Biking Around Seville, Spain!

it is our first and last morning here in

Sevilla this afternoon we have to drive

back to Lisbon so we're going to make

the most of our morning starting with

chocolate churros Kayla said it's a

thing here in Sevilla deep-fried churros

dipped in hot chocolate sounds like a

fantastic way to start the morning I'm

hoping they have coffee and chicken

croquettes it's okay they're my

favourite but I don't know how to Cara

doesn't like donuts or deep-fried things

in the morning so then chocolate churros

a cool blue helmet Thanks yeah

Cara why are we getting helmets

but he was

I was wearing a helmet

so that's why

really awesome

name is Dave with flannel arrow I'll

link something below

that's all right now it's okay the lady

at the bike shop recommended her

favorite chocolate churro place to us so

that's where we're heading now all right

II lost this is this road it's a new in

the hunt for chocolate churros vamanos

hasn't gone well so far we have located

the chocolate churros quite get there

that's coffee ice

that'll be watered down

yeah that's amazing oh my gosh

carnival breakfast well you're gonna die

all right Kayla show me how the

chocolate chair thing goes take sure you

dip it in the chocolate egg

they are you so happy right now so happy

this is one of the greatest combinations

and I hesitate to say this and I'm not

positive it's true yet but this almost

feels like an improved version of the

Tim Tam slam that a lot of Australians

and New Zealanders will be I wish I

could experience your joy right now

however I stand which is pretty awesome

and now that looks didn't think we could

do it finish the whole plate of churros

we did it the healthy way that we did

before these Tim packs of sugar and they

gave to us on top of them couldn't

finish all the chocolate

you can't see what I'm videoing I'll

film it all right I was kind of neat

now I need to sanitize this somehow

right doeth

whoa you got a foot off the ground

watch Nate going through the skate park

he's coming over yeah

don't have that kind of it smell smells

like fish just turned in our fight and

now we're going to the Christopher

Columbus Museum

it's called LR to go there

technically we had the bikes until five

however everyone here shutting down been

afternoon to take along them so we had

to turn them in early we wanted sleep

decided we needed to eat four we go to

the museum or everywhere it's going to

be taking a siesta by the time we're

done we usually do

we're going back to the same top and

playful yesterday

because it was amazing I want these cute

waitress likes it when they order some

Spanish when opening here need I know

she is so sweet

obviously the consensus yesterday was

that the burritos were the best we all

separately ordered no husband I would be

Karis opinion we got one new thing

you're not gonna like I've posted this

to your face

was it just good the second time to all

these tapas places have these deals

where you get a drain a tapa or two

can you make the top of your screen you

get tapas a drink and coffee and it


lovely deal

pick up five course meal when do we ever

get a five course meal don't even come


thank you all of these boxes or

exploration documents from a long long

time ago we only got to read for like a

five minutes didn't learn whole bunch no

the Christopher Columbus looks like

there's so much really old papers of all

these spores their signatures

now I have to go because we have to get

back to Lisbon by nine o'clock so we can

check into our hotel it's like 4:30 and

it's a four and a half hour drive what's

the plan tell


I really sure what's happening Kayla

look this room force we showed up at the

place they stood around lost for a while

and found some guy named John it has an

interesting looking minivan John

informed us that there was some kind of

mold in our room that needs to be

disinfected I think we're being moved to

the groom here's our hostel we're

leaving tomorrow so we're going to try

to spend this little time in here as

possible so we're gonna go get some


or did you get a dessert sandwich which

I'm sure won't be very good that we

could charge what in the world are all

those people waiting for whatever it is

is not worth it plus it's food

look cool pretty cool it was where are

you going he look so cool

tell me what you did get my basket a

little bit I tried to drop into the bowl

they dropped in suggest we drive eternal

it's slicker than it looks

I ended up on the ground waiting just

can't do that kind of thing with the

camera not going I didn't know if you

knew you were dropping into a bus

together a couple different places again

you know you know you and I went you

went in and I could see your helmet and

I can successfully ride it on the side

and I got sideways on it and then all of

a sudden the bike just tires you started

sliding out from underneath me there I'm

like diving two days ago

I'll not be tried that actually still

soared from the diving toasty I'm


it's time to go this is how we get old

probably instead of navigate you know we

still have to I don't worry the phone

doesn't work has this going nowhere I

got lost in a dark tunnel now we're

going back to screwed