What It's Like to Safari at Kruger National Park in South Africa | A Travel Guide

so I think one of the most challenging

things in terms of planning this trip to

South Africa was really figuring out

Kruger National Park it was a bit of a

mystery to me figuring out the bookings

the accommodations what the camps were

like so I want to put together this

video for you guys to show you a bit

about what Kruger is like life on the

road doing self drives in the park what

our accommodations were like about food

the trips as well I'll give you an

inside look make sure you subscribe on

the channel and let me do a full rundown

so what do you do when you first come

into Kruger well with Kruger there are a

whole bunch of gates all around the park

and the main gate that we came in

through was Paul Kruger Gate from there

you gonna drive to your campsite so it

really depends on what campsite you

decided to stay at the one that we came

to first was skukuza and what you see

behind me is the skukuza main gate once

you're inside your camps gate the first

thing you're going to want to do is

check in so there's a reception building

pretty much right by the gate and it's

actually right behind or right in front

of you right now and the reception

building is actually a large complex

with reception you're gonna want to

check in to your room and get your keys

and also get situated with your

activities so all of the online bookings

that you've made they're gonna check

them all and give you any sort of Indian

forums that you're gonna retire from the

reception building you have a whole

bunch of other different things that are

around so in front of the reception is

the latest sightings board and this

sightings board has pretty much anything

that anyone is seen on the day of and

the previous day and as well you have

the post office the bank the ATM if

you're gonna want it withdraw money also

if you have any activities like the

sunrise Drive the sunset Drive the night

drive the trucks are pretty much right

behind the building so just wait there

and they'll pick you up and across the

street actually from the reception

building is the gas station there's a

total gas station where you can fill up

so you don't really have to worry too

much about not having enough gas for all

the day's drives that you're gonna be

doing in Kruger we are now in the parts

shop in skukuza and this is a shot that

pretty much has anything that you'd ever

need I've been really impressed with

everything I've seen so far just look at

how modern it is and how massive it is

you can find anything from food

groceries snacks drinks souvenirs

clothing camping things postcards maps

guys you name it all that stuff is here

anything that you might have forgotten

you'll be sure to find it in this shop


so while you can cook I feel like if

you're here for only a couple days it

actually doesn't make a whole lot of

sense because each of these camps like

skukuza or lower savvy are so well

equipped similar to the post shop which

has a ton of variety there are many

restaurants to choose from for all the

various camps in the park and so behind

me we have cattle baron which is

fantastic for dinners which has great

steaks and around the corner we have a

takeaway spot which is also cattle baron

which has things like salads sandwiches

burgers ribs as well so a lot to choose

from and last thing I'll add is that all

of these have amazing views of river

Savi with the outdoor patio so what you

see behind me is our bungalow and there

are a ton of different type of

accommodations in all the different

campsites across the entire national

park we're specifically at Asko Cuza

campsite and this is the L 2 RW

Riverside bungalow so we opted for a bit

more of an upscale type of accommodation

here at camp we actually have gorgeous

views of Savi River that run right

across through this particular bungalow

is one that includes a lot of different

amenities so there's built in

air-conditioned which you really need

especially during hot climates of South

Africa you got your own kitchen which

you could definitely use if you want to

cook and do kind of your your own

self-made meals it has everything from

the fridge to a stove to pots and pans

to an oven as well the thing is you'll

have to make sure you have all your

equipment to make sure you're able to

cook I think for guys like me which are

coming in for just maybe two or three

days it doesn't really make a whole lot

of sense the leverage what's back here

but you definitely can if you want to I

would say mainly because the cafe and

the restaurants are right over there

literally two minutes walk away which is

what I really loved about the L 2 RW

bungalow so we just walk over we can

have a full meal there

the restaurant and cafe are really

really good now inside the accommodation

itself is actually really really nice

it's just like your standard hotel room

slash motel room I guess it's two single

beds you got AC like I mentioned you

have TV as well lots of outlets so you

can charge your stuff which is really

critical when you're out here on Safari

and then you got a full bathroom so

shower toilet sink and all that stuff

racks the dryer your clothes if you're

washing clothes like we do when we

travel so pretty much everything that

you need so it's a really good

accommodation I highly recommend this

particular one at skukuza camp now

they're gonna differ for all the other

ones so another place that we're gonna

check out is lower savvy but there are

other ones as well Satara up north and

others depending on what your itinerary

