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welcome back to the channel um if you

haven't been here before my name is naya

i am usually based in myanmar nowadays

but at the moment due to coronavirus i

am back

in melbourne australia um where we are

in stage four lockdown

we are in week two or stage four but in


six of our overall lockdown that started

like our second

lockdown but anyway none of you guys

want to know about that

we're not here to talk about coronavirus

we're here to talk about

what to know when you're moving to

myanmar or how to

move to myanmar um so i moved to myanmar


may of 2019 um before that i was in hong


and i moved from hong kong to myanmar

but before hong kong i was in australia

um when i was in hong kong i was

finishing up my studies

um and then my partner alex got a job in

myanmar so we decided to

move to myanmar and it just worked out

perfectly as i had finished my degree i

was looking to get a new job

or start a job my first job um and it

all just worked out perfectly

so um i wanted you guys kind of like run

you guys through how to move to miami i

think it is a very

um it's not a it's not a normal place


the us or moving to london kind of thing

that people would normally do so i think

there are a lot of things that

um questions to be had and answers to be

given um essentially to moving to

myanmar um

so first of all i absolutely love living

overseas i

i highly encourage anybody

if you are able to if your job allows if

your studies allow you to

if you can find money and save your ass


and move overseas just for a time in

your life

i would highly recommend it you can go

and travel and work

you can just work you can just travel

just do it it's so much fun it opens up

so many new avenues

for you in terms of perspective


um physically mentally emotionally

everything it offers you everything you

can and it will

really help you grow incredibly as a

person so i've written down some notes

um and i want to make sure i covered

them all just so that this is

super helpful um and not me just

rambling um

so first of all moving to myanmar i

actually think it's a lot easier to move

to myanmar than

your another country like essentially


for example moving to australia is quite

hard um

because you can't really move through

unless you have

a specific visa or you have a job that

sponsors you

the visa options are not really um

very friendly to people moving just

for the sake of it or like last minute

moving you really need to have

a solid plan in place and a lot of

documentation i was also seeing videos

of people moving to japan and korea and

the documentation you need for that is

also incredibly

um complex but moving to myanmar is not

in the documentation that hard um so if

you've built up the courage to move to

myanmar and you're

thinking about it or you're ready to

your steps in terms of like in terms of

formalities is not that difficult you

don't have that many hoops to jump

through so

that is encouraging for you to know all

right so

for myanmar most people move to yangon

which is like

the economic capital city it's not the

capital city navy door is the capital


but a lot of people will move there

because it's kind of the economic hub of


um where everything is kind of happening

it's like

the new york of myanmar if you would if

you would like to say that

uh so yeah yangon's a really great place

to live i

don't think i've known that many people

who've gone directly into living like in

mandalay or nepal

unless they're like a ambassador or like

some sort of government official

or they have work that needs it to be in

another area

um so moving to yangon is actually


easy i found moving in like

transitioning into the angle in life the

pace of life was quite nice

it's quite similar to where i'm from in

melbourne it's like slow

but a little bit i guess it's got that

asianesque um

it's like a melbourne asian melbourne i

would say like it's slower paced

than hong kong or um

like bangkok but it's fast enough that

there's like a lot going on things are

open late it's really nice and that's

something that everyone

that lives in asia really likes about

asia is like i just

accessibility to things um so

yeah moving people will generally move

to going on so once you are

in moving too young and you've decided

that you're gonna move

um for whatever reason that is um i

think the first thing most people kind


do is pack right so when you're packing

for myanmar

um there are some things that i would

say are really important to me and some

things that you don't

don't even worry about it um i didn't

know before i moved

that when you go and rent out an

apartment especially as an expat

most places are furnished and myanmar

has this like beautiful

system where they i think that

apartments and condos or just like


tend to have like a backlog of furniture

and they're happy to finish it for you

maybe for a little bit

more of a price but they'll give you the

furniture to use whilst you're renting

it which is really helpful because

it means you don't have to bring over

like cabinets and all that sort of stuff

or find it yourself and spend money on

it so

that is a huge plus i think um when we

moved we brought over like a table and

like a shoe of it and things like i

would probably not have brought in

looking back now um because like we

bought a kettle when

you can buy a kettle anyway or we can

get given a kettle as part of your rent


so for packing pack your clothes pack


pack pack um maybe some snacks that you


um clothes like in shoes especially

from coming from a western country for

me i'm really tall i have

big feet and my people are

not really really tall and they don't

have big feet so it's really hard as a

woman like if i go shoe shopping

i was like went to go buy a pair of

havaianas and i was like do my size 41

and they're like no larger sizes of 39

so i was like

all right ben so keep that in mind when

