing obviously it originated in

Colorado Fort Collins Colorado so shout

out to my people all right so we just

sent down here in New Belgium New

Belgium in a delicious beer I actually

started drinking new bells from about

six seven years ago dancer sponsors are

like a biking event I had in Atlanta and

this is my first time coming to a

brewery that's my first time coming to a

brewery but this is my first time coming

to a New Belgium Brewing so shout out to

Jason for picking that making this

choice I appreciate you home okay you

know but the thing is this Jason don't

get drunk comment below if you think

Jason's gonna be drunk after this we're

gonna see if you're gonna keep let's get

him drunk because he's not driving I'm

driving us let's get him drunk we're

stopping right here at bonne intended

I'm getting some green vegan vegetable

curry and Jason is getting the belly of

some type lamb I don't judge the busy

bow the I know about about is a about is

a steamed bun a Bowser steamed bun

that's what it is

we're in a story okay in the store cut

hey guys so I hope y'all enjoyed this

adventurous day here in North Carolina

Asheville Hendersonville for myself and

my brother Jason George

on time yes a big outdoor all gays

amazing glad that you guys know us yeah

so make sure you follow this guy I'm

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the next time y'all