i snuck into Coachella because my wristband was hacked into & disabled.

hi good morning it doesn't feel real it

does not feel real Coachella right now

it's officially day one I just woke up

if you can't tell everyone I started the

last ball and we were all like yay this

is the Walmart version of that it's

10:30 and I need to start getting ready

ok so first things first I just put

self-tan on my butt because I am wearing

my assless chaps today oh wait let me

show you my room I have all of my

outfits for the week all lined up by the

time that this video is out obviously

Coachella is over so you already saw my

outfits please look at this this

literally looks like it is just a

costume showroom for me and it's like

fulfilling my dreams of being like

Jennifer Lopez or someone like on tour

just having like a huge ass wardrobe you

know let me show you this that is my day

1 we get the assless chaps cowboy outfit

going on my day 2 the red sequined [ __ ]

my day 3 my ariana grande moment with my

friggin custom-made bodysuit because I'm

a bougie ass [ __ ] feel like my whole

life is always a countdown to the next

Coachella even though I've only been

like once and I just can't believe that

right now I'm just chillin in my

sweatshirt in my room right now looking

at my outfits and I get to go put on my

makeup for day [ __ ] one right now I'm

so excited let's do this this is so

disgusting and you can't even see it but

I have to dab the vagina with a wet wipe

right now because it is just gushing

blood because once again I'm doing an

Asus chest moment today and I don't want

to have my James Charles razor burn

moment so [ __ ] my life this is so

uncomfortable and this hurts and I'm

literally gonna have to put makeup on my

vagina do we have a self-tanner my

butt's definitely coming through [ __ ]


and woah this is so gross I feel like

I'm having a Hayley fam I'm gonna wash

my vagina moment right now this is just

such a weird thing to like be

okay touching yourself while filming

yourself welcome to my Coachella blog I

am a disaster everyone take your

cranberry pill vitamins we need to be

everlasting ladies this weekend I need

my kid needs to be clean why are we not

using this cat coz that [ __ ] did not

know how to [ __ ] okay I didn't have

the time of day to take the plastic off

meg Meg do not have this attitude with

me right now look now like I've been

doing to waste

okay but when there's plastic preventing

you from getting to the camp yeah just

go like this I'm gonna drink this coffee

and then I'm gonna fight you

oh you just want energy to your week now

it's on the ground okay I'm gonna start

my own getting ready process is gonna

take a couple hours it's actually not

gonna take that long because I have a

help of do't so thinking is so much I

officially have my outfit on I cannot

believe I am wearing this look at my

friggin chaps oh look at Jakes outfit -

oh my god I am so excited about this

guy's I ditched the ponytail for today

we're doing a braid a beret yeah you're

gonna fall out yeehaw I think this might

be my favorite outfit I've ever worn in

my entire life so I wasn't worried

miranda cosgrove totally that's I was

going I was thinking like Christina

Aguilera Kacey Musgraves but like sexy

miranda cosgrove or absolutely we are

all ready to leave we are ready for


demat we're going to our friend Royce's

house right now to just go hang out and

then we're gonna get on the shuttle and

go to freakin Coachella baby no how are

you feeling I just feel great it's so

happy right now there's great Coachella

is waiting for us how are you feeling

man great you know

my first Instagram voice how are we

feeling about it don't worry about it

we'll get it next time

I love it nobody knows how to get out of

this gated communities are waiting for

all the trucks in the mail I guess the

shadow picked us up at Applebee's

I'm actually really excited about it are

you sure Applebee's shuttle is I know my

mom told me Applebee's I'm gonna go to

Applebee's I'm gonna say I'm so [ __ ]

