Flying a Twin Prop into Telluride Colorado - Sailing Doodles


this is a video from when I close turbo

twin Comanche from Madison Texas all the

way up to Telluride Colorado in my

opinion Telluride is one of the most

beautiful places in the United States

definitely one of my favorites in the

backseat are Sam and Ellie it's my ride

is Ashley Sam is one of the top plastic

surgeons in Dallas and Ashley is one of

the best dentists in Dallas

I'll leave links to both their websites

and the show notes this footage is sped

up to save time so it's normally a

little smoother than it looks in this

video but it sure is a pretty view we've

been in and out of the clouds


one of the great things about flying in

a small airplane like this is the

panoramic views you get from the inside

much better than the little 12-inch

windows you get flying on a commercial

airplane to get over the mountains we

climbed up to 16,000 feet so we had to

wear oxygen for most of the trip but it

definitely worth it to have used like




we got caught in a few little rain

clouds but no big deal

we eventually spotted the airport off to

the left hand side of the airplane and

turn back around to lineup for landing


I'm sure it's pretty up there in the

wintertime but summers by far my

favorite time to be there all the green

and just gorgeous I performed what's

called a 90 to 70 maneuver we start off

parallel to your course turn one

direction 90 degrees and then turn back

the other 270 in space they of course

averse er it'll bring you back into the

runway the airport elevation is just

over 9,000 feet and you can see the big

ravine just off the end of the runway

it's pretty neat when taking off from

the other direction because you only

have to climb a few hundred feet to get

to your cruising altitude and fly down

the ravine here is where the footage

slows down to normal speed even though

your approach speed may only be 80 or 90

knots of airspeed the ground speed is a

lot higher because how thin the air is

I can't think of a more beautiful place

to land an airplane




one of the great things about flying in

a private airplane is you just tax you

ride up to the private air terminal and

get on your way

no need for security or any of the TSA



another great feature is that the line

service crew will bring your rental car

right to your airplane I really wish I

did but I don't have that much more

footage in Telluride it's really one of

my favorite places on earth I'll be sure

to get back there as soon as I can

knowing get some more video for you guys


the natural beauty of the place really

is astounding


and cameras simply can't do it justice


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