HANGGLIDING - Interlaken, Switzerland - free flying


now the curvy restrictions have eased

enough that we can do a little bit of


in europe so me and my friend tim we've

driven to interlaken in switzerland

and we are now rigged up ready to go

from this rather big hill uh in

interlaken which overlooks the lakes

down the bottom there

uh neither me or tim have been here

before so we are brand new to playing in


uh but we've bumped into quite a lot of

locals who've been really helpful

they've given us loads of advice

and they're here with us on the hill the

tunnel is about where to fly where not

to fly how high to fly

uh there's actually a military base

nearby but it's not active at the moment

and there's a height restriction of 3950


if we get anywhere near that today i'll

be really happy uh

one of the issues with flying here

apparently is it's not that good

for thermals and quite stable so we're

waiting for it to get going at the


uh there's a few paragliders in there

that we're going up a bit but

a lot of them are going down as well so

we're talking probably around two

o'clock in the afternoon we might be

ready to go

uh but here we are interlaken really


i'm looking forward to this fly

absolutely can't wait and

i'll see you in the air okay




well it's taken me absolutely ages to

get up here

about seven thousand four hundred feet

the thermals are very weak sort of one

up two up

and they don't go up all the way around

it's a stable air mass

that's what the locals told us as well

that would be difficult

and the variety is i don't know where

the locals have gone by the way

so i'm flying over to the needlehorn now

that's over there that's the needlehorn

see if it works better directly above it

hopefully it should do

still at 7 380 feet

and i can see some polygliders ahead of

me uh

that way slightly going around in

circles which is a good sign

means there's a thermal

well one of them isn't he's just flying

straight it looks like he's going up


okay i've got something here going up

nicely right above the middle of the


so the wind's coming on both sides of it

all the levels are coming on both sides

of the originally

now going up six up

about 650 a minute going up

and i've lost it

oh there it is

there we go turn off

not all the way around though

yeah it's very very itty-bitty these

small small

up here anyway nearly now

i'm just being careful there's a

paraglide in here man

so i've been a bit careful to the parrot

like that

they're going up really nicely now

it's taking a long time to get this nice

i can see the inversion

and the distance


there's a bit more distance separation

between me and the paragliding now which

is good

and i can feel the ears popping

you can see how glider in the distance

over that way that might be where i go



nice thermal super duper it's a


oh yeah i'm having so much fun now in


to come here just to get up high and all

of a sudden i'm ticking off

like a rocket ship

i bet you wish you were there with me

don't you

fail you wish you were doing this

just a steady forum now all the way


approaching cloud base

9200 feet time to pull out of this in a


i'm near the edge of the cloud though so

i can just fly out there to the cloud

would you look at that view

where do i go next thing

right leaving this because

9500 feet

oh wow wow wow

i'm going this way

i'll go that way

that way 9645 feet currently

going on a glide

wow look at these views this is amazing

so i've gone to the east a bit

and i've lost maybe 2 000 feet

and i'm going back up again

it's perfect pulling that is around

there no real landing options around


although i mean within gliding distances

about look at me

well definitely the gliding distance

because i'm really high up

back at 8 800 feet i was down to uh

8 000 feet 8 000 feet how low is that

when you're in big mountains like this

it feels low

this is the swiss alps

9000 feet

still going up

so key thing when you're flying into it

like this

is to keep an eye out for landing


and to be aware that there's a lot of


also the way that the wind blows along

the valleys

you have to be aware of the valley winds


the valley winds can change direction

depending on the time of day

so local voice is a good thing which

unfortunately i do not have

another option when you get start

getting low

is to do some circles and see which

direction you're drifting

although you do need to make sure your

circles are very even

there are a number of techniques like

that offline and across one way

and then 90 degrees to it and work out

the bisection which way you're gonna get


any case right now

i'm a 9 300 feet going up

roundabout cloud base

well they're 9500 feet and we're going

to cross to the ridge in front

and then you'll see the lake i think

it's called prince's lake as well like


and that's one of the lakes that

interlaken is nestled between

i can see some paragliders down there

and now it's time for

karaoke in the sky in switzerland


life goes on well

that goes on don't stop me now

i'm having such a good time i'm having a


don't stop me now i'm having such a good


i never want to stop at all

sorry if you wanted technical stuff

you've come to the wrong site

this is darren with karaoke sorry

here we go come on we're down to 9200

feet oh no

okay there's one of the legs

down there interlakens that way you

can't see it yet but it will soon

what beautiful beautiful scenery

i'm just gonna fly along this ridge i'm

gonna fly back to take off

maybe going for landing see how it goes

just very buoyant air all the way along

here really nice

and over there

over there is the north face of the


and the young frau

fantastic scenery can you believe i'm

flying here

in switzerland in this scenery it's



i've come into this little gulley where

i'm open there's gonna be a thermal

because there's a nice big cloud above


let's see if this works but we're almost

back and take off again now anyway

and there are people going up and take


well i'm not sure that will clear the

ridge to get back to take off so

we'll see

i'm just hoping this goal is going to


if it doesn't i can always land in the


not an option

we're right back down low again now

i'm gonna have to work to get back up

again i'll go land one on the other

i've had a really nice flight right

enjoying this

am i gonna clear the trees what do you


yes or no tell me oh no

course i am back in the gully where i