you're packing i think pack things that

um are unique to you

that you wouldn't get in myanmar because

a lot of things are obviously made for

people in myanmar

um yeah okay so moving on um

the next one is um so for your visa

visas are pretty simple in myanmar

there's not like a huge sophisticated

range of different visas

it's pretty much like you go on a

tourist visa or you go on a business

visa that's 70 days where you're being

invited to come to vis

to work and you just work for that 70

day period and then um

you can get a multi-journey entry visa


which means you can come in and out of

the country without having to apply for

a new visa every time

that's usually for six months or twelve

months um how the visas work is that you

when i first came in i came in a tourist

visa once i found a job

i got sponsored um and got a business

invitation to come in

two periods of the 70 day business visa

which means you have to

stay for 70 days or like pay for it for

70 days

pay for it for the once off and then if

you leave before 70 days it doesn't

matter you just need to repurchase a new

70 day visa once you've done that twice

then you can apply for a multi-entry

visa your company will do it for you

and that will cost around i think it's

like 350 us dollars for six months and

then it's more than that

for 12 months but usually you can't get

a 12-month

multi-entry visa off straight off the

bat like after your business visas you

need to go through the six month and

then the 12 month

um but you do have to do the two

business phases of 70 days

first those two cycles before you can

get the six month visa um

so it's a quite an easy process to get a

business visa opposed to

like when i was in hong kong trying to

get a business visa there i had to get


first of all it was really hard to get a

job in hong kong that would sponsor

you because it's quite competitive and

you don't really have a point of

difference as much

in hong kong if you don't speak the

language and if you don't really have

like a master's or like a phd

that really sets you aside from all the

locals um which is

you know obviously that's to protect

local talent which is really good

but in myanmar um you do have a lot more

accessibility i don't think they've


made too sophisticated of like a um

sponsored visa process yet because they

don't have that many people that are

coming in to work as

i'm sponsored business people uh so

that kind of leads me to finding a job

um finding a job is

also first of all back with the visa

thing you don't actually have to go into

views if you don't want to you can

continue paying the 70 visa 70 day visa

fee which is like 50 us dollars

um repeatedly like i know people who've

just stayed on that and they don't go on

a multi-entry if they don't want to

so yeah um okay uh

so yeah for work finding work uh

i always have a really jaded view i

think well not a

no it's not a negative view it's like a


it's maybe not a true reflection of how

hard it is to get a job

in myanmar i was really lucky to get a

job in two weeks of being in myanmar

which apparently is really unusual but i

didn't realize at the time

so um if you are looking for work in

myanmar there are so many outlets that

you can do that on people are really


i've said that like billion times before

in other videos but i also have a video

down below that i've linked of

how i got a job in um myanmar and

the key things i think you should do to

really get a job overseas in the visas


check that video out for more details

but in summary

um use your resources linkedin like

email people message people

um go to events as much as you can

there's so many resources in myanmar to


to get work it's just a matter of

finding your field and finding out like

what it is that you need to do

i know a lot of people that do come to

myanmar don't really come in

like me and like not have a job and then

find one um most people come in

out of finding a job through maybe the

un or they're doing like ngo work or

they're a teacher

etc so a lot of people do it through

already having a job and then they come

to myanmar or they're on a program

there's a lot of people that come in


um study programs so

yeah but you can watch that video and i

talk about it in way more detail and

it'll be a lot more helpful

okay now moving to living um so i

touched on this before a little bit but

um i said about how you get your

apartment furnished and it's really

really great

but how do you actually find apartments

in myanmar so there are a lot

of apartments online on facebook so when

we first

came to myanmar we stayed in a hotel


um because alex's company um he came

with his company so they were able to

give us time to find an apartment um so


contacted uh real estate agents through

facebook because there was there's a

site called yangon connection which is


you always start with when you first

moved to myanmar and then they have a

real estate

um like facebook group um and where

people post about real estate all the


and if you just start searching like a

real estate yangon

connection in facebook you'll start

getting the groups

i join those groups um and then you can

see people posting up different


click on the people that are posting

departments and you can inquire about it

and then they will

help you do a showing of these

apartments when we went our first time

we went and saw

10 apartments um we didn't like any of

them except for this other one that we


saw at the end of the day and that was

the one that we decided to stay in so

it is quite easy uh people are really

friendly and they'll take you around for

the whole day looking at apartments um

the agents fees range like it it varies

like some people try to arrange

an uh agent free and some people don't

because i think the

landlord will pay for it so it's kind of

potluck and you can just ask they'll

tell you um but

yeah i mean that person drove us around

for the whole day and we we ended up

