13 Tips for a FANTASTIC Trip to Florence


Florence the city where the modern world

began the first time I saw this place I

knew my life would never be the same yes

I saw a beautiful city filled with some

famous art and some stunning medieval

architecture but the history of Florence

isn't just seen in the famous sights

it's written all around you it's painted

on the ancient walls it's etched into

every winding cobbled Street and it's

rich culture lives on and it's delicious

food it's fabulous art and in the faces

of the vibrant people who take such

pride in calling this majestic city

their home Florence was once the very

center of the civilized world and from

where I stand I don't see that much has

changed in that regard so come with me

as I show you what to do where to go and

what to eat in the birthplace of the



tip number one how to get around when

you're flying to Florence you've been

landing in one of two airports the

larger gallileo gallileo International

Airport and Pisa or Florence Airport

also known as parrot Ola both airports

are serviced by major airlines but

you're more likely to find cheap rates

flying into Pisa if you're flying into

Pisa to get into the city just hop on

the PISA mover to Pease it should try a

rail station buy a ticket to Florence

for about 10 euros and after an hour

train ride through the countryside of

Italy you'll be dropped off at Santa

Maria Novella Florence's main train

station right in the heart of town if

you're flying a parrot Ola the cheapest

way to get into the city is by tram that

runs directly from parrot Ola to the

city but given how much closer this

Airport is to the city than Pisa

I usually just hop in a cab mostly out

of sheer laziness it takes about 15

minutes to hit the city center and it

costs around 25 euros and if you're

coming to Florence from somewhere else

in Italy and taking the train you'll

arrive at the same main train station

now complicated part over once you're in

the city how to get around becomes

pretty darn simple you walk you walk

everywhere this simply put is one of the

most walkable cities on earth you can

pretty much get from one end of the

historic city centre to the other in

about 30 minutes or two hours if you

constantly stop for gelato not that I do

that I do I really do plus walking

around the city lets you discover this

town and be delighted by every little

thing that is undoubtedly hiding around

the corner of the next little Street

River walkway or Old Market Row tip

number two where to stay so let's be

honest hotels in the city can be a

little spensive you can find some budget

options on your typical aggregate sites

but the cheapest and best deals I've

found are on condo rental sites like

Airbnb I found an incredibly charming

flat on Airbnb right in the heart of

town for around 80 bucks a night during

peak season in June a good thing to

remember and the high season during the

summer prices will be higher and it will

be hot during the winter months prices

will be lower and it will be colder I'm

studying to become a meteorologist as

for where in the city to stay if you

want to be close to all the major

attractions stay somewhere in the

vicinity of the Duomo or Piazza della

Signoria or for a more local

Laidback five stay across the river in

ultra no but really this city is so

compact state anywhere in the historic

city center and I promise you will not

be disappointed if you are I guarantee

you all the money that you spent to

watch this video back tip number three

how to skip the lines florence has some

of the most incredible sights of any

city in europe and it's not a secret so

it can get crowded and lines for the

attractions like the duomo the david and

your fitzy gallery can get downright

CRAZY so instead of wasting your

precious vacation time queueing like

you're at Disneyland the best way to

avoid this plan ahead you can book

specific entry times that allow you to

skip the line for pretty much all the

attractions in the city ahead of time

except for the Duomo which is free and

you just kind of have to wait now how to

do this was a bit confusing for me the

first time I visited so I've taken a leg

workout for you because I'm such a swell

guy zero ulterior motive but if you do

all them subscribeee stuff to my channel

like they always ask in these videos I'd

really appreciate it anyway I'll include

all the relevant links and phone numbers

for these places in the description

below but basically the three

attractions that absolutely require

advance tickets are the Accademia

Gallery where the David lives the Uffizi

gallery and declined at the top of the

duomo the simplest and easiest way to

book a time is online there are

third-party websites like Florence

tickets com that are very user friendly

and also offer other tours but you'll

pay a bit more of a fee so I recommend

booking ahead directly through

Florence's official ticketing website B

ticket for the Duomo climb you'll need

to book a specific time on the twelve

always official website also linked

below finally the last option is to call

ahead you can sometimes get lucky if

you're trying to book last-minute

tickets just call during their business

hours someone who speaks English will

answer and you can ask if they have any

last-minute availability note the

Accademia gallery and your feet see are

both closed on Mondays so the busiest

days will be Sundays and Tuesdays tip

