🏔️ Drive Through Grand Teton National Park - Full Tour + The Best Scenic Stops

hey guys Danielle here from an hour

roaming cart and I'm coming to you from

the Grand Teton National Park let's

check it out




all right there's some kind of animal

let's go figure out what they're seeing


all right back on the trail again after

a bear sighting how fun

mama bear and two cups now we are

heading down the towards the Jenny Lake

visitor center from the north

we're gonna go counterclockwise on this

trail as recommended and we've got the

clouds over the Tetons over there but

look at that view

oh I never get tired of seeing this

no matter what the weather is oh my word

it's just right in front of you

definitely take this dried

counterclockwise from the north to the

south you can catch the entrance just

south of the Jackson Lake Lodge it is

worth it you'll get these views head-on

and even the Ranger said to take this

drive counterclockwise approaching

Jackson Lake Dam

alright we are at the Jackson Lake Dam

and reservoir

and as beautiful as this is this is not

the main attraction here

all right this is the other side of the

dam the calm side


guys we're at another cynical like I

think I'm gonna stop at every one of

these they're just too breathtaking not



you see how clear that water is this is

just minutes from the Jackson Dam

some boats out on the water over here

what a view they have



Chapel of the Sacred Heart the Teton

County Historic Preservation Board has

presented this award and recognition of

maintaining and preserving a building 50

years or older capital of the Sacred

Heart was built in 1937 okay here we are

out front


you can actually have mess here in





oh my word guys and you turn the corner

and just this just that like no words



this is potholes turn out got the Tetons


this is literally just I'm not I'm not

going to get out for this one there is a

sign talking about it and then just this

little loop but the views are still

pretty pretty good


okay guys this is the mount Morin




BRAC any closer word

closer you get the more details you see

who is reading the sign and the Mount

Warren stop and there are five glaciers

around Mount Warren I had no idea we

were just at the mountain view turnout

which was very well named and we are

getting ready to start the Jenny Lake

loop drive and it will come out just

before the Visitor Center look at this

this is part of the Jenny Lake loop

drive it's a scenic drive off the main

loop if you want to see the full drive

check the link above for the scenic

drive video but we are going to pull off

here this is the Cathedral group turnout

look at this appropriately named for

sure cathedral group turnout




okay they have this visitor's guide for

the trails you can borrow one and put it

back or put a dollar in and get a new

one to take with you explore jenny lake

and beyond so we are here at the Visitor

Center you did this Jenny loop scenic

drive several of the trails Hidden Falls

they say you could take a shuttle boat

across skillet glacier on Mount more'n

falling ice glacier triple glaciers

Petersen glacier and schoolroom glacier

or the five that they talked about

earlier well we are leaving at Jenny

Lake visitor center and we have hit rain

again and swear this brain likes to

follow me around so we're still gonna

make the best of it and we were still

gonna continue on

and we're still gonna take in the views

and see if we can find we are heading

south now towards the historic districts

down the Craig Discovery Center and down

and we'll end up at for Monroe

eventually here so let's see what else

we can find along the way all right we

have much better views this time the

mountains behind the chapel can you

imagine having Church out here with

these benches with that view oh my word

can you imagine sitting over here though

and having the view during service




you're gonna do the Mariners the stark


it is raining so I apologize if you see

my hand at the top there I'm trying to

keep the the rain off the lens all right

let's see if we can find in the rain

okay this is the ferry boat that they

used to use to take people across the

water before the bridge was built and

they do Ranger tours on here and here is

the river they used to cross right down

there this is part of the cable system

that they used to use and you can see

people are still rafting Ferry and the

ferry crossing and the general store

over here

so this stove is original

this was the original part of the cabin

where he would stay before he built on

the kitchen and then the general store

the pot-bellied stove that helped heat

the place the general store sells

products like huckleberry licorice that

is amazing and helps support the

national park it's all non profit



all right there is the east side of the

ferry landing and the river here there's

the bridge that put the ferry out of



okay let's check out mods cabin the mod

noble cabin looks like they're the

process of restoring its this is really

the only part that is set up the little

living room kitchen area lots of open

space and some signs old squeaky

hardwood floors



this side you get the view of the Tetons

could you imagine being able to live

here sign me up

even if it's just in a tent until winter

I might have to reconsider my options

come winter alright let's go take in

some of this view

now that the clouds have gone away and

the rain has stopped the views are back

this is the path you can see the Chapel

of Transfiguration up there here's a

sign off the main road for it in just a

little ways off the main path and then

this little walkway off the parking lot

that's what takes you there oh look at

those clouds over there on the mountain

oh this is right after a storm after a

poured down rain for a good hour thought

I had lost my chances of views for today

so there's the Chapel of Transfiguration

the parking lot and then this is the

walkway here to the mod noble cabin the

general store with all the huckleberry

candy is and the Mariners ferryboat and

the launch site







all right down there is where we just

came from the view this is the parking

lot crossed from the famous barn and the

rest warm in row is down there I'm not

sure what type of parking there is but

we're gonna go check it out so there is

the famous barn that we were just app

tells photographers are serious out here

I'm driving the rest of Mormon rogues

I'm not quite sure what to expect and I

don't have a lot of daylight left today

and there's still a few more places I

want to grab for yet so it looks like

there's plenty of these little turn offs

and pull offs along the way here that's

a private residence still



this says it's a 4/4 wheel or higher

clearance recommended for the rest of

this drive so we are gonna turn around


alright I have pulled over a Glacier

View turn out alright this is the

glacier turn out because of this glacier

right here


so nice little path here at Snake River

overlook I want to say if you guys feel

this is a little rushed I'm sorry I'm

trying to stay ahead of this rain coming

in from Jackson and behind me as I head

into Colter Bay Village again all right

he can't see the roof of his cabin down

there okay

his cabin is down there and some people

are going to try to make it before the

rain but not thinking that's a good idea

so I'm gonna do a little bit of a cheat

here so here's the map

there's a barn Foundation a shed

foundation out building foundations

ranch house foundations and then his

cabin is still standing but originally

would have looked like can you imagine

in the late 1800s but even today just

having a ranch like Tetons is your

backdrop absolutely beautiful yeah we

did get lucky check these beautiful guys

hello gorgeous




yo we got so lucky

all those bison I'm still looking at

them right over here there has to be 50

of them at least it's crazy this was

just the perfect ending to the round

trip on Grand Tetons National Park

today holy cow holy bison so today we

started our trip at Colter Bay Village

we then drove south down 191 to jackson

lake junction we took the scenic route

all the way down to jenny lake loop down

to the mariners historic district and on

over to mormon row and then headed back

north up 191 and saw some of the

beautiful stops the glacier stop and

bison oh my word I'm so excited this was

the one thing that I said I wanted to

see now if we could add in a moose

sighting I would be in heaven we've had

a bear and her cubs and now bison let's

hope for some moose well that will be it

from Grand Teton National Park I hope

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