Asheville, North Carolina | Top Things To Do | TRAVEL Guide VLOG

did you catch that whereas for North



oh good morning guys I'm an Asheville

North Carolina one of my favorite cities

in the south

I like Asheville because of the

mountains confuse the people the culture

and it's very pretty close to Atlanta so

today we're gonna explore all the best

places here in Asheville and in North

Carolina so let's go baby


you're ever in Nashville Tupelo Honey

cafe is one of the best places to eat I

mean they have some of the highest views

in the city almost a thousand degrees

and this is a mainstay if you here in

Nashville all right so we're here and I

can't wait to try the food the food

smells so good we were walking in you

can smell like the flavors I mean I Clos

the coffee I don't know what I'm gonna

get but I'm gonna get something really

really really good



what's your name

Maddie will nice to meet you man so

Maddie tell me about your experience

it's really good food is really so we

just finished the Tupelo Honey here in

Nashville food was amazing we had

vibrant meadows and goat cheese and

grits if you're coming here to actually

I suggest that you check out this spot

so let's go explore the city let's go on

our way to the river and about Mitchell

come on it was my dream to see youtuber

oh man I hope you follow me and I'll

follow you back once you follow me and

we'd be friends and never ever see you

again you go my channel again but you're

gonna make this channel you gonna make

this vlog today


all right so with the Riverwalk district

here in Nashville the Riverwalk district

is located like you're going to our West

Nashville and right now we're stepping

in a really cool show and this is my


nomadic living shoebox colors everything

just made it to the national force so

we're here is sliding rock I've been

wanting to do this for a long time

and I know the waters really cold like

how cold 53 oh my goodness I'm gonna

pound family yeah so we go park right

here right okay I love this the way oh

good it's already thank you so much

I can so we're on our way now here's the

slide rock is be here the water and

people are already slide out of guns


there goes


so she nice to me so people with

something that welcome to America I am

how was it it was good it's really

chilly I mental know I notice what is so

cold oh it's cold huh Oh baby breathe

watch Oh slippery I know for sure I'm so

excited yeah love waterfalls like it

just benefits in my head like it's like

adrenaline rush no matter how cold is

this is my second like sliding rock type

of things out there

this water is extremely cold Oh able to

get in take it to call up night

oh that one is freezing



so great feel good huh feels so good why

should get in there feels amazing oh so


I know I'm gonna back down one more time

this is not third time oh my god this

home yes oh it's freaking cold

let's blend up oh my goodness slide on

rock North Carolina you have to try it

guys I gotta cut the slide a rock man

this is Julian had to go out of the

country America United States has some

of the best spots just like this my body

is it don't be shocked who feel good


really great till we're off to another

file that we're not sign them is Bob

because this fall it's a very deep

all right let's go all right here man


all right

get down here without falling oh that's

still like a Miss and the wind come

company does


look at their time president