Want to fly to Key West for Key Lime Pie?

this guy nine seven zero eight one six

taxing to fund the field pumps too long

wait for departures ever he'll I don't

even know what run what you got the zero

at for visibility public zero at four o

clear Allah just turn it up boom del

thief anybody behind us who is there

zero altimeter three zero here I got

your for on the ground alien

all right let's go

airspeed alive

here 240





she's climbing beautifully

and right off the ground


yeah it started over well you took off

so just a same life I got a nice

starting balance or I started mine

six minutes

all right ship approaching good morning

miss Kylie that's a dirty one sick

number two five alpha men the outfits

for now just maintain that other stuff

that about

I'm a trade interests Charlie Delta

bullfighter look at these know they're

gonna drink it in the ether of the name

oh yeah you see you don't have like

they're all chopped up the neighborhoods

are all squared off there's like 2,000

people hiring for over a section of it

right now but down here in one it's a

huge grid yeah look it's this man

created all the way out 1.0 yep there's

the airport

what the heck so I'm gonna go

I'm gonna Center this 170 if I turn off

now and go to heading

now I'm gonna turn this up

we're just up at the airport on on that

side for a better head of 885 bad words

it see ahead of us I could never mind

right there's a little count five miles

oh yeah that's a little heritage there

have to be on your side

that's x-ray zero one yeah

we buy island stuff so for my departure

2005 having more we had of

74 for Meyers departure a magnet for

Zebedee right now though typical with

the girls like her

I gotta hear fortune 500


my chili passes something probably got a

better angle

7:08 150 on Jack Miami Center one 33.5

33.5 let them know that you're

continuing here to have a great day

what there's three point five pick

someone to help them during with the

Miami center skyline 7-0 he won six were

defending 4000 4500 direct marathon Key


the name of the mother passed each other

on her face

Blair's not traffic you got a felony

seven zero one six four two hours out

where be over five Benefiel 1800

traffic to my file my child

the cutter piece

I'm a cover


next to each other now but he is this

marathon is a marathon yeah


and there should be some a Atlantic

funnel where those traffic Skye laten

cylinder oh he wants six interleaved

midfield 1,800 marathon

Electronics and Fortuna

traffic there one actually sperm file

there's that graphic point we're

honoring permit for Department for

dealing there's one uh I got to go

around traffic right here

advise when college-educated


know when you're ready for me yeah ten

you ready for something

flaps coming in gas undercarriage mitral

pumps which is regard good

got a wheel I can't tell if it's there

huh but

there's a stick there's a there's a

strut out this size it ain't past the

thousand footers yeah yeah you know she

laid it right around a thousand foot


welcome to Key West

let me know

just watching the carp temp without carp

you don't I wanted to see what it was

gonna ho


you want full

yeah yeah


about 40 great doesn't matter yeah


nice yeah right

do we even touch this I don't even know

if we're still flying or we're on the

ground or what I kind of make it yes

you know asleep for a while there that

water file really helped that yeah

passed down

she even puts just said Eric in her tone

I know she'd have a good stance


just get in there you can't look like a

tourist if you don't do tourist stuff

it's a video too so it makes it even

funnier no no information


aren't you supposed to make it like a

trumpet with your lips




and now we can eat them

we got small

got a five-star uber driver what do they

usually want a driver I'm of course 49

and then

so Eric and I are over here looking for

Pam and Kayla but we got their phones

and their Apple watches so it's uh it's

like 1982 all over again you gotta just

hope you find them okay just help Caleb

see you she answers it's not worked so

far we might have lost them in Key West

so much for the graceful


you made it

we're ready see us Tower seven zero

eight one six Tylenol too short well why


there are eight one six turn left

heading north but avoid maybes class

those throwing on a cliff take off Oh

give you numbers in a second

only nine are clear for takeoff turning

left to avoid the Navy airspace three

one six giving us numbers yeah squawk ok

alright you guys ready yeah close that

window looks clear clearly finals clear

you have to tell me what the break left

here ok

and wake turbulence so we're gonna get

off the ground as soon as we can to do

alpha traveling to fire fire - arrival

is this Colleen Roger that I have it in

sight all right you ready yeah

full power yep

go ahead call it speeds all right






pull it up yep we got him

there you go

stay outside 3401 Key West and by their

5405 qhr person rowena include to less

friendly bank clear the web never be

bored your butt all right one thick if

he could give me suggestive heading of

three four zero to avoid catching up the

fender fire priority three four zero

alright left three four zero

tired piling devil doing with it normal

on three trivia contact nato part you're

good at a fight so change the deposit I

watch it evening one through that quad

coded for in figure 3 7 the party just

getting down to 75 4.0 to preach and

prove good a 55

all right forty six three seven or

what's up what we're done with the

frequencies one to four points zero to

one to four point zero two seven zero

and one if you want yeah we're gonna

catch up to that others guy copy one

here the one with the easy yeah three

four zero coming up yeah you got it

approach good evening click Eileen seven

zero eight one six two four go to us the

one climb into one thousand for your

thought effects nothing

rakitin fire flash on the way down zero

I wanted

hwayeong's if we're uh we're currently

three four zero

looks like go direct to supper he'll

different vehicle Japan here three five


feel like I'm in a 172 in a climb slow

like this

good yeah just watching everything


making sure good buddy


I view them a couple minutes

therefore Hills 3 6 0 163 miles hour 22


there we got a 15-9 Edwin

well no look we're going 118 our ground

speed to 121 how's that possible out

this is between zero three zero so yeah

knots you're right

right you're right

the grass says 115

the new 56 Fort Myers approach for miles

out there was $2.99 if we just came to

runway two-four they're getting a visual

approach for now turn left heading 1 to

zero expect you still a lot more yeah I

got a pendant one hits this gap right

here right here dope yeah I'd say a lot

more than

there you go

hey feel better now I feel great let's

make sure you feel good you tell me what

you need

I feel it better now ok 4 1 2 8 5 we're

not suppose to be at or below 3000 I'm

very nervous but I mean actually

eight-mile being this close to that

we're not going to feel anything you

won't feel that much anything

yeah I wanted to put on this autopilot

got altitude yep Eddie get out heading

so 3 943 airport 12 on 21 mile original

selection weight or maintain 5,000 5,000

yeah this is just leaving a little bit

of buildup this is our Gary


oh there you go look at that

yeah we're coming around the backside of

this thing now

all right let's turn it to them good now

yep I'm gonna hit nap hey Fort Myers

still to 54 we're out of 4,000 for

10,000 I won't be 250 till 1574 Fort

Myers a first for my adopted first two

Niner Niner seven expected visual

approach runway two-four okay for the

first one to four yeah we were rather

working with the weather house everybody

get in there I had a guy 20 mile final I

have the field and play for the visual

yeah they haven't told me that there I

apart well look feel it huh right do you

have more experience I just wanna know

start slide over right that's why I

didn't want to go when it was dark job

you off

yeah we're about to hit something here

oh yeah lower than I thought yep all

right just let it go through it now that

we're gonna see through the other side

got a job down

I've got some far ahead of us good how

about the left side left side good