number four check out the many little

neighborhoods and piazzas of this

utterly captivating city first up hang

out in the Piazza della Signoria

Florence's main square this is one of my

favorite spots in the city a wide open

Piazza frame

by old buildings countless Renaissance

statues a replica of the David statue

and the towering Palazzo Vecchio despite

being very crowded

I probably stroll through this Piazza at

least once every day I'm in Florence

next don't miss the famous Ponte Vecchio

without a doubt one of the most

interesting bridges in the world built

in 1345 the bridge is lined with gold

and jewelry shops and just as it has

been since the 1500s this bridge will be

utterly packed by midday so the best

time to see it is right in the morning

as the shops open up next right across

from the Ponte Vecchio or any of the

bridges really hit up the ridiculously

charming Oltrarno

which means the other side of the Arno

River located shocker on the other side

of the river this is one of my absolute

do not miss sections of town it's a

super cool more residential local

neighbourhood with some great cafes far

fewer crowds excellent food options and

alluring little winding streets my

favorite bits of the ultra know are the

san frediano area and the area right

around the santo spirito church this

little square is filled with locals and

expats just hanging out having a beer

eating and at night the area becomes

lively and filled with young people

spilling out into the square and sitting

on the steps to have a drink with

friends and lastly make sure to take a

stroll along the river and soak in this

bewitching City

tip number five where to eat this ones

both easy and difficult throw a rock

anywhere in Florence and it's bound to

end up hitting something incredible to

eat or a person it's pretty crowded I

don't recommend throwing rocks but like

anywhere in Italy the problem isn't

finding a great place to eat it's

narrowing down my list of spots to

suggest so as always here is a

smattering of my favorite picks so if I

left off your favorite place which I'm

sure I did please throw in the comments

below no rocks please

my first stop whenever I get to Florence

usually immediately after dropping off

my bag of the hotel sometimes even

before is Atlanta Cove in IO near the

effete Sea gallery the sandwiches here

are so good you will want to kiss them

as much as eat them my two favorites are

the porchetta succulent spicy roasted

pork and the fava Lassa a sandwich with

eggplant tapenade some sort of sharp

mystical creamy pecorino spread and

mounds of salty salami I could eat them

every day of my life and it would not be

a wasted life I just might be to invest

in a treadmill and some blood thinners

note the line for this place can get

super long so the best time to go is

right when they open at 10:30 a.m. next

up is gusta Pizza this is not just my

favorite pizza joint in Florence it's

one of my favorite pizza spots anywhere

and get it get it to go or sit at

communal tables with strangers and chow

down on pizza that you will be dreaming

about long after your Italian trip is

over another excellent little spot is

called level P Aluva more of a wine bar

than a restaurant it's a great place to

sit back sip some Chianti and snack on

one of their utterly scrumptious

Christine crostinis I don't know just

plural anyway it doesn't matter

it's as if they made a cured meat that

is basically meat butter yes I said meat

butter for lunch

I love tomato Mario a tiny busy place

always packed with hungry locals and

tourists alike the pastas here are

wonderful and they serve up one of the

best Florentine steaks I've had dear God

order that beautiful

steak i right next door is trattoria

Zaza everything here is incredible and

reasonably priced but my top

recommendations are the pappardelle and

duck ragu and anything covered in their

succulent truffle cream sauce

next up Zeb the food at Zeb is splendid

a little joint and the altar are no run

by a mother-son team the son is

admittedly a bit surly but the food is

ridiculous I love all the ravioli the

meatballs are so packed with flavor they

don't even need a sauce and the beef

stuffed with carrots and celery is

succulent savory and beyond tender next

territory etre Braille the flan with a

meat ragout and char Parmesan cheese was

one of the more surprising and delicious

things I've eaten anywhere and the

stuffed rabbit and the savory sauce was

umami tender and full of flavor moving

across the river to my beloved ultra no

area host Edea Santo Spirito serves up

some of the freshest pasta I had in the

city and their sizzling yoki is a cheesy

revelation and my final two restaurants

a couple of spots with very similar

names trattoria Giovanni and Osteria

Giovanni some of the best food you can

get in Florence is at Osteria Giovanni

not to be confused with the

aforementioned trattoria Giovanni

trattoria Austria completely different

things that both mean restaurant

anyway the homemade peachy with sausage

and kale ragout is one of the best

plates of pasta I've ever eaten and the

roasted meat dishes here are truly truly

special it's not the cheapest meal in

town but it's totally worth it and it's

a perfect place for a date I personally

had a very romantic evening with myself

that sounded different in my head next a

lovely little trattoria Giovanni located

in the ultra know everything I've had

here is delectable and quite affordable

