Which Airport is the closest to Grand Canyon National Park?

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questions that should be asked about

planning a Grand Canyon vacation in our

last video we talked about the Grand

Canyon Skywalk where it's really at and

what it takes to get there the Grand

Canyon is the kind of place that

sometimes defies logic and perception

and sometimes the logistics of getting

here can do the same thing today we're

going to talk about flying to the Grand

Canyon and why closeness doesn't always

equal convenience question number seven

what's the closest airport to the Grand

Canyon when planning a trip to anywhere

it's perfectly logical to ask what's the

closest airport to my destination in the

case of the Grand Canyon the closest

airport is Flagstaff Pulliam Airport

which is about a 90-minute drive

southeast of the park

however there are several reasons why

most of you won't end up flying there so

the question that should be asked is

what Airport would be the most logical

for me to fly into given the time I have

to spend and some of the other

attractions I might want to see most

Grand Canyon visitors when looking at a

map of northern Arizona quickly come to

the realization that there are a lot of

other things besides the Grand Canyon

that they could potentially see out here

so in the typical week-long family

vacation it's not unusual for folks to

take in a loop of attractions that

includes not only the Grand Canyon but

Zion Bryce Canyon Monument Valley Lake

Powell or perhaps Sedona Petrified

Forest Canyon de Chelly the

possibilities are almost too numerous to


and while Flagstaff Grand Canyon's

closest airport might look convenient on

paper in reality it might prove to be

somewhat inconvenient Flagstaff Pulliam

Airport is what is known as a commuter

Airport this means that you won't find

direct air service from cities such as

New York Dallas Chicago etc instead

you'll have to fly into Phoenix Sky

Harbor and take a connecting flight from

there this means having to deal with

inconveniences such as lay overs that

are too short or too long and worrying

about whether your luggage will be

transferred properly though conducted in

smaller aircraft the flight leg from

Phoenix to Flagstaff might end up

costing just as much as your flight from

your point of origin to Phoenix and if

only a small number of people are booked

onto a particular flight which happens


on commuter flights than on the majors a

flight may be delayed until later that

day or the following day which could put

a major kink in your plans if you have

non-refundable hotel or tour

reservations considerations like these

are the reason why most Grand Canyon

visitors end up flying into one of two

major metropolitan airports Phoenix Sky

Harbor or Las Vegas McCarran

statistically Las Vegas McCarran tends

to be the most popular Airport from

which to start a Grand Canyon vacation

it's about a five-hour drive from there

to the South Rim slightly longer to the

North Rim or three hours to the west rim

abundance of flights and competitive

pricing subsidized by the casinos make

Las Vegas and even more appealing choice

and since many Grand Canyon visitors

have also never been to Las Vegas it

only makes sense to combine the two

destinations into one vacation Las Vegas

is also within a day's Drive of Zion

Lake Powell Bryce Canyon Cedar Breaks

and Brian head just to name a few so it

makes for a logical and fun starting

point for many Grand Canyon vacations

Phoenix Sky Harbor is located south of

Grand Canyon National Park it takes

approximately four and a half hours to

drive from there to the South Rim the

drive from Phoenix to the canyon is

definitely more scenic than that of Las

Vegas to the South Rim taking you

through stands of saguaro cacti of the

Sonoran Desert the lush Verde River

Valley and the San Francisco Peaks those

opting to fly into Phoenix can easily

add another scenic attraction to their

Southwest vacation itinerary Sedona

located two hours north of Phoenix and

three hours south of the Grand Canyon

Sedona is renowned for its towering red

rock formations intimate riparian trails

top-notch spas and don't forget those

world-famous pink jeeps nearby

attractions to Sedona includes

Montezuma's castle 2z gute and the state

parks of red rock and slide rock a few

visitors even off to fly into Phoenix

and out of Las Vegas or vice versa this

may result in somewhat steep rental car

drop fees but you might feel that the

ability to visit even more attractions

to be well worth the extra cost for

availability and pricing of flights and

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of course Phoenix in Las Vegas aren't

the only major airports located within a

day's Drive of the Grand Canyon if you'd

like to know what all of your choices

are keep watching for instructions on

how to order our complete Grand Canyon

travel planner with a complete listing

of metropolitan and commuter airports

you can utilize on your Grand Canyon

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