ST PETE BEACH 2020 - Fort DeSoto, Pass-a-Grille, & Treasure Island

at a time when foreign travel is slowing

down we think we have a great place in

the US where you can just let go

st. Pete Beach the sunset capital of

Florida in 2020 voted the second best

beach in the US by TripAdvisor located

on a barrier island about a 30-minute

drive from Tampa and 20 miles south of

last year's number one beach Clearwater

Beach in this video we are going to

cover four desoto pass a grill and

travel north up the Gulf Coast and

ending at Treasure Island so come with

us as we explore miles of pristine white

sandy beaches year-round sunshine

beachside and rooftop bars and

restaurants wedding venues cruises and

some great water sport fun st. Pete

Beach 2024 DeSoto passive rail and

Treasure Island you will love this

moment we travel to st. Pete Beach from

the south and go over one the longest

cable-stayed bridges in the world the

Sunshine Skyway with a road height of

the law 200 feet gives a great view of

Tampa Bay it has fishing piers on both

ends of the original bridge that this

bridge replaced the first exit in st.

Petersburg is the Pinellas Bay Way which

brings you to st. Pete Beach however we

are going to make a left at Isla del Sol

and head to Fort de Soto's State Park

this new bridge being built is expected

to open this summer it will make the

trip to Fort DeSoto much easier and


also on Tierra Verde is Tampa Bay Watch

which helps with the protection and

restoration of the Tampa Bay Estuary

through scientific and educational

programs they will also have a Discovery

Center on the brand-new st. Pete pier

set to open later this year this

facility here can be rented out it

provides one of the greatest locations

for a waterfront wedding excellent for

photography and video

port DeSoto park named after Spanish

explorer Hernando DeSoto is spread over

five islands on the Gulf of Mexico it

has a family camping area with picnic

tables grills electricity washers dryers

play areas park shelters for groups and

available kayak and bike rentals


the Fort DeSoto Island Park bike trail

runs six and a half miles


the North Beach area was rated best

family beach by parents magazine a

variety of seashells and white sand

dollars can also be found here


at the historic fort nosotras you can

view mortar batteries cannons or climb

the steep stairs to overlook the

Sunshine Skyway Bridge the quartermaster

museum tells the story of the forth

through photographs military documents

in the spanish-american war artifacts

Isla del Sol yacht and Country Club sits

on Boca CA gabay just across the bridge

from st. Pete Beach it has a first-class

Golf Course 9 clay tennis courts marina

fitness center and pool overlooking the

bay also can be rented out for weddings

and events we now head over the Delgado

Memorial Bridge to the historic Don

Cesare will come back to this peat

castle later but for now let's make a

left on Golf Boulevard and head to the

laid-back community of pastor grill

Beach we are gonna start at the southern

tip of Pinellas County and work our way

north showing six miles of fun to

Treasure Island Paso grill has a quaint

beach town atmosphere you can park right

along the beach this is probably the

opposite of Miami Beach no high-rises

large crowds or shopping malls but you

will find an undeveloped beach small

galleries small hotels great restaurants

like the brass monkey the center of town

is eighth and ninth Avenue this is where

the very popular hurricane seafood

restaurant is with rooftop seating

the berkeley beach club also has rooftop



we now move to the harbour side for

boating and fishing and look there's the

starlight sapphire it sails with daytime

and evening dining yacht cruises this is

a great way to explore the Intracoastal

Waterway they sail out of Pasadena which

we'll show you later in this video

for now let's check out the Mary pier

great name just being here kind of makes

you well let's just say merry happy


let's head north to st. Pete Beach's

most famous landmark the Don Cesare

hotel this Gulf Coast icon opened in

1928 and retains much of its basic shape

and look as when it first opened built

with a marsh Mediterranean style

architecture now owned by Lowe's hotels

with a Sugar fine Beach rogue class Spa

and distinguished chefs it has attracted

people from all over the world this part

of the beach tends to be not as crowded

as other resorts along the beach


the courtyard very popular for weddings

beachside dining to huge pools with a

great view of the Gulf the interior

recently remodeled


just north of the Don Cesare is the

hotel Zamora with a 360-degree rooftop

lounge views of both the Gulf and

Intracoastal Waterway

just across from the chick-fil-a is a

