Visit Belize - 10 Things That SHOCK Tourists about Belize

hey the fellow-travellers mark here with

Walters world and today we're here on

key Coker here in the LEAs and today we

have for you our 10 things that shocked

tourists when they come here to Belize

and I will tell you the first thing it

shocks a lot of tourists when they come

here is they speak English look I'm not

saying a lot of people speak English or

in the tourism industry people speak

English no the official language of

Belize is English all the signs you see

all over the country are in English you

don't have miles-per-hour they have that

here it's crazy like oh my gosh it's

it's Latin America where they speak

English it's one of those really

interesting kind of things is actually

this we use to be called British

Honduras and and believes only got its

independence in 1981 from Great Britain

so you have a lot of British influences

here including the language so it makes

it a lot easier for people to actually

come and visit if you're not sure about

your Spanish or your Mayan or whatever

you could be just fine now if you speak

Spanish it's okay most people speak

English and Spanish and you'll see

you'll I should say you'll hear some

Creole when you're here kind of like a

Spanglish kind of thing you will hear

that occasionally but English you'll be

totally fine so for a lot of people it's

kind of shocking out easy it is to

really get around and do everything here

because you understand the language just

fine now the second thing that kind of

shocks people though is they think Oh

British influence in the English and

stuff like that so it's gonna be quite

British uns gonna be quite refined and

it's going to be on time and stuff like

that oh no no the second thing is gonna

shock you and you come to beliefs is you

got to be on island time even you're not

on the keys on the islands you're gonna

be on island time because everything

takes a little bit longer when you are

here and that's okay I mean you're here

to relax being Belize is perfect for

relaxing okay

the people are chillax the food takes a

while to eat and enjoy and stuff like

that the beers ice-cold you'll enjoy

relaxing but you got to realize when

you're ordering your food when you're

getting sat down in a restaurant when

you're waiting for your food when you're

getting your bill stuff like that when

you're waiting for service its island

time so just go as they say here in Key

coker go slow because you have to

otherwise you'll go crazy and I know for

a lot of tours that could be tough the

first few days but believe me after a

few days you're totally used to it like

oh you eventually flag down the waitress

order a couple beers hop in the water

for a while come back out and then they

arrive okay so so that

another thing to know about alright now

when you are ordering those conch

fritters are you're getting a fry Jack

or you're getting yourself the Pelican

beer stuff like that are anything made

with rum

another thing that shocks tourists is

you pay in US dollars here or you can

pay in u.s. dollars here look police has

its own currency the Belizean dollar

okay but the thing is it's pegged to the

u.s. dollar two to one and you'll see

prices in belizean money so it'll be

like 20 but you can just play with a ten

dollar bill no problem you can

interchange them no big deal which is

really awesome and let me tell you as a

tourist I know it allow the online

things that a lot of the books they said

oh there's ATMs all over the place no

there's not it's sometimes it's hard to

find ATMs and stuff like that especially

gonna be going out and about and seeing

some of the Mayan ruins or going

snorkeling come on there's nothing out

there but you do have those things so

bring some US cash when you come here if

you're come from Europe or other places

that don't use US dollars I mean you're

gonna need to get some US dollars

because I have not seen very many

exchange places at all when you're here

so know that but hey paying in u.s.