my favorite dishes were the homemade

pappardelle with rich beef ragu the

unbelievable peachy and the beef stew is

tender rich savory and ah it's just so

good order it also the owner Darko is

one of the friendliest guys I've met


a note on pretty much all of these

restaurants they have a midday closed

from about 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and if

they accept for reservations it's always

a good idea and last but certainly not

least gelato which almost deserves a

video of its own you should enjoy it

before lunch after lunch before dinner

after dinner after after dinner now this

city is full of excellent gelato but my

favorite spots are Venky which

admittedly is a bit of a tourist chain

replete with a chocolate waterfall but

their gelato is legit vivoli said to be

the oldest gelateria in florence I also

love the very popular gelateria liqueur

aya and finally in my humble opinion the

two best gelato Ria's in the city

gelateria de neri and Parque no

gelateria de neri has some of the

creamiest most perfect gelato in Italy

my favorite flavors here are the blunt

the lengthy with mascarpone which is

similar to a sweet cream and unique to

Florence and the a morena with delicious

black cherries and finally we hit Pat

okay no in a little side street near the

Duomo lies my favorite gelateria in

Florence all the flavors here are

sensational but my favorites are the

crema and the stracciatella so simple so

creamy so ridiculously perfect plus mari

and Sergio are some of the warmest

people you'll ever meet and really there

are dozens of gelato areas I could have

included here but a basic rule of thumb

avoid gelato that it's piled high in

giant decorative mounds they may look

appetizing but they're kind of crap it

usually just indicates that there's too

much air in the gelato and they use fake

ingredients to add color and no

disrespect to these places like yet

they're just trying to run a business

but they're doing a disservice to the

artisanal gelato places that put the

time and energy into getting it right so

I guess a little disrespect

tip number six hit up Florence's

terrific markets let's start with

marcado James Robert one of my most

loved markets in Europe downstairs you

can shop for crafts fresh produce and

meats while upstairs they have a newer

food court which is one of the best

places to grab some phenomenal and

casual local growth next mercado de san

lorenzo a great place to buy affordable

leather goods like gloves bags

probably some whips here into that sort

of thing and great affordable leather

jackets it's also just a fun place to

stroll and check out the many stalls

another much smaller but super charming

market is the loggia del mercado nuovo

housed underneath a stunning 16th

century arched Lodge and finally the

santambrogio market more of a local spot

here you can get some of the best

produce you can find in Florence come

here for fresh fruit veggies pasta

whatever you can think of this would be

a great place to come if you're staying

in a condo with a kitchen and decide you

want to save a little money and cook for

yourself one night


tip number seven see Michelangelo's


David located in the Accademia gallery

stands one of the grandest and most

perfect examples of Renaissance art in

the world is it one of the most visited

tourist sites in all of Italy yes is

there a reason for that yes to stare up

at the David is to lose yourself in

something grander and greater than you

can even imagine

words video and photos simply do not do

this precious piece of art and history

justice if you visit no other museum

scene no other piece of art which would

be near impossible because there are

statues literally everywhere you must

see the David it's adapt special and as

I said before the lines can be

ridiculous so make sure to book your

ticket for a reserved entrance time

online a good while in advance tip

number 8 let's head up some of the other

places to stop up some of these

centuries of astonishing history

florence has to offer the most famous of

these is without a doubt that your feats

a gallery filled with countless

priceless pieces of art and Michelangelo

Raphael Leonardo basically all the Ninja


there are also incredible works by

Caravaggio about the celli and countless

others and the museum itself offers some

wonderful views of the Ponte Vecchio and

the Arno River and generally speaking

I'm not a fan of guided tours but this

museum has thousands of pieces of art

and you could easily get lost for an

entire day in here so a tour will help

you a lot if you do join a tour you also

get a skip the main line I went with a

tour from art vive and it was excellent

and so informative also make sure to

visit the palazzo vecchio or old palace

which brand Li frames the Piazza della

Signoria built in the early 14th century

the ceiling alone of the Hall of 500 is

one of the most impressive things you

can see in Florence and you absolutely

must hike to the top of the tower for

some utterly stunning views of the city

another famous landmark not to be missed

while you're wandering around the altar

Arno make sure to check out the Palazzo

Pitti once the residents of the Medici

visit the museum inside or just stare up

marvel at the amazing architecture tip

number nine florence is home to some of

the most dazzling and beautiful churches

in the world first of course the duomo

with its famous red dome rising high

