greetings castaways cats a crystal rum

chef Ryan and welcome to cast even a

beautiful Captiva today we are doing our

another top five but this time it's a

little special because instead of doing

five we got seven on our list today

because we love Captiva that much and we

have another special thing going on but

before we tell you what that is for Ryan

tell us where Captiva is captive visit

our backyard so we live in Southwest

Florida Fort Myers area and Captiva and

sanibel island is only about 20 minutes

from us there barrier islands off the

coast of Cape Coral for Myers so we come

up here all the time and it's a special

place for us and why is it so special

you're about to find out Cheers

so the reason why Captiva is so special

is because this is where we got married

this exact spot right here in the sand

yeah exactly right here where we did our

nuptials where we sent our vows

where we became mr. and mrs. from chef

Ryan I was gonna what two years ago on

July 7th 2017 we both said I do what

okay so we picked that day because there

was seven seven seventeen jackpot

jackpot never one thing to do here on

Captiva is get married why not if you

want to elope if you want to bring

friends have a destination wedding

Captiva is the beautiful backdrop to

have a great beach weddings and family

and it was a wonderful day even though

it was in July it was good weather it

really wasn't that hot women terribly

hot and there's a beach bar right just

down here that you can just some cool

refreshment Captiva get married number

one so our number two thing to do our

favorite thing to do here on Captiva

island is for anna boat and keep up with

the wedding festivities we actually run

up rented a boat here at Jensen's

cottage a marina here on cam Teva and

instead of having the normal reception

cake dinner all that jazz we just took

our family and friends out on to pontoon

boats and we went to okay Acosta and

don't enjoy the day out on the water and

if you can see here this little manatee

crossing sign

Jensen's marina is one of my favorite

spots because usually here in the waters

manatees like to hang out here so if we

never see the manatee before come out

here sometimes they're hanging out

Comaneci party they love this spot for

some reason so that's number two come

and run a boat here at Jensen's or

there's other ones at Captiva Island




the number three thing to do on Captiva

island is go have a margarita at cantina

Captiva que pasa amigos now we can't

eunuch that to you though yeah so it's

always a good time inside Cantina kept

you know we always post up right here at

the bar and you can post up anywhere but

as you can see you can leave your mark

here so so get some markers leave your

dollars and we were going to show you

our dollars we've been coming here for

years and this is one of the first

dollars we ever put down


just leave in our marks wherever we go



number 4 on our list of the top things

to do on Captiva island come to tween

waters in and get a day pass and when

you do get a day pass here or tween

waters you can use the the resource

facilities you can come hang out the

pool they have a beautiful private beach

just across the street and when you do

it's $50 per car so you can blow up your

car if you want to and you'll get a

little packet full of coupons some of

those coupons get you free drinks here

at the pool bar and there's a whole

bunch of other ones for kayak rentals

and boat rentals and other things like

that so come get a day pass between

wires I think you'll love it Cheers


all right number five on our list of the

top things to do on Captiva Island is

check out Captiva cruises Captiva crew

cruises has several different charters

they do sunset cruises dolphin watches

our favorite though is jump on the lady

chadwick and go up the cabbage key so

come up the Captiva

check out Captiva cruises you'll see

dolphins out there beautiful sunsets and

some old Florida typestyle

off of cabbage key

number 6 on our list of our top things

to do here in Captiva is watch the

sunset here at monkeyduck monkeyduck

sits at the end of Andy Rossi Lane right

on the beach so you cannot miss it it's

a great view as you can see there's lots

of chairs there's lots of picnic tables

over here there's a bar that's usually

open and is only open for happy hour and

they play music and then as you can see

the golf is right behind me and it is

the perfect setting for the sunset so

don't miss it

sunset at Captiva at the monkeyduck


number 7 of our top favorite things to

do on Captiva have lunch at the keyline


or RC honors

or sunshine seafood cafe and wine bar

all three of restaurants are here at the

hardy Captiva on and Yves Rossy Lane and

they're all three walking distance

within each other


hey castaways and that's a wrap that

concludes another edition of our top 5

favorite things to do but against most

especially once we had 7 and Ryan what

were they again okay so we really

recommend getting married on Captiva

Island running a boat going to explore

go get a day pass at tween waters watch

sunset at the Mucky Duck and go on

Captiva cruises go see cabbage key and

11:00 all that fun stuff and go

restaurant hopping on the beautiful Andi

Rossi Lane so we love Captiva we hope

you enjoyed this edition of our top

things to do and helps you and on your

next travels Cheers