Things To See And Do In St Pete and Clearwater Beach, Florida

oh my gosh look at the car oh wow how

amazing is this I like this I like all

of this anyway

yes oh we are going to clear water now

which is apparently one of the best

beaches in the u.s. which I'm looking

forward to because it is about 29

degrees outside it is sunny it is

Florida even London was bit cold this

morning still yeah

so your just sounded really grateful to

like escape that kind of weather and

just be like a hat sunshine Henry don't

head over to Claire water I think it's

like 30 minutes from tambour like that

yeah just checked into the hotel now is

like a really cool beach vibe in here

and actually I can see the beach just in

front of us that were there only thing

though is like after that flight I am

actually starving now I'm really really

hungry oh yeah yeah




that was a beautiful little line in

there he was almost like this has to be

more rustic kind of Island like 50 years

and is like nothing there it was just

like just nice like it's the nature

trails in the beach but you better

recommend it like go into Donita as well

on Instagram so I'm thinking probably

just spend the afternoon there we'll see

anyway when we get there


it's time to hit the road again

we are off this time to st. Pete's which

i think is a lot bigger than curved

waters and I think that's the city yeah

but it's scenic routes have divided so

we're not gonna go like through the

cities so I don't like it might be nice

to go on there like the barrier islands

because this icing this is a road going

down the edge that's what we're doing




good morning right so it's gonna be

super super chilled yeah it's just nice

to just relax and like take things a

little slower we're literally starting

the day with brunch that is like the

first thing on the plan we might be

maybe going on a helicopter I'm not sure

maybe we'll still that still to be

decided but basically today's just gonna

remember just relaxing and just chilling

and I am all about that I'm looking

forward to Florida it's sunny outside

might as well






it is another beautiful day in Florida

but it is our last day today we're just

gonna get our bicycles here you get it

from the hotel and I'm just gonna go for

a cycle around feed Beach




that was so good

oh yes and it's finally time to head

home same thing you have been brilliant

see you again hopefully very very soon