Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 - The Best Locations In The World - How To Find And Visit Them

there's probably more locations in the

world than any one person can visit

in an entire lifetime whilst microsoft

flight simulator doesn't have them all

it certainly does have many but the real

trick is how do you go about finding and

visiting them

as a good number simply are not

searchable from within the game

let's take a look


so for this we need a couple of external

tools the first is google

to help us find some great locations

unless of course you already have

locations in mind

a quick web search and we have a

location next up we want google maps now

you don't have to use google

but i personally prefer it so put in

your location here your destination

and just so we can use a proof of

concept here putting the same location

into a flight simulator gives zero


so back on google maps up in the url up

at the top there

we can see some numbers these are the

gps coordinates you can copy and paste


and i'm going to post them into bing

maps so we can get a look at aerial

photography here

just so we can determine whether or not

it's actually worth visiting

in the flight simulator as it uses these

same mapping data

now you can just use bing maps you don't

need to use google as well but i find it

useful to actually compare the two

so this looks like an interesting

location let's go back to flight

simulator and drop in

the gps coordinates it's taken us to

exactly the same location

however the map data is much lower

quality here

so it makes it a little bit harder to

see what's going on but based on bing

maps we know this is going to be

pretty good so left click on it and


set as destination and off we go

now once here we're free to fly around

the location

keep in mind that we would have spawned

in exactly at those gps coordinates so

the location will probably be right

beneath us i'm using active paws here i

showed that in a previous video

i'm going to use the showcase cam and

we're gonna have a bit of a look around

just to see if that location is here and

if so what it actually looks like

and there you can see it the desert

oasis looks pretty good

seems to match more or less what we saw

on both google maps as well as

bing maps quality is not quite as good

of course because this will be auto

generated this won't be a photogrammetry

but it's a location that probably no one

has handcrafted

so all in all it's pretty good and that

should give you an idea of just how

quick it can be to find some

quality locations we're gonna have a

quick fly around this one in fact

something very fun planned here it's a

little tiny lake we're gonna try and

land it in here don't try this at home

this isn't the way to land

in water and it's pretty obvious what's

going to happen here but

i thought it would be fun to try it


yeah there we go we shot straight across

the lake and through the front door well

into the front door anyway so other


let's see what else there is again we go

back to google

there's loads and loads of locations

here and this one

is especially interesting you see the

reason why i'm right here it's a

colored lake pink in the image or red

in the satellite photography again i'm

putting in that leg killer there in a

flight simulator it doesn't bring up a

location big maps just to get an idea of

the data

it is indeed red let's put the gps

coordinates in

and we're good to go again keep in mind

that the resolution of the world map is

fairly low

in flight then we're going to take a

quick look at the lake and yes the glass

of the canopy is dirty there

it doesn't need a good clean and we can

see the edge of the lake right there it

does have that pink

red issue to it the altar itself does

look blue from this distance but you'll

find as we get closer

it is actually colored the correct way

now the interesting thing about this and

i touched on the subject a moment ago

with the oasis

is that this is not handcrafted and

chances are pretty high that not a

single developer at a sober studio

have ever even seen it this is simply

down to the technology used to craft the


and yeah it seems to be pretty darn

accurate another nice location to visit


let's do one more this is a fly geezer

and once again

we're looking at it here in google maps

like i say you don't need to use google

you can use

either google or bing maps but i do

prefer to use both again we can see the

quality difference between the two

google is much higher resolution

when compared to being in this

particular case the colorations are also

a little bit different but it's worth

going to

now you can also see the gps coordinates

are available in bing maps

just right click on a location in bing

maps select drop a pin

and the gps coordinates will be be there

for you to copy and paste

into fly simulator and in flight we can

see yet again that this is

another really nice location so then

that is a really easy way to find the

awesome looking places around the world

and it's actually the perfect way to

plan out your flights and sightseeing

of course if you don't want to spawn

directly on top of these locations once

you've got the longitude latitude

coordinates and you plug them into

flight simulator

you can make it a part of a flight route

maybe you want to make it as part of the


and a fly from it from a few miles away

or a nearby airport

or maybe you want to make it a point of

interest along a route

all are very easy to achieve once you've

got the location

as always thanks for watching and i'll

catch you guys and girls next time