Busbys Fly to New York


all right so this morning we are gearing

up and we are headed to New York City

for our big press tour leading up to the

season premiere of out daughter'd so

we're bringing all six kids we're

bringing Mimi and we're also bringing

Danielle's best friend Priscilla to help

out with the kids because obviously

we'll be doing interviews and stuff and

people to just help wrangle babies and

we're gonna have some very early

mornings and just to help get us out of

the house and stuff like that sitting

with kids on airplanes we're all packed

up we're doing last-minute touch-ups

getting kids ready bus is about to pick

us up

Mimi and Priscilla are about to get here

and we are gonna hit the road we also

have a special little surprise probably

she doesn't know about this morning


laughing it's blue toothpaste


okay guys take you loose teeth cheese I

love you Lulu you ready for brush your

teeth your hands wipe your mouth see the

sparkling Hannah

where are we going everyone in the bus

and then where we go one on the airplane

say New York New York say I'm in a New

York state of mind

good morning on America say yep we gonna

be on good morning you see the bus all

ready to go

the backpacks packed up where are we

going you don't know where Parker will

go into New York what are we doing in

New York so we're going on the Good

Morning America show we're gonna get out

we're gonna tell people about our show

with what is our so called Riley what's

the name of our show yeah we're gonna

talk about and tell people to watch out



thank somebody hasn't seen the surprise

yet how are you so this is a quick


I think it's outside we're gonna keep it

a surprise

you got your best friend in New York how

about that yeah get to come along and

see all the fun stuff that we're gonna

do all right let's load up this bus cuz

we got to go we got a lot of people to

get to the airport you ready yeah

I don't want to bring my purse I'm sure

you're gonna you're not gonna bring the


I guess everywhere we go no I'm just

bringing I don't want to bring on the

airplane all right yeah I start loading

bags so how many do we have


and then everybody's got their little

carry ons



are y'all ready

you're on the bus Hayes are you ready

yeah yeah

where we going where we going you ready

PK yeah you and Daddy sit by you right

here okay who is back there with the big

girls what are you doing right here bye



we have time now delay flight is now

delayed till 120 so now we have time to

not rush and actually get lunch at the

airport says having a rush to get food

to bring on the airplane all right y'all


we got to go check them in they got to

put them on the airplane for us yeah hey

what did you say you're gonna do in the



you're gonna what

you're gonna sleep on the airplane so

you're gonna sit by Kenny instead by

cleaning black

you see the big ol airplane a rainbow

and that's the one we're gonna get on


okay you have to find a match show me


Sarkar is not your turn


what are you drawing what is that oh you

don't know that's a a big what's that

last letter oh yeah who's that whose

name is that


Riley you didn't you thought that was

Lily do you find anywhere right hold on

to your seats



it's not New York down there what is New

York look like to have a bunch of Big

Top Billing



did you see the Empire State Building or

the Statue of Liberty




we made over in New York where our New

York City what are we about to see


oh yeah right


I'm in a New York state of man

I even sandy for me a while ago we're

saving their your you say it say I'm in

a New York

dude I've ever been on 39 oh it asks my

ears what are you do you like that chair

that's a four chair



you sent your farm the biggest green

strip in the city


I just made it to Sarabeth's we just got

to the hotel made it - you made it down

and we're just getting dinner

it'll probably be an early night tonight

I'm sure but service is really good it

was like a block away from my hotel so

that's where we're eating tonight

and what I don't have I may just head

back to the hotel will see Central

Park's like we're right there in front

of us a ton of enticing nobody here it

goes where's Ava candy pink pink is it

beer be bang bang

Kenya was that means Bangkok Bangkok I

think that sounds like Japanese we can

play a Berlin

a firebase Portuguese say kiss

and Portuguese thank you thank you

obviously honeybees and Portuguese say

maybe we just have