looks like so this is really camp life

the top end of things with a bungalow

but you have cheaper ones as well if you

want to stay at some of the smaller huts

that have more communal bathrooms or

communal kitchens so it really depends

on what your budget is and what your

style of travel is but for us again this

Riverside bungalow was a really good

choice we stayed here two nights and you

could park your car right there you can

drive right in it's really convenient

and we really loved this particular


now if you want to look at our bungalow

and lower savvy we have the Biddy - room

27 bungalow here in lower savvy and this

one is actually a little bit different

the other one was that Rhonda Bell style

which was kind of neat a little bit more

traditional this one I would say is a

bit more hotel slash Motel style the

kitchen is actually inside the suite

which is actually pretty nice and the

rooms themselves are a little bit more

modern and just as nice as the other

ones so if you're coming to lower savvy

this is what you can expect so there are

a long list of activities here to do at

Kruger National Park and there's really

two types you have the guided kruger

national park tours and then you have

really your self-drive which is what

most people come here for now what you

see behind me is one of the trucks that

we use for the morning bush walk and

that's just one of the activities you

have Sunset Drive sunrise Drive night

Drive and I would say that really the

advantages of these drives is that

they're fully guided you have your own

Ranger tracker they're gonna spot the

animals and let you know what you can

see and so the the thing as well is with

this truck this is a smaller truck but

there's a larger truck as well I'd say

these also have the better vantage

points because you're a bit higher up

and they know exactly where to go what

I've learned with these drives is that

they're typically a fixed route but for

each of the camps each camp has a set of

those sunrise sunset night drives and

bush walks and they cover different

areas so if you want to do one of these

drives in let's say lower sabhi versus

skukuza or Satara

they're all gonna cover different

landscapes and you'll probably see

different animals as well but I

definitely recommend doing them the

other half of it is the self Drive and

with the self drive it's really a

choose-your-own-adventure kind of thing

there's no fixed routes that you can do

but there are ton of roads from the camp

so you pretty much pick for the day

which one you're gonna do now what I

recommend is that you should start super

super early and so in the summertime the

gates open up at 4:30 and so start your

drive that early in the morning all the

way until about 9:00 or 10:00 come back

have breakfast lunch nap and then I'd

say around 4 o'clock do a second drive

which is from 4:00 to 6:00 because

during the mid-afternoon it's just way

too hot you're not going to see any

animals the latter half the animals come

back out again but if you are gonna do

an afternoon Drive I'd say try to do or

rather mid afternoon Drive try to go

around the watering holes because that's

where most the animals are gonna be

drinking water a ton of things to do

like I mentioned and you're not going to

run out of things to do here at Kruger

okay so the truck in front of us just

told us there is a lion out there not

too sure but I can't see anything at all

it's kind of like how this Kruger

self-drive has been if you don't have a

tall vehicle or you don't have the luck

and it's not right by the side of the

road you're not gonna see it this is

crazy it's all the way down that you can

barely see he's lying down back towards

this paw is kind of outstretched see

them way behind past these whole set of

bushes and it's on on a side dirt road

actually it's a kind of like a dirt road

back there the flat plain but I have no

idea how somebody would have spotted

that that's insane we would have just

driven by it's a bad bone

giant we've been driving for a total of

almost seven hours now but because it's

mid-afternoon it's insanely hot all the

animals have gone to rest or hide under

trees so we've seen some elephants and

giraffes under trees but a lot of the

big cats you know go into hiding and we

don't really get to see them by the side

of the road but we're gonna continue

driving and see what we find we

sometimes see a few birds kind of in the

tree we're trying to look under the

trees as well to see if there are any

animals getting some shade so the hunt


good morning it's our third day here at

Kruger National Park it's about five

o'clock in the morning I got my trusty

tracker here Chantell we are on the

lookout for some big cats that's what

we've been wanting to see out here we

haven't seen a whole lot of other than

we saw some lines off sight which is

really crazy

but we'll see so it might be something

over there let's go check it out it's

always a bit of FOMO when you see a

bunch of cars stopped on the side of the

road you're wondering what's out there

you want to make sure you don't miss it

but it could just be you know it could

just be kudu

impala who knows we are headed towards

our camp blower savvy actually and we're

taking some side roads but we just

passed by a couple that told us that

they saw a leopard but two kilometers

from where we bumped into them so we're

looking really closely on both sides to

see if we're lucky enough to spot them

apparently just walking around so yeah

so we looked for a whole two kilometers

and then some still couldn't find it so

fortunately no leopard for us today