North Carolina's Cesspool of Sin: Asheville

hayloft carpetbagger here coming to you

live from the South more specifically

Asheville North Carolina and when you

think about the South certain things may

come into your head

moonshine hillbillies Confederate flags

but here Nashville things are a little

different in fact a state senator not

only refer to this as the worst part of

the entire state but a successful Austin

now why is Asheville a cesspool of sin

why is it not your typical

southern city well let's have a look

around and see if we can answer those


that behind me that's not a statue let's

check it out

now since you're videoing as I do it has

its - okay no problem thanks god bless

sir god bless you too Shawn oh yeah

what's the call that Malcolm awkward bad

monk of Mumford look it up on the

internet you'll find some of it


a shows there half an hour long but I

wanted to put him on YouTube fan out

there limit with 15 minutes so I gotta

get a whole other suit

check this out say bar hey bar mobile

bar being peddled by drunken bar patron

which for some reason does not count as

drunk driving I guess it's okay to be

drunk and helling as long as you're not

drunk and steering also I question

whether someone can successfully steer a

vehicle while tending bar

books to solve those right here watch

this book

got a little Cupid and it's plopping out

but you can see it going in there right

ready you can perfect the crowd he goes

right in there right you'll see you


there we go I'll show everybody you see

this thought in there just going in but

you see going in is anybody know any

magic words abracadabra cos the board

a new magic word is Shazam on the count

of three everybody say they have

one two three

exactly right Frank

first everyone and Asheville here loves

the drum circle especially the rich

people in these expensive apartments up

here they just can't get enough

seems like a nice enough place to me ww

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