South Seas Resort - Review - Sanibel & Captiva Florida

where do I need to go to hide over here

to check in this is the registration

facility here at the southies know where

I need a lot of it looks kind of like a

little British colonial look nice

two story of feelings very tropical

across the street from the registration

facility is some beautiful Gulf of

Mexico view units

look at those fountains well for $200

plus our $38 resort fades and I thought

we'd be in the Beach Villas he's dead we

have a one-bedroom suite with a little

kitchen let's take a look what the view

is okay it's not a view of the Gulf of

Mexico but there's some palm trees

there's a nice outdoor lanai here it has

a peekaboo view of our pool that's

villas a lovely beaches here in Captiva

look at the glistening waters here of

the Gulf of Mexico

now let's pan the complimentary

umbrellas here you need your ID though

and this is the main entrance to the

South Bay's

look at the wild tropical landscaping

across the street is a Starbucks at 7:30

or 7 7 o'clock what's going on

too late an hour I'm getting married

okay thank you so much she gonna give

you the coffee I got a thing okay

go No



anything powerless stretch a palm trees

out to the beach her majestic now let's

do a little bit of a 360 and look at

this infinity resort style pool

I like that waterslide no are we gonna

hang out on the beach you know it's

kinda interesting they have a really

nice Four Seasons you know I think

novice in the Caribbean and they had

like the turf Li manufactured palms this

is actually prettier and look they're

setting up her wedding big part of a

resort destination here very much a

thumbtack programs here at the South

Seas the Captiva Sanibel areas full

ownership of the South Seas you can find

the Cano starting at about three hundred

thirty grand and single-family homes

whoa starting at 2.9 million bucks now

we're walking out towards the beach here

let's take it nice view of the Gulf of


feel that breeze and look at the

beautiful view here of the Gulf of

Mexico temperatures pushing 90 degrees

gentle breeze

doesn't get better than the ass

now I don't think you get a deal on the

beach home like this on Priceline but

there are a lot of different types of

accommodations here now we're looking at

sunset the age it's a nice strip I'd say

it's probably about 2,000 feet long

let's try the families retire people

European torus everyone's having a good

time here and part of the experience is

communicating with the wildlife here for

my earth I hope I don't get hit when

bird droppings but this is the cost of

filmmaking a man should be able to play

golf right across from a harbour we can

go boating I don't know

if the Garden Eden was in Fort Myers or


it just might be the southeast look at

this golf course and look the beautiful

fishing facility they have here too one

of those guys are catching anything


this is where all the activities here

right around the bar I went in with a

big drop of the drink of the day is like

rum runners pina coladas nada goodies


now I'm gonna go back to my room and

look a message in Sam Captiva captivate

and speaking the captivating look at

this amazing sunset and one more thing

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islands in a jam