stone okay we're already having issues

trying to get into the festival our

bands are not working just Caitlin and I

I know I'm trying not to panic right now

they said that they're gonna be able to

fix it it's go to customer service bro





he just [ __ ] stuck to Coachella our

tickets were [ __ ] faking we just

knock into Coachella and I literally

under standing here and I'm like what

the [ __ ] I need to go have fun

let's get into the good stuff here is

what happened so I bought tickets from a

good friend of mine named Justin who

decided back in January the day the

lineup came out that he wasn't gonna be

going to Coachella this here anymore

I've had these tickets since the

beginning of March which you probably

already know if you saw the video I

posted last month where I physically

surprised my friend Kaitlyn with the

wristbands before you know she got that

life-threatening disease and we were

still under the silly little impression

that we would be going to Coachella

together this year Kaitlyn can go

anymore obviously so I sold a ticket to

Meg first off nothing about these

wristbands are actually fake they are a

hundred percent real authentic Coachella

wristbands that were bought straight

from the website last year when my

friend bought them during presale

literally ten months ago the wristband

showed up to Justin's house in March

like every other Coachella wristband

does and then my wristband personally

has been activated under my name on the

app for over a month now I didn't have a

single issue activating it on the app

and I didn't have any issues whatsoever

with these wristbands until I got to


so then Here I am on day one trying to

get into Coachella marching my way up to

the entrance my friends and I were all

walking in just like a single-file line

just trying to get through the security

meg and I just happened to be at the end

of the line together and she was just in

front of me so she scanned her ticket

first and it scanned his read and then

she kind of just stood there for a

second it was like what the [ __ ] so like

I scanned my wristband and mine also

showed up his read we were both sitting

there like what the [ __ ] is going on

like trying to rescan them before the

security started to realize something

was going on but like we kept like

hovering our wristband over the scanner

and they kept showing up his red so then

one of the guards came up to us and was

like just go to the far right lane and

there's gonna be a guy in a yellow vest

and he's gonna take care of this for you

like don't worry you're good so Meg and

I were just like okay whatever we go to

the far right lane we try to scan our

tickets again with this other guy and

then they're still scanning is right so

then this is where the problem started

to happen so the guy was like you have

to go to the ticket help center like

right behind us and try to get your

ticket fixed and we were asking the guy

we were like is this gonna like be an

actual issue am I getting into Coachella

right now and this guy says the same

thing is the other one he was like it's

gonna be fixed this has happened to a

few other people like you're good just

go to the ticket help desk they'll reset

your ticket or whatever and we were just

like okay so we get to the ticket help

desk and there's another person in front

of us who looked back at me and Megan

was like oh what's wrong with your

wristband we were like guards are

scanning is right and he was like oh

same and I was just like this is so

weird I've never heard of this happening

before so we finally get up to the

ticketing help desk and Meg is told to

scan her

been on this little mini scanner they

have Meg scans her wristband it scans

his red which is still just like a huge

problem so the lady asked for Meg's name

may give to her name and her ID whatever

then I scanned my ticket scanned his red

I give her my name my ID the lady is

looking through the information and

she's like okay so the wristbands were

attempted to be registered under your

name and we were just like what the [ __ ]