going with one apartment um so

you don't have to it's just you have to

see if they can find something that you


um the living conditions in myanmar are

like quite good for expats um there is a

range of

styles and i guess conditions based on

how much you want to pay

um but yeah i guess it really depends on

what your budget is

and i will do a cost of living video

when i'm back in myanmar um because i

think it'll be a lot more helpful if i

can show you guys like different sort of

apartments and the cost of living for

each of them so

keep your eye and watch this keep your

eye on

watch this space i will have a video on

that soon

um and that will be more helpful but if

you have more questions on it feel free

to direct message me on instagram or

comment below and i can answer your

questions for you

um okay and another thing that people

that i was really not sure about and had

no idea about was kind of the language

barrier that i would have coming into


um and i was so pleasantly surprised

like absolutely

impressed by the english skills of

myanmar people in

yemen in yangon um because i had

traveled to japan i've traveled to a lot

of countries

and i mean for me japan they're so um

prominent in the financial world and

like in such a developed

country and i thought that they would be

able to speak quite good english which

is quite ignorant of me as an english

speaker but their english level wasn't

that great

um and i thought that myanmar's english

skills level maybe wouldn't be that good

but actually i think there's a wider

variety of myanmar people

and they can speak english at a really

good standard compared to

japanese people that can speak english

so that was

a really great surprise i have been

trying to learn

myanmar language but i need to go and

take actual lessons um i've just learnt

from my colleagues at work

so that's probably not good enough um

but yeah language barrier is not so much

of an issue

um people will try their best to speak

to you you also can always find someone

to help or they're also

like you can just show them things and

write it out or go and translate on


and that'll be fine um all right and

money so myanmar is a cash society like

predominantly a cash society

i spoke in my last video from last week

which i spoke about um things that i

wish i knew before i went to myanmar

watch that video if you want to know a

little bit more about my experiences as

well and things to know before you move

but in that video i talked about how


have credit cards in myanmar and you can

like put your money in a bank account

etc like that

um but also people in myanmar

love cash um and most people like

wealthy people they just have all their


in cash and they're just like they'll

just go and buy apartments and like

pay it all in cash it's wild so

money wise i would bring usd cash when

you come and you first move to myanmar

then you can decide how you would like

to store that and once you start getting

a job then you can decide

to get you get your bank account get

paid into that etc

um so money in myanmar they

love us dollars to be perfect

this shocked me when i first went like

it has to be pristine

i remember one time i went to go change

money and the person was like it was a

perfect bill

there was no creases there was no marks

on it and they felt the money they said

it feels dirty

and i was like really but it's so

perfect and then they wouldn't exchange


um which is super frustrating sometimes

because like you just sometimes just

don't understand it because

coming from like australia our money's


um and if it's crumpled they'll take it

but in myanmar i think it's because

um usol is valued quite highly

and i think there's a lot of maybe

issues with counterfeit money so

they want the us dollars to be

absolutely perfect uh

so make sure your us dollars are perfect

and that they are the newer

printed bills if you give them an old

100 us dollar bill

they will not give you any money in

exchange for that so

just be really mindful of this um people

always think like i'm joking when i'm

when my friends come to visit and i'm

like no i'm serious like make sure your

money is

flat no creases no markings

feels clean because you will not get

anywhere with that money if it's not

like that

um yeah so i would recommend you to have

very good money

condition good condition of money um so

that kind of brings it to the end of the

things that i think you mainly need to

know when you move to myanmar how to

move to myanmar

another thing my last thing would be is

i always forget to like kind of

tell people about this but flying into

myanmar is

if you're coming from the us australia

from europe it's there's not really a

direct route you're going to have to

transit if you're coming from like

southeast asia region you'll be able to

get a direct flight

but yangon for me like if i'm from

australia i need to fly

into like singapore bangkok kuala lumpur

and then transit through so it's not

cheap to fly to myanmar so when you move

here keep in mind that you will have to

spend money on

getting out and getting back

in through transit flights um and it

won't be just a simple

uh cheap flight for you but it is cheap

to fly just to like bangkok or like

kuala lumpur but

flying out into further long-haul

flights it's expensive

um so keep that in mind um and plan your

trips ahead i would say

plan your trips ahead um yeah so if you

are looking to move to a member i really

hope that you do it because it's so much

fun um

send me a message ask me any questions

you want um

it's a great country i have absolutely

loved living in myanmar so far

um and guys comment below if you have

anything else you want me to see

or things that you think that other

people should know before they move to

myanmar and i can always expand on it

so thank you guys so much um for

watching i hope that you don't forget to

like subscribe and comment um and also

i'll see you guys next week bye stay