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hey everybody Sean Holsinger here from

Ho singers flash up calm welcome to

another episode today we're gonna tie

another nymph pattern this one was one

of the quickest ones I tie and right now

it's been one of the best fish catching

flies that we've been fishing it's a

call to France fly it's a very simple

fly to tie I'm gonna whip right through

this one pretty quickly and like I said

I like flies that get you out on the

water quicker that you don't have to

spend as much time at the bench and and

you're gonna catch a lot of fish on this

is one of them this was showed to us by

our comp buddies a Nick Molloy and chase

creditor named guys they've been fishing

this fly for a while now and I'm gonna

share it with you guys so let's get into

time in here we're tying they're on the

fire hole on a 516 I'm tying it on a

size 14 today for the video just because

that's the biggest I want to tie this I

tie it like in anywhere from an 18 to a

14 and I'm using an oversized bead the

bead on this size 14 is the one I'm

using here is this is an eighth inch and

you can see how it looks oversized and

it is oversized but it's a really small

fly I'm not putting any lead on it

because I want to keep it skinny so that

beads gonna shoot me right to the bottom

and that's what we're after when we're

doing this your eye style

fly-fishing so what we're gonna do is

we're gonna put our beading or hook on

and using the tungsten slotted bead the

next thing I'm gonna put on is my tail

and I'm using 140 didn't hear all of

thread for the tail I'm using some

daily on it doesn't really matter

medium part is what I'm using don't get

real picky and hung up on that because

you don't see that that well anyway what

color it is here but what we are going

to do is we're going to keep it really

thin and I'm gonna try to limit my wraps

on this to keep the thickness down so we

trim that tail off and then the next

thing I'm going to add is some stretch

tubing I'm using the micro this is the

olive color stretch tubing what we're

imitating here is of course blue-winged

olive so right

now this time of year that's one of our

go-to flies this time of year there's

lots of blue winged olives and so we're

going after that it's been working real

well for us we've had a ton of cloudy

days here lately and this is a cloudy

day special so what we're going to do is

tie that down pull it tight when when

we're wrapping it down we're gonna pull

this tight to make it a lot thinner and

it'll make our body thinner then as in

as we say and then we're just gonna use

my red release here and I'm just gonna

spin this right up the whole way up to

the head I'm just gonna wrap that up

there and it'll make a nice segmented

body that's why I like using this

stretch tube a lot because it already

gives you your segmentation on it you

don't have to worry about I'm not gonna

put any ribbing or anything like that on

it so we're just gonna get a couple

quick wraps there cut it off make sure

we've got it wrapped tight and then I'm

just gonna use a little bit of slf

Squirrel dub I may use all of you can

use fox squirrel whatever color you on

here but I have some olive s I left

squirrel DUP just to match the body a

little bit and just gonna make a small

little color there not too much you see

how small that is I don't want to I

don't want to get off track with my real

thin profile fly I know the bead is big

but that's for a reason that's to get us

down that's all that's to this fly you

saw how quickly I tied that and that's

all we get out fishing it's been

catching a lot of fish for us so give it

a try this stuff you can you need to tie

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for watching everybody until next week

I'm Sean Holsinger