well let's find a thermal round there

shall we back at the beginning

well i've been low for ages now i'm in a

nice table again

back about 75 000 feet

back above the needlehorn again this is

just lovely

this has been really good thermal in


quite difficult in places and

fantastic views going up high

i'm absolutely loving this place

this is switzerland this is interlocker

one thing i've been warned about is not

getting low in the valleys and stuck in

the valleys

and to the left of takeoff so be careful

not to do that

i did fly over the centre of the valley

and where there's no london's i was high

enough to get out all the time

i was hoping for a thermal there but i

never got one

all the way back to takeoff

and now i'm climbing out above takeoff

sort of at the back of takeoff

on to the needlehorn i think what we're

going to do

is we'll max out this climb

and then we'll fly over to the

middlehorn and have a look at the take

up there

as it will uh look at the cable cabinet

where you take off

so i'm flying along we need a horn now

that's the needle horn directly in front

of me all that bridge

and you can uh at the end of it

wow see the sail plane

you can see the cable car

and you can get a lift up to that on a

hang glider but apparently

there's massive cues so

if you're flying here at interlaken the

needle hull

hang on



if you're flying at interlaken they need

a horn it gives you a better chance to

get up

but apparently it's really complicated a

fair getting up there

because you've got to get cable car it's

difficult to get the hang gliders on the

cable car

and there's massive cues for the cable


i don't know that from personal

experience that's just what the locals

have told me and they'll go the lower


that we went on but then again some

people have come down from there

because it's stable so more difficult to


the other issue with the needle hold is


apparently uh the filter viewing

platform next to the ramp

and it's difficult to get off yet with

your hand glider because the viewing


brushes on one of your wings if you're

not careful

so it sounds a little bit dangerous

so that's why the locals go to the lower

takeoff that i forgot the name of

the other thing if you're going on that

lower take off halfway up the hill is a

ticking machine

you have to uh buy a ticket cost five

swiss francs

and then you display the ticket in your

car at the top

this is the cable car down here i'm


so this is the medium take off up here

it's not a bad view is it really

i just have to say a message to my

friend while i'm here

hello mark aussie french fighter pilot

i specially for you welcome whilst i'm

in interlaken


well i can't see the ramp

but anyway this is the nida hall

not so good for you for taking off now

but eat more chance of staying up

you can see a cable car coming up now


how cool is that how cool is this cable

car coming up

i don't know if you can see it

oh there is a platform there's a ramp

that goes off the

north side holy pooh that looks scary

very steep wrap straight over the edge

of the cliff

whoa that looks like great fun just down


don't think i'll be doing that today

you can see the viewing platform right

next to it making it quite dangerous


the locals said the locals said nobody

consulted them

just one day they turned up to fly and

there was a viewing platform there

they weren't very happy

so that's somewhere i don't want to go

down in because there's like

that's the valley floor thin valley

that's going to be sloppy not somewhere

to go down in but

to my right that you can't see right now

it's just a nice easy

slide down into uh interlaken

and i'm gonna fly down and land in

interlaken at a place called lane

there's two landing fields in interlaken

one of the london fields is right in the

middle of interlaken

apparently it belongs to a farmer and he

said i'm gonna give this feel

to interlaken to the people of

interlaken on the condition that you

never ever build on it

so it's now a landing field right in the


uh but i'm not going to land there the

safer landing field is

near the lake called len and that's a

much bigger landing field than the one

in the middle

or it's clear or should i say well i've

decided to come down now

i've had a lovely fly and i'm just

having a nice boat around

coming down enjoying the views around

the lake

absolutely gorgeous

so it's time for a little bit more


in the sky i wish i could fly

hey you get off of my clown

hey you get off of my cow

look at this haha die from it


so that's interlocked

and you can see the big wheel or maybe

you can't see the big wheel in the


and that's where you can land in the

middle of the town

pretty cool

that was fun

look at that view wow whoa whoa

landing field there look

that's where i'm headed for that's gonna

be my landing field today

unless it goes horribly wrong

so now i'm assessing the landing nice

big london area

looking at the uh windsock there's a

very slight breeze coming from the lake

going that way so i'm going to land

going that way

which i know is a slight down slope be a

matter of time in my flare eye for this

there's a nice clear run to the to the

landing field

so even though i'm going to drift on a

long way i've got a nice clear running


right time to pull some extra speed on

now the safety as we get lower

maybe a bit high here

perfect london absolutely perfect

right direction and everything

so that was my first flight in

interlaken with a perfect

nil wind landing um just sort of in this

massive landing field here going up that


really pleased with that because i got

it absolutely spot on which nil wind is

always the

most difficult one because you're coming

in so fast like that but yeah it was


um tim went down unfortunately but he's

gone up for another goal he's still in

the air now i can see him

he's coming down and i will film him

landing and hopefully he will do a

really good landing

so top flight really nice place to fly


and hopefully i'll have another flight


well tim's coming in the wind's been

switching all over the place during his


needs to turn now

it's going to be landing downwind now

because the wind's switched

very light window very very light

let's watch for a good flare here he's

gonna really need one

all i heard there was oh beep

he's all right though nothing damaged

just a bit of a nose and not too bad a

landing in those

switchy difficult conditions