does that mean

this makes no sense to me because my

ticket has been successfully registered

on the app for a month now under my name

you got a elaborate so she's saying that

on her screen it's popping up that our

wristbands are marked as stolen and I'm

just like I don't know what to say to

that because I bought these tickets from

my friend I have all the emails all the

receipts all everything I can call my

friend right now he is the original

owner of these wristbands like they're

not stolen they were sold to me but the

lady is just not having it at all so I'm

trying to call my friend Justin but

turns out he was in the middle of

getting his hair cut during this crisis

he's not answering so it's looking

sketchy on my part that the person I

bought the tickets from is not answering

so I was like okay I don't really know

what to do right now because I'm showing

you all the emails and purchase of

confirmation from my friend you can

literally see on your screen right now

that they were originally bought from

this guy named Justin you're seeing all

the information on your screen but

you're just ignoring everything that I'm

saying and my ID and all the information

about Justin and you're just focusing on

the fact that it says stolen it has to

be a glitch like they're not stolen she

wasn't believing it or whatever so I go

okay can you see who like marked it is

stolen can you like look through like

the order history or whatever and she

starts to look through the history and

she goes oh wait it's not marked this

stolen from Justin and I go okay so like

who is marking these wristbands that are

mine I was [ __ ] stolen and then she

just goes someone from Mexico marked

these wristbands as stolen when she told

me this I was like okay like ma'am come

on I don't know how this guy from Mexico

got involved in this situation at all

then she starts to try to tell me that

Justin stole them from this man and I go

that doesn't make any sense because

you're telling me that you see right in

front of your face that these tickets

were originally bought by Justin and

they were shipped to his house and

everything how what does this Mexican

man get involved at all and she was just

like I don't know but they're marked as

stolen so I don't really know what to

tell you like your friend scammed you

and I'm just like this makes no sense

like you're not listening to me at all


boring all the facts in front of your

face right now on your [ __ ] screen

like ma'am

come on she gets this other guy involved

and he comes over and he is just so rude

I've never met a more rude dynamic

customer service duo in my entire life

but both of them were just like so

confident with the fact that Megan I

stole these wristbands and that the

Mexican man is the real owner of these

tickets so I go okay can you give me 20

minutes like I'm gonna try to get ahold

of my friend I don't know where he is

right now I don't know why he's not

answering but he didn't scam me so like

I'll be back here in ten minutes she was

like okay I asked her one more time I'm

like is there seriously nothing you can

do right now like I don't know what my

friend is doing right now like he's not

answering she's like no like I'm sorry

but like I'm gonna have to cut your

wristbands off if you don't get in touch

with this guy so then we're sitting

there panicking Justin is still not

answering it's been like 10 minutes and

then Meg and I are like okay like we

need to brainstorm right now we remember

that when we originally went to the guy

in the yellow vest in the far right lane

trying to get into the festival he was

like just come back to my line when you

have everything figured out so you don't

have to wait through the long line again

so Meg decides that what we should do is

we should just walk up to that guy and

just walk through the line not even

SCANA wristband or anything just look

ahead and be like hey like we got

everything fixed and just like try to

move on and get to the next line so I'm

like okay like we really have nothing to

lose the worst that could possibly

happen is he just goes oh my god your

wristbands still aren't working if he

tries to see end it again and he sends

us back to customer service which still

like wouldn't have been the worst thing

if customer service was being helpful

and if they would have actually listened

to me when I got Justin on the phone but

I kind of had a feeling that they were

really not gonna give up on this Mexican

man narrative so we go to the far right

lane we're walking and see the guy that

we originally with we were like oh my

god hey we got everything mixed and he

looks at us and goes like okay like

sweet let me just like scan it real fast

and we're just like [ __ ] his scanner

isn't working and he just looks at me

and goes whatever like you guys are good

and just like winks at us so then we

just keep walking and then we get to the

bag check all you do is you throw your

bag on a thing they check your bag and

then you're in the festival that's what

happened I all of a sudden just ended up

in the festival and Meg and I were just

like what the [ __ ] there's no way I was

like oh my [ __ ] god we just got away

with that whole situation but then it

hit me that we were gonna have to do

this for two more days so of course

right as I getting to the festival

Justin starts answering me and he was so

helpful I can't even explain he was

blowing up Coachella spot on Twitter

Instagram calling them literally making

reddit pages trying to ask people for





meg and I kind of decided to write that

in there that we were just gonna have to

try to sneak in every other day because

the help desk was just not helping us at

all and I was like [ __ ] this like I'm

not dealing with this every single day

I'm not arguing with them every single

day trying to get into Coachella I wait

all year for this we're doing this [ __ ]

on our own we're going to get into this

festival one way or another there's no

way I'm going back up to that desk

they're not having it they're not being

helpful so [ __ ] it gonna do this [ __ ] on

my own and that's what I did so yeah

let's get back into the vlog now so you

can see what else ended up happening and

how I got into the festival the other

two days still makes absolutely no sense

to me to this day I just like still

can't believe this is a situation what

the [ __ ]





