LEARNING TO FLY? You may want to watch this

when you're learning to fly I reckon

there's one thing that trips most people

up certainly did for me when I was

learning more than anything else after a

little while you actually get quite good

at controlling the aircraft a few more

lessons on your landings start to get

really good but there's one button in

the cockpit that when you press it I

don't know what it is it kind of like it

turns your brain off so the thing that I

used to struggle with when I was

learning to fly and to be honest with

you the thing that sometimes gets me

even though I've been flying for a while

now is radio cause in fact it's not just

when you're learning to fly but if

you've flown a lot I've been flying for

over 10 years now I still watch other

people flying on YouTube because just

seeing how those radio calls work how

they're communicating with air traffic

control especially in unfamiliar places

really helps me understand the sorts of

communications are going to be having if

I was to do a semi fly

a clearly is ready holding Point alpha

to upward departure alpha partly making

keys or taking which leg of the service

to the polygon departing upwind temple

turn towards upper part light okay in

kazooie correct down with a cranky

suicide Yankees over hoppitty opposition

okay today it's good I'm making a video

about radio cause I just completely

stopped my radio call to get out of here

I did not do it on purpose long I've

done over the years not just in Echo

Yankee Zulu but in lots of aircraft I've

asked a lot of content which I've never

shared here on YouTube because I like to

keep the stories I make on YouTube

concise and informative and interesting

and so there's a lot I've cut out a lot

of that I think would be useful to

people like yourself watching this

channel especially if you're learning to

fly but also if you've been flying for a

while or if you're just interested in

aviation you want to see a bit more in

detail of what goes on behind the scenes

at the tower

echo Yankees ooh they're approaching

albert park lake from the south 1,500

receive delta request to right-hand city

office where to write city orbits 1000

500 K Q do it easy as there



love being able to do this over the city


sharing a short concise snippets of

certain flights that I've been doing so

like entering Class C airspace in

Melbourne for example how I get into

Moorabbin the flying Ledger's tip here

for example getting into controlled

airspace and doing city orbits so you

can easily flick through a catalogue of

videos which I'll be updating regularly

as well

and pick out the flights that are

relevant to you they want your notice on

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people learning to fly student pilots

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