How to Get to Machu Picchu from Cusco: Sacred Valley, Peru


10 out of 10 recommend come here of

course it's not a wonder in the world

for nothing so we left cusco and we are

heading up to iowa calientes which is

the jump off point for machu picchu but

on the way we are stopping in a whole

bunch of things and just having fun I

took us through some really beautiful

scenic areas insects on that and when

you break it it turns purple just like

this powder attorney 31 States looking

good Austin



the salt mine it's quite the job look at

this you okay it's gonna be a quick

visit we only have 20 minutes also we're

gonna miss our train up to Agua Caliente

it's so pretty so if you had this

natural stream coming down into the

mines and then they'll just divert the

water to where they need it and then the

water will evaporate and they'll take

the salt from the top this is really

cool it's only ten so lays a person it's

like 30 bucks really cool all right


so the bus just dropped us off in the

cute little town calls oh yeah hey Dumbo

Nestle's right in between all these

mountains really pretty we're in a

little square here we can find some food

then jump on a train and the Train can

take us the rest away that aguas

caliente together garbage cans those are



this is too so late less than a dollar

to that fantastic this is our pocket

cheese this is three so lights less than

a dollar so to give you some orientation

here that food market is down this

street over here at the end of the block

right there that's cool we're just

walking down to the train station

there's ruins all over the place

about a 10-minute walk down through town

we're at the train station apparently

that's what you buy tickets but the

train station is down a little bit

farther make sure you bring your

password down here they won't let you on

the plane without


this valley big mountain is so high so


so pretty here

we're gonna go check into the hotel get

rid of our stuff and then go exploit

city there's a little room tour we've

got a view of the river

this river is no joke forget about

whitewater rafting down that okay I've

got about an hour to explore

Aguascalientes if I have to meet the

group for dinner shouldn't be too

difficult cuz the town is pretty small

there are hot springs here if you're

hearing I'd let's call the N things for

a couple of days then I do worth doing

but for me I only have an hour not

working that's exam venetus I'm nacho

Picchu so this is the Plaza de Armas

basically the count Center most of the

towns here in South America have a

software they are my so it's a good

place to start exploring the city and

read off the plaza is the main Church

let's go check that out


I have made a friend

he wants me to come with him

I think we're gonna go watch some soccer


so just at the edge of the train station

is this giant market that's surprising

panelist he'll them take cards market is

super chill it's 4:30 in the afternoon

right now close around to 8:00 or 9:00

tonight and there's not that many people

in here and talked to a couple of the

vendors and they're really low-key like

not really high-pressure it's nice

there's a lot more jewelery here than

most other markets that we've been in

but it's got the same other stuff like

the backpacks and t-shirts and trinkets

and all that chess set not too many

Hills but there's a lot of interesting

things to see make this little Riverwalk

with all the statues of the different

gods thinking gods it looks like the

puma lampposts are pretty cool


one thing I've been really impressed

that here is how international the food

options are dancing French food Mexican

Chinese Italian there's so many

different options food be I like that a


I think it's funny they call them

tourist restaurants though there's

another market good check it out lots

more fruits and veggies in here time for

dinner at the treehouse


it's a minute pitch Bamberger yeah yogi

with the lamb ragu sauce

I was delicious but they do box lunches

you could take over to Machu Picchu -

we're going to much future tomorrow

morning at like 5 a.m. so we're gonna

pick up some snacks so we have some food

to eat while we're up there a lot of

cookies and wine and you're not so

wafers with an pacion so many mini

market mini market mini market mini

market every place has free Wi-Fi

I like how they change colors that's



all right picked up some fruit some

wafers a couple granola bars should be

good enough for tomorrow I have an early

wakeup we're gonna try and catch sunrise

at Machu Picchu so this is it for iowa's

calientes when I go to bed hope you guys

enjoyed our little tour of the sacred

valley here if you like that give it a

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my bite