dollars so much easier you don't don't

worry about it but believes believes

wanting police dollars you'll be fine

too no big deal that's what comes out of

the ATM but hey I just took out some

money before I came here in the US and

just spent US dollars when I was here

you will get your change back in

belizean money sometimes and sometimes

in US dollars if they have it so you do

have that okay now another thing I

should talk about with the money is

you're gonna be shocked when you come

here that police though it's in Central

America for those who don't know Belize

is its sandwich for kind of between

Guatemala and Mexico and the Caribbean

Sea I mean it's it's gorgeous here and

it's beautiful the people are awesome

but you have this this Latin American

vibe when you're here but the thing is

that shocks people is you don't have

Latin American pricing when you come to

Belize I'm not gonna lie to you Belize

it's more expensive than pretty much

anywhere else I've been in Central

America okay now the reason some of that

is is if you're gonna go to the keys

like here in Key Colker and go to San

Pedro and stuff like that is its ions

okay so you're gonna have the up charge

we have to bring everything here but

what I have noticed this you know eating

and the tours and the accommodation is

more expensive than when we were in

Nicaragua or Guatemala or Costa Rica

stuff like that well maybe like close to

Costa Rica prices kind of like they

versus Nicaragua Guatemala okay so and

that especially goes for when you do

tours when you're here whether you're

gonna be going to the Mayan rooms near

the Guatemalan border or you're here on

Kiko can you're gonna be taking

snorkeling apps or scuba diving out to

the Blue Hole it just feels that the


cost more than they should I mean the

tours are awesome here and I'll talk

about those later but it just feels like

they're little higher price and they

should be now that you're upset about

the tours it's just one of those things

it just is a bit more expensive than the

rest of Latin America or I'd say Central

America specifically now

the next thing that shocks people they

come here is I'll be honest with you

when you go snorkeling and scuba diving

and go to the beach here oh my god the

water crystal clear gorgeous

we're taking the water taxi in from

Belize City over to here you're like oh

my God look at that water my sounds like

look is that a school of fish like yes

that is a school of fish it's so cool

we're out here I mean seriously straight

behind us we're in the water and there's

schools of fishes swimming around so

even if you got your kids you want to go

on one of the tours to go snorkeling you

could just hop in the water here and

enjoy it it's just gorgeous but if

you're a scuba person or a snorkeling

person pay for those tours go to the

Blue Hole to see that if you want to see

those things you're gonna see more more

wildlife you might want to go to

different places than in the Blue Hole

but who knows one of those really cool

places to see but if you really see a

lot of like sea life and wildlife and

stuff like that not probably the best

one to go to but there's all kinds of

stuff to see you want to see manatees

you want to see the fish or to see

sharks rays there's so many cool things

to see but when you're on the beaches

here the beaches are gorgeous okay and

when you watch the sunrise on the beach

oh my god it's so gorgeous

or since they're keys out here these

islands well belize's are the main lands

behind me you can watch the sunset here

as well and it's just gorgeous so

believe me you want to hit the beaches

when you're here alright it just it's

just awesome and do all the cool stuff

that goes along with it now the next

thing it's gonna shock you when you come

here to Belize is when you go and see

the Mayan ruins look Belize has got like

between 350 thousand four hundred

thousand people here give or take with

the tours and stuff like that but the

thing is back in the day there was a

million Mayans that lived here in Belize

and you have some really cool ruins too

scattered throughout the country and

it's really something you should check

out when you are here

cutter coal it is probably the big is

the biggest one here in the country you

can go see that easily there's a few

more of them others when you go to and

we're at the ferry and they like hand

crank the ferry across for you to go up

there to see the lookout point I mean

it's just really kind of cool and I'll

be honest if you're gonna be staying in

San Ignacio okay that's kind of like the

base for like the adventure tour or

something and tube canyon or cave tubing

and stuff like that I'll talk about that

later in the shocks when you go there

you can actually go over to Guatemala

for the day to go to Tikal it's a UNESCO

World Heritage Site it is a huge huge

Mayan complex with huge towers and huge

temples and all kinds of stuff I mean

they figured out this probably like

10,000 structures there and they have

you know a few hundred uncovered now I

mean it's just really amazing and you

can see how the jungle vegetation has

climbed over the stuff but you can see

that a lot of the ones here - but Tikal

can be an easy like a lot of model for a

bit very easy to get over there but I

shouldn't talk about that because it's

about shots of Belize

so definitely check out the Mayan ruins

here they are very cool now my next shot

for you has to do with getting around

maybe getting to those Mayan ruins

inland which is gorgeous up there by the

way or maybe it's coming here to the

keys it's transportation in Belize look

you're gonna fly into Belize City which

