Visiting the TAJ MAHAL a WORLD WONDER + Day Trip to Fatehpur Sikri | Agra, India

that's amazing what's up everyone

David often it when David's been here

it's like 7:00 in the morning it's very

small be here in Delhi but today I'm

taking the high-speed train down to Agra

this train runs every day except Friday

it's an hour and a half journey

it's a part at 8:10 in the morning from

this train station let's go to Agra and

see the Taj Mahal one of the seven

wonders of the world this is my fourth

wonder this place is insane right now so

many people so the best way to get to

Agra is by taking the Gatchaman Express

this is india's fastest train it takes

around 90 minutes to 100 minutes to get

there it runs at 99 miles per hour

outbreaks every single day except Friday

and the reason it doesn't run Friday it

because Taj Mahal is closed that day

this train was basically built to take

he was at Taj Mahal I'm a executive

class / - the highest class they have it

cost me a thousand five hundred rupees

which is roughly around 20 US dollars

the only people here archers that are

going to the day to see the Taj Mahal so

we should be there in around a hundred

minutes I'll see you guys in Agra but on

to us

it's breakfast right here hey thank you

I slept so long arrived in Agra and

here's my boy welcome thank you so much

and this is in partnership with tours by

locals so today's gonna be exciting day

we're gonna see the Taj Mahal one of the

seven wonders of the world is my port

port wonder I'm super excited I mean

it's the most beautiful so basically

that train was created for tourists a

new train started and there was a one

train before set up they sleeve sixteen

warning stations which he retained over

train this one another one started these

two dreams was a GMB

I think good morning big fuss good

morning Reverend perfect because I

didn't have breakfast and I slept the

whole ride

we're here at GMB breakfast have some

northern Indian cuisine stopped we the

potato and lantern with lots of the

spices and now he's going to deep fry by

verse famous for this breakfast for this

make one this is a typical value of make

first for Indian all about it so the

fillet and the potato curry for tater

with the cut in lots of the spice look

for you to that is always with




losing a chickpea bread oh yeah

dimensions spicy I've had brother this

year so this here sub G is a vegetable


this is goat cheese see ya the college

is right there Wow


tiny spice every Indian like to finish

their food with a sweet so in back past

today we have a sweet called jalebi the

Jala V is a white phone deep fried you

know our and then dipped in a sugar

so this come jalebi it's a very sweet

and very lovely if I saw here any about

three times but I can get enough of this

so it's fried dough with concentrated

sugar it tastes almost like honey but

it's definitely castor sugar


crunchy sweet and delicious

it's all for you man okay so I found

this is called masala tea in India when

he came to India we got different

version we mixed milk in it so it's

called masala tea

we have cloven and cardamom in some

other spices it's really hot party


all right we got the wait a few minutes

this is it wrote we have three games to

get inside the Taj Mahal and this is an

East Gate we are going to do so we are

going to visit Ozma now and this Tasman

was built during 1631 to 1653 and was

built by the fifth Mughal Emperor Shah

Jahan in memory of Jennifer a montage

man after her death she died when she

was giving birth to a 14 kids on 17 June

of 60 was used to have a lot when we

decided to be such a beautiful monument

in memory of the love to remind well how

get love are they then it spoke is

started in December 16 31 a man from

Turkey was the main designer of the Taj

Mahal his name al Gustav Ishaq Khan just

so you know it's how much a thousand

rupees for foreigners

little bear no I said discount for I

know I know it's okay look at that in

the first sight we're not going to

forget you all right

well are you ready to kill the magic I'm

ready I'm ready as I can be

that's amazing it's stunning

it looked like some picture against the

sky it's time for the next 30 to 35

thousand people come here every day and

during Christmas holidays and here

holidays about 18,000 people come

there's a lot of people here naughty and

there's every day what you see in

pictures and video don't do justice is

really very massive and big when you

come here you'll find it here but when

you look at the touch man its place it

into your eyes because they have used a

golden ratio you know what's last year

the 1.618 ratio you find in human body

in the leaves in nature the same ratio

we used and in siient architecture in

the same place you used the taj mahai

you want to get professional for is done

there's photographers all around like

this guy and so it's 2004 20 photos with

the digital copy so that's not bad so

2,000 rupees 20 personal photos digital

copy that's the last point I'm trying to

survive today we're gonna make it we're

gonna do it we're gonna do it do it

so everybody who enters our most of the

clients Eilat as well has got some

feminine character so it changes color

and more as a woman

moved a different time dad will hide his

80 meters one of the tallest building in

India mean doom itself is a 40 meter

half of full height and there's a double

Duma structure we have you see in Urdu

man outer room to increase the size of

the building and to make it move a stand

and the basic structure of Taj male is

made of red bricks with lime water and

from top it's a saturated white marble

or six to seven inch thick marble is

started from the top

so marble is just an ornament ation from

the town it's not the basic structure so

you can imagine how difficult it is to

do all carving work just by hand the

marble is 100% non pores it's very tough

very strong it's prohibited stick for

the video inside the museum so this as

far as I can take you the museum was out

of this world those marble pieces are

just incredible when you walk out they

will you walk into my god this is


I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm not very hard

today I'm a little sick

I ate too much in Delhi we are in the

backside of basmanov and here we have a