we're going to the 9025 right now Jake

has never seen them on time and the read

favorite band oh I'm just so excited to

see the new Coachella this is gonna be

so much fun I'm really sad though

because I wish Kaitlyn was here right

now because this is her favorite band


please get better from your [ __ ]

disease because I miss you and I wish

you were here





I think that Mocambo I can't breathe ha

what the [ __ ] is this ball of hair

feeling okay those are my ponytail

extension Oh brush it out listen I have

it's more than brushing well I can't

believe it's this for another few days I

think I might die you know third day

it's gonna be rough Oh tomorrow I'm

going to be gone I just can't believe

that we have to stress that I'm not

speaking to a child again yes and

tomorrow we [ __ ] audition with God it

is three o'clock we are finally about to

leave and attempt to go to Coachella meg

and I have a difficult process ahead of

us we're trying to get in again like

this is just so crazy and I hate that I

have to be stressed about getting to the

festival and everything and just like

getting into so annoying and I don't

know what I did to deserve this hoping

for the best

I just want to get into Coachella

without any problems this weekend this

is so [ __ ] stupid

but here we go thank you baby

[ __ ] get it do you ever saw

we've all noticed that you're wearing

two different shoes but why are you

doing this so I was decide in which she

was gonna work better they work too well


you love that this morning I lost my

shuttle pass so right now I'm trying to

get on the shuttle without a shuttle

pass and then I'm going to try to get

into Coachella again with a broken wrist

band so came to say I'm experiencing

severe anxiety right now so I'm [ __ ]

killing it only time will tell I mean

only my blog will tell what the [ __ ]

