DOWNTOWN ASHEVILLE NC | Exploring Asheville as a tourist for the first time + AirBnb tour

today I want to introduce you to the

city that I am moving to very soon I had

the chance to go visit Asheville North

Carolina actually it was like not that

long ago like less than a month ago and

we really liked it and we're moving

there soon go watch my other video if

you're like whoa what the whole video

explains it

today I'm basically doing a brief

introduction of what the city that we're

moving to is like I know there's a lot

of you guys who have heard of Asheville

but me personally I never knew about

Asheville before I went to North

Carolina and everyone apparently flagged

me as a hippie right away or something

they were like you're gonna love ass

ville I was with family so I didn't do a

whole lot of talking I just have a lot

of clips it was not a whole lot of

interesting audio so let me walk you

through this let's do it so Asheville is

known as kind of like this weird liberal

hippie bubble in North Carolina it's

actually in Western North Carolina and

it's kind of tucked away in some

different sections of the Appalachian


so since is tucked away in the mountains

we got to stay in an air B&B that had

just a really beautiful view it was kind

of obviously the view wasn't like this

panoramic thing it was a very affordable

air B&B I'll link it down below like if

you have a whole family going for the

quality of the air B&B it's got a porch

and a handle and stuff like this is a

good air B&B we very much enjoyed it so

here's a little bit of a tour so you can

see I really liked how the kitchen was

stocked so that was crazy I got to eat

some coconut milk ice cream which I was

ton expecting everything was super clean

the host was ridiculously nice we took

her up on a lot of suggestions of places

to go it was a great experience I think

the only downside of this air B&B and

one thing that I am gonna note for

future homes is that I really didn't

like how the two bedrooms each had a

door going to the bathrooms very

efficient but the thing was since

there's two doors I can never tell if

anyone was in there peeing or not so I'm

like I'll just sneak in and see what

happens the air can be is very very

close to downtown Asheville which is a

really fun place I want to explore more

Asheville it's kind of this artsy foodie

very craft beer heavy community there

are basically eight crapload of

breweries ton of restaurants and the

we're really fun to talk to we actually

met a couple different people along the

way I had a really good time I'm

actually going to be making a whole

separate video about everything we ate

and all the beer I tried when we were in

Asheville and I'm also gonna make a

third video about the Blue Ridge Parkway

which we got to drive on there was even

an Arts Festival going on at the time

and it was not too far away from like

that City Hall area which is really

beautiful one of my favorite things I

saw in downtown Asheville was the music

scene there were buskers in different

places along the main drag and then I

also saw I can't remember the name of it

I'll put on the screen something on the

green but basically it's these like free

concerts that they do and it's been

going on for a very long time I have to

admit I don't get super excited about

like visual art but I get very excited

about music that's my art so it should

be kind of interesting to get back into

that did you know I have a music minor I

played oboe in college I also love the

Asheville is full of greenery I feel

like I'm in kind of a concrete jungle

compared to Asheville so you're just

like walking to another brewery and

there's all these beautiful flowers of

trees it's just it was so cool one of

the must-see places in Asheville that we

got to go see is the Grove Park Inn and

the big reason that you need to go it's

it's basically this super fancy hotel

owned by the Omni Hotel chain the reason

people go is this view


this is a very short clip this is West

Asheville I was pitched this whole thing

about how great West Asheville is and I

think I just can't find what the main

drag is I don't know we'll figure it out

all I saw is people doing Crossfit which

I found very interesting

lastly we went on some little excursions

while we were in Asheville the first one

being Waynesville that is a town nearby

it's really close to the Great Smokies

it's like an insanely beautiful area

honestly I do not want to live there

though because it is it is an older

community for sure it just it's got a

different vibe than Nashville you don't

get all this overtime I think like a lot

of North Carolina is has this like

certain vibe to it to me that is

something that I have trouble

identifying with I think it's like the

typical southern like idea of you know

what the south is and Asheville feels

like kind of weirdly West Coast II to me

or just like it's just its own thing

it's something it's very odd

it's a little oddball so we're gonna

discover more about it together but I

really got a good feeling while I was

there also it's like two hours away from

Dollywood so yeah that's happening this

is a super rambling weird unorganized

video but I hope you enjoyed it and I

hope he gave you just kind of a little

feel for what Asheville is like but I'm

gonna be there very soon so we are gonna

learn a lot more about it together

I'm really excited be sure to follow me

on Facebook and Instagram and I will see

you next week also I might do a live

stream between then and now I don't know

we're gonna figure this out okay