Top Things to See at Yellowstone National Park

alright guys today we are in Yellowstone

National Park it is the coolest craziest

terrain we have ever seen real cool so

all of Yellowstone used to be a volcano

in fact we're in the caldera the like

the basin of the volcano goes 45 miles

wide there's still lava or magma about

three miles under the surface here so

the snowmelt and all the groundwater

seeps down hits the lava it heats up and

the steam comes up through and breaks

out through these vents and these

geysers and the hot pools it's it's

something else like I've never seen

anything like this

it's really cool


I catch


so we're walking through upper Geyser

Basin right now it is so cool and in

this basin is Old Faithful so go check

out Old Faithful which is surprisingly




so Old Faithful erupts about every 90

minutes which is just enough time to

watch it walk around and see all the

geysers in the area then come back and

see the second time perfect the warmer

in there


and then go check out Grand Prismatic

spring so I'm in the Old Faithful

visitor center here we've got your

bookstore mat auditorium where you watch

some free movies view of Old Faithful

and then over here it's a true that Old

Faithful is the tallest geyser in the

world I think no there was a taller one

here in Yellowstone with a nice round

steamboat all the guys are in the park

that people came for Dick's know they

predict all of them oh okay so based on

the colors in the different hot springs

there are different temperatures so

what's a guess would be that flute was

cooler oh whoa who's the hottest how

about over here and the orange and the

red no interesting it's like completely

opposite of instance so don't touch the

the nice blue water it is not Caribbean


we got some soup guys eating some

pumpkin what do you have

yeah side of the roof okay about a 10

minute drive up from Old Faithful is a

trailhead for ferry falls that's what

I'm on right now it's got an overlook

looking out over Grand Prismatic Springs

I'm really excited to show you I haven't

actually seen it yet but I've seen

pictures and I'm just excited to see it


I think if it wasn't quite as cold as it

is right now I'd be a little less steam

but man I was pretty all right let's

head down there




this landscape legit looks like when

scar took over the pride lands in the

Lion King I think we're headed to Grand

Prismatic spring walk this is the

Excelsior crater that would be so nice

and warm when it so chilly out today so

probably too warm way to or these are

all jokes about jumping in there we

would never actually do that don't leave

the boardwalk seriously there's signs

everywhere that if you like step off the

boardwalk you die and we actually saw

some Rangers today like with binoculars

like those guys are at the boardwalk no

happens you get fine find federal court


you guys think little steamy see me it's

really nice I'm such a cold day here has

a steam coming through it's like you're

gonna sauna it's like a giant sauna the

camera is so steamy I can't tell if

anything is in focus or not what do we

have here Issa National Park this is

where mountains shut up

and they'll slip in a thousand years

interesting because it's my namesake

Lake amazing it's so beautiful and it

just started snowing so how fun is that

we are at the fountain paint pots we

find here I don't know why it's so cool

I'm so excited

there's something about it where it's

like natural spa so this is the red

spouter the dragon's lair yeah in 1959

it didn't exist but there was an

earthquake in Montana about 25 miles

from here it sent ripples through

Yellowstone and in boom this thing was

born mmm ever-changing earth guys it's

really quite the landscape



that's crazy it's just always going day

2 of Yellowstone which is straight from

our hotel in West Yellowstone all the

way over to the Grand Canyon of

Yellowstone we're looking at South Falls

right now it's really pretty


hey Kai

there's a huge view right in front of

you what color the stones out there

yellow are the yellow stones what is

your mind blown ours is this is how

Yellowstone got his name extremely

difficult and steep let's do this

there's benches if you need a break

so originally this guy Uncle Tom he's

take tourists down this trail with ropes

and ladders it is crazy and so steep

look at this view though


I'm doing alright so far but it's all

been downstairs to begin with so check

in with me in a few minutes but I have

to go back up this if you're afraid of

heights this may not be the best trail

for you since you can see through all

the steps and the stairs are basically

just hanging off the cliffs just

precariously attached to them okay done

run back up these stairs

wish me luck thanks Bernie


let's see now if you're here in the

summer and it's hard to find parking you

can hike from Uncle Tom's trail all the

way to artists point down there it's

like another mile or two if you don't

want to do the stairs I highly recommend

this canyon overlook which is flat easy

wheelchair accessible and gives you a

good view of the Upper Falls


so artist point and Uncle Tom's trail on

the south side of the canyon so swung

around to the north side of the canyon

check out the views over here okay we

are dropping down on lower falls brink

which is a six hundred foot drop

three-eighths of a mile we're good



there's a bunch of switchbacks down

really uneven and rough terrain but it

takes me right to the spring

he's very afraid of heights you good you


I thought it's really cool

how is it pretty much drop straight down

we're heading north from the canyon up

through tower roosevelt and then over to

mammoth hot springs just making a couple

quick stops along the way the road is

really cool it just winds through the

mountains up here has lots of snow on

the peaks and we just stopped at a

lookout so II think a big guy that's

molten sulfur boozing from the rock like

molasses you can smell it from here


lunch time seven strings trying to be a

little quiet

we got a sleeping baby there's so many

tails for this place

so just wander


a lot of this looks a lot like ha

McCauley just a little smaller almost

like Coral


come down to Canary Springs it was a

very top part of Mammoth Hot Springs and

you can take the trail up here but we



it's very strongly sulfur here so this

is porcelain basin these are sort of

pockets of steam coming up there's no

water no they're called fumaroles it's

just where steam escapes from



and steam stinks like really like

smelling bad eggs


oh my gosh the brain is like intense

green stinky steam hey buddy


so we figured out why they're called the

Paint Pots because you have all

different colors

so there's a sign it says beware of

playing mud and I think that's kind of

Awesome Oh

or five


all right that's it sorry I don't mean

to block faces this is so amazing they

hands down you have to come to

Yellowstone and if possible we highly

recommend coming at the end of the

season or maybe at the beginning this

season because but check your weather

yeah definitely check your weather first

it was a really cool experience to

explore Yellowstone but without the

crowd yeah and it's just all kind of

unreal I still it's still hard to kind

of take in that this place exists and

it's really the only place like it in

the world it's like walking around

another planet it really is like the

camera cannot do it justice so you've

got to come here experience it for

yourself see you later