happens that so pray for me I'm sure

it'll work out things like go super

shitty for me but then and randomly

working out so like I'm not that

concerned but at the same time I'm

concerned but like let's see how this

goes put it the [ __ ] down him over this

[ __ ] I'm nervous as [ __ ] dude I'm

actually so stressed but like we got

this we got this we got it like we did

it yesterday we can do it two more times

telling you 15 more times like we're

just gonna are good we know what we're

doing exactly and then be shocked when

it doesn't work as long as Curtis is

here I'm good


that week I didn't even talk to anyone I

didn't even scan my ticket and I got in

Jaden even scan his ticket we got it


best three out of three we're walking to

Philly right now I've never seen Billy

live and I know I'm excited honking so

could somebody just the two of us none

of our friends wanted to go for some

reason they're in the middle of watching

juice world but like [ __ ] it whatever

I'm so excited oh my god I'm gonna lose

my [ __ ] chick he and I might pass out

I just can't believe she's 17 I know

everybody ever says that but I honestly

cannot believe she's 17 and she's about

to have like one of the biggest crowds

at Coachella for real like oh my god

this is gonna be so amazing I cannot

wait I'm so [ __ ] soaked and then after

this is tame and Paula was gonna be so

beautiful I'm stoked I had a super

stressful day earlier today but you know

I'm here everything's good I'm

it all worked out I've calmed down and

I'm just living in the moment

so you







it's officially 1:00 a.m. and we are

finally leaving actually it's way past

1:00 a.m. but I had a [ __ ] great day

right now in this moment I'm I am as

happy I just want to live like this

forever like with these people forever

and ever I just want to do this over

every edge of my cat it literally hurts

me that this is gonna be a clip on

YouTube calm before you know you know

and just like no longer the president

and I just like hurts me because it's

just so beautiful and I wish everyone

could experience this like people they

love to like honestly I'm gonna cry I am

literally the best day rancher I know

our each other tomorrow in sync our each

Ella I'm not ready

look at my [ __ ] outfit I can't even

put into words right now how happy and

excited I am about this this [ __ ] was

$300 custom-made this girl named Claudia

helped me design this and like shout out

to you Claudia because this came out

absolutely amazing this is a [ __ ] that i

like should be wearing on an everyday

basis i love this my feet are gonna kill

today but i honestly do not care I am

just so [ __ ] excited about this

outfit and I'm so excited to see Ariana

and I'm so excited to possibly see in

sync and Nicki Minaj

I'm not [ __ ] ready like I'm ready but

like I'm not ready like I feel so good

when I'm dressed to the nines and this

is just like ridiculous I've never worn

a better outfit in my whole entire life

I feel [ __ ] unreal look at his ass oh

my god Kim Kardashian could literally

never they're literally matching it's so

[ __ ] cute your pictures together are

gonna be ridiculous wait Oh today's the

last day of Coachella don't and

heartbroken about that I've had so much

fun this weekend we just can't wait what

is going on no you're gonna watch the

game tonight okay but we're gonna go to

our friend's house now and take pictures

and everything and go to the last day of


I mean sneak into the last day of

Coachella but anyone tries to stop me

jail throw fit last

I was walking to Coachella yeah I'm sad

about to try to sneak in the end so

cross your fingers right


that was soaked leadership my it was not

scheduled all this was for one [ __ ]

wearing I was like whoa whoa whoa red

red red arrows like now where's Meg

that was [ __ ] terrifying I was like

why the [ __ ] did we just go you super

else chillin I'm like nah [ __ ] that [ __ ]

you buddy you're going I do not see Meg

her security lies probably [ __ ]




yeah make me almost got caught I was

leaning right now I know I thought it

was sour you're over [ __ ] fitted it's

the third day of Coachella we just snuck

into our each Ella we're good yes baby I

just like holy [ __ ] bro look we were at

the last year hotel right now we all uh

seein [ __ ] you make it in because

Coachella helped out my [ __ ] tickets


all right we're good now baby last days

we've been wandering around for like two


all we've seen so far is J Balvin J

Balvin yeah right now we're going to bed

I've seen said live a few times actually

pretty good I wanna feel I'm in the mood

for a DJ set right now but like right

now the sun's going down in a magic kind

of chemo

because it's the last bit of Coachella

like that I said you are like until next

year [ __ ] I know but I'm just having so

much fun right now as Curtis feeling

wonderful you love to hear if you love

to hear just that of the days like the

Writing Center setting on a completely

unrelated note right as I got to

Coachella my tights ripped and they were

like splitting down my ass ready to go

into a boy fighting take them off and

now like my underwear like time it

doesn't really match my skin so I'm

training boats on the set even though

I'm sad about it so I my underwear

matches my skin and you don't [ __ ]

see my thong think you know my body's to

do it everything matches so actually go

down right here is also a mess



I'm getting a makeover for little pump

right now he cannot see me with this

knotted hair no badge we gonna get hurt

I'm trying to impress them I want to

join Gucci gay


all weekend we're losing our sweetener

to our virginity








guys it's officially over it's all like

chela's over but till next year

actually I'm already so [ __ ]

depressed I came I'm so sad right now oh

no a lot of bread I lost my voice and I

just literally am looking around the

festival as everyone is leaving and it

would just want to cry I just want to

cry my eyes out is that way yes

experience I've ever had at Coachella

like this group was like the best

amazing I love my friends has been the

craziest three is my [ __ ] life I

can't believe we have to leave Meg

Chawla tonight like Michelle is leaving

I'm sad that's why I want to think about


all right that's all we have for today

if you made it to the end of this video

just know that you are absolutely

amazing I can't believe you sat through

this whole entire thing I can't believe

this video is the thing I still can't

believe the situation was the thing but

I just want to say thank you guys so

much for just always supporting me and

everything I wouldn't have been able to

go to Coachella this year or buy the

crazy outfits that I bought for

Coachella without you guys so I just

wanted to say thank you for the million

time and that I love you all

until 2020 baby you bet your ass I'll be

buying tickets straight from the website

this year because I am not risking being

in this situation ever again in my life

if you like this please make sure to

LIKE comment and subscribe but please

let me know what the [ __ ] you thought of

this cuz I still don't even know what I

think of this I just don't think this is

so insane but yeah I'll see you guys in

my next video I love you all and yeah if

you're the guy from Mexico who hacked

into my ticket thanks for the good story

time in the good story and a quite the

[ __ ] weekend alright I'll see you

guys in my next video peace out