above the city one of the grandest

and largest domes ever built make sure

to climb to the top for incredible views

I'm not breathing heavily you're

breathing heavily the main part of the

church doesn't allow reservations and

it's free so you'll just have to wait

but that line does move relatively

quickly once inside the church makes

sure to head down to the Crypt to see

the foundations of the original Church

built in antiquity and right next to the

Duomo visit the beautiful baptistry one

of the oldest buildings in Florence

another dramatic fixture of the Duomo

complex is giotto's bell tower when you

buy your duomo ticket online it also

comes with the option to climb the bell

tower but once you get to the top you're

basically just standing inside of a cage

you really can get much better views of

the Duomo from the aforementioned

Palazzo Vecchio without having to wait

nearly as long and long next church the

Basilica of Santa Croce this is for me

the most astounding church in Florence

the burial site of so many famous

Italians from Michelangelo to Galileo to

Rossini walk around this beautiful

structure and literally step over the

rest in places of countless famous old

Italians finally don't miss the Medici

Chapel whose interior while currently

under construction is still undeniably

beautiful and full of some wonderful

sculptures from famous artists including

Michelangelo tip number 10 explore some

of Florence's greener spots first the

beautiful and impressive boboli gardens

a 45,000 square metre park stroll it's

many pathways sit and relax by the

gorgeous pond taken to many statues or

just sit on the top of the hill and

stare out at the beautiful city below

next my absolute favorite Park in the

city Giardino Bardeen this place is


beautiful walk up the trail to the top

of the hill to be greeted by Gardens

waterfalls a walkway with hanging

wisteria that I can still smell now and

some of the most spectacular views of

the city and finally rent a bike and

ride around the hills above Florence on

the south side of the river

start at the Ponte elekid I see a bridge

and head up the hill above Piazzale

Michelangelo along the way you'll see

views of the Tuscan countryside vistas

of the city below and the hills are

dotted with many little charming parks

and speaking of views tip number 11 hike

to the top of Piazzale Michelangelo for

some of the absolute best views of the

city and if you've had enough of gazing

at Florence take a stroll through the

truly wonderful and peaceful adjacent

Rose Garden another great way to see the

city is on one of the many rooftop Bars

if you're not staying in a hotel with

its own rooftop bar

I recommend heading to the top of

Lorraine agente which is basically just

a department store but head to the

fourth floor walk up the green stairs to

be greeted by one of the best spots to

have a drink in the scene another

awesome spot particularly at sunset is

the top of the west and Excelsior right

on the river Arno for 25 euros you get a

drink and all-you-can-eat buffet of

delicious snacks and one of the best

views of this magnificent city and the

river Arno and lastly my favorite place

to watch the sunset is to simply stand

on the st. Trinity bridge stare out at

the river and let the orange glow wash



tip number 12 if you have more than a

few days take a day trip outside the

city to explore some of the many

splendid escapes just an hour or so away

first visit the rolling hills of Chianti

and experience the insane beauty that is

the Tuscan countryside go on a wine

tasting tour drink are too much wine

stroll the vineyards and contemplate

never going back home I went with the

small group tour buy prestige rent and

it was fantastic plus with a tour you

don't have to worry about a designated

driver next visit the stunning town of

Siena one of my favorite little cities

on the planet Siena

is a mythical spots walk its medieval

streets visit these striking main Piazza

del Campo shop at its charming little

market stalls or sit back and relax in

the square just like people have been

doing since the Middle Ages and very

near Siena is another must hit spot san

gimignano a fascinating 13th century

walled city wander it's ancient walkways

shopping its many delightful kitschy

shops and take a stroll far back in time

note for siena I recommend taking the

bus instead of the train because it

drops you off much closer to the city

center but if you feel comfortable

I recommend renting a car to give you

the freedom to explore the area as you

see fit another popular day trip you can

visit Pisa to get this requisite Italian

vacation for there something I have

totally done that is definitely not

photoshopped ok it's been slightly

altered also lucca is another wonderful

and oft overlooked Tuscan city and

lastly basically my personal travel

motto just walk this magnificent city

and get lost in its many alleys streets

and piazzas Florence is a wonder

everywhere you walk you were surrounded

by something delightful something

beautiful something ancient also the

people of the city are some of the

warmest friendliest and most fun-loving

people I've met anywhere in my travels

as author Jennifer Coburn said visiting

Florence is like attending a surprise

party every day so go ahead wander

Blore allow yourself to be surprised and

lose yourself in the magic of fit n

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