big public parking lot with three

boardwalks to the beach so you can pick

up your chicken sandwich and iced tea

and head to the beach or if you want

something healthier there is also across

the street a public supermarket


the tallest building on st. Pete beaches

the grand plaza beachfront resort at the

top is spinners bistro a revolving

restaurant as well as level 11 rooftop

lounge which we will come back to after

sunset grand plaza very popular for

weddings with its palm tree line isles

makes a great settings for ceremonies

the ninth floor presidential room gives

guests a great view of the golf bongos

beachside bar with live music just a

perfect setting for relaxing and hanging

out with friends affordable lounges with

shade covers Suncoast watersports

provides jet ski and paddleboard rentals

parasailing in dolphin cruises


next to the grand plaza is the serrata

beach resort it's cooking at palm

pavilion a permanent tent for wedding

receptions Rum Runners bar and grill

with a paved covered area and wooden

deck for beachside dining live

entertainment in craft beers the sraddha

Beach Resort is also a wedding favorite

with a nice courtyard for photos a

variety of ceremony areas and a Sun

Coast water sport booth to book your

adventure on the water we now move a

couple resorts north to the Tradewinds

Island Grand Resort its motto is just

let go and for good reason plenty of fun

to be had here on the Tradewinds website

or at the tiki hut on the beach you can

book wave runners paddle boards

parasailing or dolphin cruises within

the property you can do a trampoline

ride paddle boats play miniature golf

watch the birds or just hang out by the



from the Tradewinds 1/2 mile up the

beach is a unique rustic style beach

resort the postcard in or volleyball

courts in front of its beach bar and

snack shack



it is also a great location for a beach

wedding and provides a nice atmosphere

for an outdoor reception in the nicely

lit courtyard


we continue towards Treasure Island as

we make a right on 75th Avenue but

instead of turning left on blind pass

road to Treasure Island

we are going to keep going straight over

the Cori causeway bridge which connects

Pasadena with st. Pete Beach


just on the other side of the bridge is

the home port of the starlight sapphire

that we saw earlier and pass a grill

check out their website for more




on the north side of the quarry causeway

is the st. Pete Beach community center

with a heated and chilled Olympic

swimming pool with an attached

children's play area it hosts youth

programs fitness classes in sports

leagues this facility can also be rented

out for weddings and events we now turn

it into Blind Pass Road ahead towards

our final destination Treasure Island to

get to the southern part of the island

we have to go north and cross over that

little bridge up there in the top right

part of the screen and then come back

down the island Sunset Beach is on the

southern part of the island which has

public parking and a pavilion to rent

this pavilion or see a calendar of

events or more info on Treasure Island

see my Treasure Island Oregon

a little further north on the island is

the highly rated Cadiz Treasure Island a

beachfront cafe serving seafood burgers

in other casual affair with live music

and DJs


a mile north of caddies is the bill Mahr

beach resort

along the Belmar there is a nice paved

beach walk which runs for about a mile a

beach walk is something I would love to

see along more of st. Pete Beach

something that Clearwater Beach has but

st. Pete Beach other than this area does

not have it is probably in my opinion

that if they were to build one st. Pete

Beach would be the number one beach in

the country as we head back south for

the sunset we are going to check out

probably the best view on st. Pete Beach

and that is from the level 11 rooftop

lounge at the Grand Plaza as the Sun

sets over the Gulf the neon lights begin

to appear nothing better than enjoying

great seafood up here with the Gulf

Breeze on your face with great company

here's to good friends tonight is kind

of special

st. Pete Beach has become one of

America's best beaches a great place to

say some vowels or just let go there are

so much in st. Pete Beach that we missed

so I would love for you to share what

you have done while visiting here maybe

a resort restaurant or recreational

activity that we didn't cover we our

Tampa aerial media wish you Travel

promos across the USA coming in the next

few months will be fort myers Siesta Key

Beach in Orlando if you would like us to

shoot your venue city or location or

would like stock footage from this video

or any of our videos contact us at info

at Tampa aerial Mediacom thank you for

watching st. Pete Beach 2020