is not the capital by the way but you're

gonna fly in a Belize City and you could

just hire a driver to take you to Sonic

now see if you want to go do those

things if you want to come here - you

can grab a water taxi I can grab the

water taxi have a taxi take you the

water taxi they'll bring you here out to

the keys or you can do a little flight

over there there's all kinds of

different ways to get around but I will

say is when you're driving around since

there's so few people it's pretty sparse

when you're on the highway or the


the roads around here and they will be

pretty bumpy like I'm like talking boom

boom boom so be ready would you do we

take your transportation around here

because it can be a bit like shaky and

bumpy and all kinds of stuff but when

you do drive around no matter where you

go in the country you have gorgeous

views whether you're heading into

inlands or you're heading on the on the

water taxi here - Kiko Kerr

I mean one of things that got me is what

I got to get a key Coker they use golf

courses transportation there's no cars

here you're like oh wow that's kind of

cool so you have those things -

transportation around here

can be pretty pretty interesting I will

say if you transport on your feet when

you are here doing the hikes definitely

be prepared for a lot of hiking and

stuff like that but but it is kind of a

cool thing and my next shot for you has

to do when you are walking around on

your little footsies and that is you can

drink while you're walking around yeah

you're coming to the keys and stuff like

that you'll see if I'm walking with a

drink all the time

nobody given it any troubles or anything

like that yeah cousin believes

technically you can walk around with a

beer you can walk around with a rum

drink cuz that's what you're gonna go

for here the rum and the thing is the

only thing you need to know is don't

have it in glass jars or glass bottles

okay have an aluminum cam you know of

beer or a drink or just put it in a

plastic cup and you'll be totally fine

that's the way you do it so you can just

total realize because this place is

forever go slow

relax it's valise you're gonna have a

nice time just chillax but it's really

nice to chillax go hang I can walk

around with my drink I don't have to

leave it at the bar behind him you you

can have a good time with that now when

you're walking around with your drink

you may say hey Mark you know Iona be

safe walking around this drink I mean

one of the biggest searches when I put

Belize the thing that comes up on Google

is is belief safe and safety in Belize

things like that that is one thing that

it shocked me is how safe I felt here in

Belize and I'll be honest with you

Belize is it's pretty chillax here that

people are pretty chillax I say hey you

wanna come like the punters didn't

people try to get you into the or try to

get you into the the restaurant stuff

like that nah man

oh yeah next time man don't worry it's

kind of like really laid-back that way

and I have felt pretty safe here with my

kids which is really nice which is

different than if you look online and

look at the the crime numbers here I

mean the crime levels here in Belize are

really bad but they'll tell you all this

mostly Belize City or the southern part

of Belize City and it's true the thing

is a tourist you're not going to stay in

Belize City you're gonna come straight

out here to the keys and go enjoy out

here or you're gonna head inland like

San Ignacio or some other places enjoy

those because there's a lot of places to

go that aren't in the crime part of the

country now having said I feel totally I

feel really safe here I will say there's

some certain thanks you know that the

danger of the Sun and the bugs that's a

big thing when you're driving around

always have your seatbelt on if you are

gonna be treating with your buddies do

not go out late night by yourself you

know always be going in a group stuff

like that you know basic travel safety

stuff I would have that so I would say

though the statistics make believes look

unsafe it's not as unsafe as you think

because it's not you're not going to be

going to those parts where those things

happen okay so but do pay attention now

for the tenth thing I want to talk about

the nature and also some of the cool

like adventure stuff you can do but

we're gonna go to San Ignacio to finish

this one off so bye from Kiko ker

so here we are in San Ignacio to finish

off our 10 shots and the 10 thing that's

gonna shock you when you come here to

Belize is the nature adventure tourism

you can do look we're here based in San

Ignacio good place to be base to do some

of the cool stuff life like have you

ever thought of going to be

yeah there's tubing what have you ever

done cave tubing oh yeah you can do that

here also great base to go and see those

Mayan ruins I talked about you can see

them here right near the right near the

Guatemalan border I mean from Tikal you

can get easily from here but that's in

Guatemala but the thing is horseback

riding kayaking canoeing stuff like that

this is like oh my god there is so much

outdoor adventure stuff to do so you

have kind of a nice mix you can do the

beaches on the keys like I showed you or

you can be here in San Ignacio and have

like a laid-back time and do adventure

stuff during the day and then relax at

night some of the bars of restaurants

here in town so I hope that helps you be

a bit better prepared for coming to

Belize if you want to learn more maybe

the don'ts of coming to Belize or maybe

you want to just know some of the basic

what to know before you come to Belize

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