Yamuna in Delhi the same level is there

and they were a-changin sifted for a

mile but it's not change its course it's

still here by the taj mahai and there is

a beautiful garden on the other side

it's called my table but it's called

moonlit garden of an ampere used to go


enjoy the moonlight view of the Dutchman

and my day is like a foot their Emperor

Shah Jahan was house addressed by his

own son from there he used to see the

Taj Mahal

and remember his life he died there in

1666 then his daughter Johanna big and

broad his dead body by the hood and God

put it here in the past man so now you

can see the - - when was they descent in

exact in the centre it was amperes tune

and one in the other side the bigger

tomb was a man's stone

so that's the only one thing in that

vial which is not symmetric in balance

yeah some people say is a victim nothing

perfect except God he did something

puffin and in last he himself made it


he broke the symmetry of the - he had to

be paired with his wife yeah

so we did it we saw it in the hall yeah

for sure the prettiest of the seven

wonders it's gorgeous its massive I mean

we really need like I'd say you need an

hour and a half to two hours to really

see Explorer take photos I mean it was

incredible this is my fourth wonder

morning machine three well now we are

going to the marble in a live

demonstration where you can see how they

cut the marble how they cut this stone

and how to fix it inside so it is unique

to Agra it's only found here it's

sentient art it originated in Turkey

over here but now it's surviving

so here you could see the same art if

you have enjoyed on the walls of the Taj

Mahal there he would have seen such

patterns done but there exactly you

cannot know how it was done so it's very

interesting and informative thing about

because up till today we are using the

same tools same technique even these

artists they belong to the same family

is over for the time these seven sisters

for others they were for the time it is


they have 13th and 14th dimension in the

name of the art is patchy curry but

chicory needs to do inlay of such jumps

on the model the green one is malachite

this is one is lapis lazuli orange one

is carnelian this is the one which was

the favorite of Taj McQueen one through

which light boost the sky blue is

turquoise so to do in wave of such a

stones it is called as much cheaper the

always performs this art in appear to

people first one is the shipper you give

the shape to the stones with the help of

the speed it's like a training

and I believe the ship is one petal of a

rose flower and second one is the Carver

who the cavity's make the holes and then

fix them inside with it that took almost

40 time is to do for the two artists

such piece we sell or 28,000 degrees

so now Ronnie will see some of the

finished products going upstairs it's

like the VIP treatment stuff is the best

one they have where is it whoa is


I love the elephants how much of the

elephant's the black one

alright well I'll take that one I'll

wait for that one alright so I loved it

it's a great lesson I think this is like

a must do after you visit Taj Mahal

because I mean you need to see how they

really made this and what type of work

and you know how long it took it's crazy

you need a Great Basin and determine

if you make any minor mistake it's gone

you want to start all next we are going

to the fatehpur sikri and this is called

a mughal enigma moving mystery because

notice the gate mughal emperor who lived

here was just for 14 years and then the

left so it's a 40-minute drive we're

gonna relax and we'll see you in about

40 minutes so we arrived to fat but the

port yes the city of victories was

founded by amber I'm gonna create the

thermal ampere the city of victory so it

takes five minutes by bus to get to the

complex plus 500 rupee so we are here at

the fatehpur sikri this is another world

heritage monument in a graph it was

built by Emperor Akbar but a real

founder of Mughal dynasty who news

Indian culture and he knows how to roll

in India he was the one who stopped is a

secular Kingdom in India he married to

Hindu really is a person very

impatiently and gave masses in the local

public this he is from him this is a

completely different Palace I mean look

at this red sandstone it's beautiful

it's very open for years it feels very

like China and the Forbidden City is

very open this was a very private from

the very outside Vicente's harem harem

is a forbidden place where only ample

live why

so it was really smart so now try people

so right here we have the gardens and

the reason that they built these gardens

was because because they came from

Samarkand from was biggest on the cool

area and India is very hot during it

won't put a degree Celsius so they had a

beautiful garden with the canals in

between so that they could full freezing

this year also they're building have a

higher roof cross ventilation you can

feel it yeah yeah I mean it's so hot

there right here it's like drops 20

degrees or something

so right here we had a concubine this is

where the emperor would have his wives

daughters or wife daughter and the house

concubines this is one of the most

beautiful palace here built by Emperor

for his Hindu vibe Jodha Bai he married

to a Hindu princess a barmaid in Jaipur

and he built entirely in the palace for

her here on a Hawaii based architecture

heavily rich people in India in all time

had the Hawaii had the big open

courtyard in the central one gate for

entry and exit for security purpose and

the rooms in the corner for a different

use this one here believed to be her

summer palace it had a ventilation

artificially the bad Shanna's telling me

that when it rains and not a single drop

of water stays in the courtyard because

it's built on a slope so in the middle

right there and that is this my friend


great day so to UNESCO World Heritage

Sites one seven wonder of the world but

she sees a similar to the chest

developed in India and ampere used to

throw dyes there in the center and

instead of pieces they were using

beautiful womans and different color so

I hope you love this video if you ever

been in the Taj Mahal or running the

high speed train or in the public or

sick of it

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